Things live in trees, for they like to be high,

They’d live on mountains, if some were close by.

Things like being up, more than down below,

Not to leave footprints, wherever they go.

 Footprints are signs some AUSMIES are about,

Footprints are helping to wear the ground out.

Even though Things now feel safe, to come down,

Deep in their heart they’re still worried the ground,

May soon be worn out, will vanish away,

Rivers andtrees will have no placeto stay.

All of the world will fall into a hole,

Will implode because there’s no place to go.

hings are like Neebles, who polish the sky,

Things re-arrange those great clouds drifting by;

Clouds full of water they get from the sea,

Things put the clouds where they think they should be.

Things dance in rainbows, for something to do,

They wear coloured shoes, to go with sky‘s blue.

Except in the night, they wear shoes that shine,

Twinkle toed shoes for the Tango of time.

 This morning a Thing was cruising about,

Painting a tree, when he heard a loud shout,

It came from an AUSMIE, far down below,

The branch where he hung, by very tight toes.

 Voice said, “Come down, there’s a hole in the sky,

We need discuss why you stay up so high.

Right up near the clouds, where bald eagles fly,

Where big Jumbo jets, go hurtling by.

 Surely it’s dangerous, living up there,

Why not come down, can I get you some stairs?

We do need to talk, I need directions;

On where I now am, where I’ll find Herman.

 I’m getting quite hoarse, from shouting like this,

Please do come down, I’ll come up if you wish.”

AUSMIE yelled out, in an up-warding voice,

“Down is better, if you give me choice.”

 “Up is much better; it makes much more sense,

Down is a sure way to give the ground dents.”

Dents that get deeper, yes, deeper each day,

Until they’re so deep, grounds vanish away.

 Why don’t you come up”, Thing quickly replies,

“The ground won’t be worn out, feet don’t hurt sky.

There won’t be new dents in earth, everywhere,

It’s always better, to talk in the air.”

 “Up is much better for you, without doubt,

But Up for AUSMIES, the reason we shout;

We don’tlike being wayup, in the sky,

Besides being scary, it’s way too high.

 For AUSMIES who live, with their feet on dirt,

If we should fall, there’s less chance we’ll be hurt.

We won’t fall so far, will not bounce too much;

If you come down, we can talk and have lunch.”

 “That sounds a good plan; it’s time for a snack,

Have you bought food, in your fancy backpack?

What sort of AUSMIE are you, what’s your name,

Is the hole in sky, the reason you came?”

 “I am Charles Chomps-EM, I’m trying to find,

Herman the Blacksmith, and it’s almost time,

For my appointment, to get brand new shoes,

His new, Two Way Shoes, so that I can prove;

 Harry the Hunter, is not all that slick,

With newTwo WayShoes, poor Harry I’ll trick,

Into him supposing, I’ve gonetwo ways,

To see his confusion’s something I crave.

 Please do come down, up is too hard for me,

This is one AUSMIE who hates climbing trees.

We can share my lunch, of mangoes and then,

If you show the way, I’ll go find Herman.”

 Thing floated down on a soft, passing breeze,

To chomp on some mangoes, chat with Charlie;

And draw him a map, show Chomps-EM the way,

How to find Herman, by half past mid-day.

  Thing and Charles Chomps-EM, good friends they became,

Working together, to wreck Hunter’s game.