In the wild outback, where Humpydongs sprong,

Rare three tone Warblers sing their strange songs;

By Lazy creek, watching bunyips grow,

Sits super fast Ausmie, Frillneck Joe.

Having short legs, he lives near the dirt,

With a long, blue tongue, used as a quirt;

For catching Buzzies, low flying Gneeds,

To chomp, with his dinner, of sun flower seeds.

Plus lots of fresh lettuce, vegetable weeds,

To keep up his frill neck, and his high speed;

For catching fast Runner Beans, trying to flee,

From Joe’s coming lunch, he’s hungry you see.

 Why is Joe hungry, so hungry today?

‘Cause he’s run, long and hard, to get away,

From a weird, new Ausmie, nightmarish dream,

With a see through body, that can’t be seen.

Just big shiny Teeth, which look very sharp;

Like those you find, in a giant White Shark.

Or maybe a mean, untamed Killer Thnail;

This unknown thing was hot on Joe’s tail.

 It kept Joe running, with ultra high speed,

From daybreak ‘til late, with no chance to feed;

Through paddocks, mulga, thin gullies and scrub,

To elude this Ausmie, whatever it was.

Ran through the donga, of some sleeping bloke,

Bold Harry Hunter, who rapidly woke;

Jumping up fast, in a panicky bent,

Whacked his bald head, on the beam of his tent.

This holds leaf cover, whenever it rains,

But, when head butted, it causes some pain.

Harry yelled, “Ouch!” grabbed his large, purple sack,

Pulled out his waddy, with which to fight back;

But Frillneck was gone, before he could use,

His waddy, or even, put on his shoes.

Frillneck kept running, at extra high speed,

To escape this monstrous set, of sharp Teeth.

When Harry looked ‘round; he got a large fright,

A huge set of Teeth, smiled out of the night.

He pulled his Crocobat out of his sack,

To show those Teeth where brave Harry is at;

A Hunter hero, with never one fear,

Intrepid, brave Harry fast hit first gear.

A [1]bloke incredibly quick, on his feet,

Then Harry took off, with fantastic speed.

That huge set of Teeth, they grinned all the while,

Harry caught Frillneck, in less than a [2]mile.

Then stopped, he and Joe, to regroup their cool;

Ponder those Choppers, which appeared to drool.

 “Hey, Harry,” asked Joe “You reckon we’re free,

Of that Big set of Teeth; what could they be?

Have we escaped, is it lost in our smoke?

Do you reckon it’s just a practical joke?

Pulled by Sam Snoozle, to give us a scare,

It freaked me out; is it near, anywhere?

‘Cause big shiny Teeth are not what I like,

To see in day time, but worse still at night;”

 “Gave me a shock, seeing something like that;”

Harry replied, as he took off his hat.

Got out some mangoes; for them both to eat;

Big, Bowen mangoes are juicy and sweet.

“Yes, maybe Sam Snoozle’s behind those Teeth;

Or could be the Quad, with his cousin, Pete;

Trying to panic us into some trap;

Some flash new gizmo, to give us a Zappp!”

 Said Harry, bewildered, then Joe yelled, “Beware

’Cause all of those Teeth are hanging right there;

Behind you, it caught us, will it eat us, oohhhhh.”

The huge set of Teeth grinned and called, “Hallo.”

 “Gosh, you blokes run fast, you gave me a scare,

Thought maybe you’d seen some big monster out there;

I took off real quick, to get away too,

But each time I caught up, you blokes shot through.”

Then Harry and Joe laughed, near fit to burst,

They said, “When we saw you we thought the worst;

That you’re the monster, that’s why we shot through,

For Huge, Shiny Teeth are something quite new.

What are you really, where do you come from?

Are there many like you, did they come along?

Come, share a mango; let’s talk for a while;

Tell us about you.”  “O.K,” said the Smile.”


[1]           Bloke: slang term for male person

[2]           Mile: linear measurement, approx. 1 and 3/8 km.