Herman the Blacksmith sat quietly,

His anvil at peace on the bench,

Tools used to cobble and fix shoes,

Now silently having a rest.

 Herman is patiently waiting,

On ideas for new, special shoes,

For species of Ausmies who do,

Not like to leave footprints or clues.

Of where they’ve been, or now go,

Instead to leave tracks that aren’t true,

To flusterate Harry Hunter,

Who wants to put Ausmies in zoos.

Chomps-EM is looking for new shoes,

To replace the ones he wears,

So he can fool any hunter,

Escape mean traps and avoid snares.

Chomps-EM starred in some great movies,

True stories of how he escaped,   

From Harry, the mean, cruel hunter,

Who’s chased Charles, all over the place.

 Hunter, hunter, is quite nasty,

He traps Ausmies of most every type;

Sells them to zoos in the Southland,

Or further away as he might.

Worse still for the Ausmies unsold,

If they have soft, smooth shiny skins,

Harry removes their neat coats which,

He sells for shoes, handbags and things.

Surely most painful for Ausmies,

Worse still they’re exposed to cold;

Hideless-ness can lead to sunburn,

Bad rays, which pour in, through the holes.

Left by those rockets man shoots up,

Which litter vast space now with junk;

Madness mankind has discarded,

As we mess up all that we touch.

Space holes that cannot be back-filled,

Now let Ultra violet rays in,

Warmingus way, way too hotly,

Cruel burning the bare Ausmie’s skins.

Charles came around to see Herman,

Hoping he can make some new shoes,

Treads to ensure that Hunter thinks,

That Sir Charles Chomps-EM has now moved.

For Charlie’s older style footprints,

Are never again to be seen;

Charles wants some fancy new footwear,

With treads that leave footprints of green.

 Herman designed slick jungle shoes,

For Ausmies from way over there;

Who lodge their orders by E–Mail;

From Herman, in multiple pairs.

Herman stands quiet, thinking deeply,

In case he may disturb himself,

Workingout waysto make new shoes,

To help Charlie Chomps-EM escape.

Like his Two Way Shoes for Ausmies,

Who plan to stay cool, wild and free;

Avoiding Hunter’s mean planning,

To trap and send them overseas.

But Herman Blacksmith’s forgotten,

How to make shoes that leave green,

Footprints wherever you may run,

All over grass to be seen.

Footprints to fool Harry Hunter,

What can Herman now make for Charles?

Maybe some see through Galooshers,

Or wooden, reversible Snarles.

Knowing that Chomps-EM has six feet,

Herman pointed toes different ways,

Hoping that because they’re so thick,

All hunters will be quite amazed.

With each direction now covered,

By those wearing Herman’s new shoes,

Hunters will walk round in circles,

Befuddled and highly confused.

Will Herman’s shoes be the way to?

Help Charles and Ausmie mates escape?

These questions Ausmies are asking,

How long for answers must we wait?

As Herman sits in his shoe shop,

Thinking out ways to make new shoes

In styles the Ausmies have need of,

To avoid zoos or becoming shoes.