Black and white, black and white,

Laying on roadways, 

Zebra crossings, Zebras flattened,

Black and white, black and white

Shot for their skins, by killers in Jack boots

Or Jim boots or Mary boots

Bronwyn boots, we’ve lost our roots

Children not sure, what sex they should be

Now boys wear the make up, look so ‘preeety’

Are you a man, or may be a girl

Role models gone, in this perverse world

Sold to obesity, hormonal changes

From Kentucky fried, those chooks not ‘free rangers’

Chemical changes from certified food

Turning this world into fat, useless, crude

Effigies, echoes of once what we were

Sad, Xeroxed copies, without any per-

Sonality, crushed, to fit the machine

That now acceptable, once thought obscene

Ugly, destructive, devoid of respect

Demoniacally tying the noose ‘round our neck

Whilst babies in creches, are taught to use weapons

Use mortars and make bombs, with radical lessons

From morbid cartoonists, insane, wanton killers

Loosed on our children through hell’s television

Insane politicians, controlled by the bankers

Destroying our planet, without your objections

Where are the wise men, prepared to deny

Obscene multi-national, war lords who lie

Tell us it’s wise to plunder the earth

Trash it for what they say it’s worth

George Orwell described so well, long ago

Told us to be ready for the BIG MOTHER show

Well actually he called it BIG BROTHER, that’s true

He would call it MOTHER, if only he knew

TV depictions of how to be brutal

We’ve taught simple children, that killing is legal

Or not that important, if pollies get rich

Respect is a value, now cast in the ditches

Dug by big miners, to bury objectors

Profit the need, not humane, human values

Let’s chop down the trees, pollute the seas

Poison the earth, with chemicals we

Warn little children are so dangerous

For extended use, surely exempting us

For man is the god of this sick, dying world

You killed it with greed, destruction unfurled

History repeats, but experts can’t figure

That life is for living, with hope of a future

Black and white, black and white

The words we write, morosely trite

Too late to change, we die tonight

Because mankind rejected LIGHT