Love is the key that opens the door to another place.

Visions and dreams, part of His plan, eternal Grace

Let Love grow wild, It’s a beautiful child,                           

 Dimensions change

 Planted small seed burst forth and bloom,

 Many coloured scene

Salvation’s first Fruit, the crop soon to come,

 Of the Spoken Word

 Lord Jesus the Answer, the Truth ‘til forever

 Oh praise His name, He has come again

 Only One Way can’t you see?

Love is the only gift that’s free

 Gave up His Life, the supreme Sacrifice,

 What a way to die

 Nailed to a tree, cursed for me He has paid the price

Lord Jesus, I praise You, thank God He has raised You

To victory, You set me free.

 Only one Way can’t you see; take His Love and then be free

 Light is the Source, pure is the Love,

Of the slaughtered Lamb

 Our God is Love, the Word is the Truth

 For the searching man

Fear has been quashed there’s escape from the frost

 To God’s wonderland, through this Chosen Man,

Lord Jesus gives us victory, through His death atCalvary

 Now is the time, this is the day of the REVEALED WORD

 Christ is returned to call out His bride From this cursed World

Your Word has been Spoken, You applied the Token Of Victory,

You set us free

Jesus claims His Perfect choice,

Through His Seventh angel’s Voice