“Be renewed in the spirit of your mind” Eph.4:23
           “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Rom.12:2

  Renew: Restore to original state; Make as good as new;                   
  Resuscitate: Regenerate; grow young again.

     As human beings, members of a diverse social structure, it is imperative we conscientiously consider these instructions and determine what is meant by them.

    Let’s for a moment forget their Biblical origin, we need look at the practical application of these principles and observe the results such steps may produce, if we apply them, in our daily lives.
    There is a compound juxtaposition created betwixt these verses, an intricate interaction instructing the reader to take a couple of very elementary steps that can change his or her mental and physical state.
By renewing the Spirit of our mind we can be transformed.
Is that simple or what?
    By reprogramming our mental processing we are capable of changing our preconditioned attitudes. We are able to conquer any doubts, fears, anxieties, opposition or negativity we have been taught through our dysfunctional education system, debilitating media indoctrination, parental and social apathy and religious hypocrisies.

     We can step boldly out of poverty thinking; failure complexes; negative navel gazing to produce an entirely new realty in which we can live; it’s your choice and responsibility to make it happen.
    That’s a great result from reading and considering only two Scriptural verses. Imagine what can be achieved if we utilise half a dozen more, you will be invincible.
    Our goal is to examine steps required to change the way we think.
The Bible is actually a very simple ‘Guide to Life’ book. Used correctly It will provide invaluable advice on how to contend with daily emotional, psychological and social contentions.
    Most motivational writers and speakers use Biblical references to support their presentation, their techniques to assist people help themselves by changing conditioned thought processes.
      The chief reason the Bible is so frequently quoted is because It is the most positive book ever printed.

    Please note, the author, who is a non denominational Christian, is NOT pushing religion; the reader’s personal opinion of God, or Spiritual life is not my responsibility, and reference to the Bible is purely on the grounds that it is the only Book known which is irrefutably correct in all matters addressed re improved mental health and social interaction.

    Through our genetic heritage, our birth, our environmental surroundings; the diverse spectrum of experiences in life, our brain absorbs and accepts, assimilates the sensory information we are exposed to and, if correctly trained, learns to discern which information is viable, constructive and beneficial in producing a successful outcome for you.

    This is true whether the influences be positive, uplifting, encouraging experiences, or, unfortunately, the opposite.

    Negative habits, behavioural patterns, are for some reason, far more rapidly learnt and better retained.
    Each of us is conditioned, programmed, subconsciously controlled by every step of life we witness. Our character, mental, social and physical programming is an evolving expression, a totality of previous experience.

    Experiences give us character, knowledge, the ability to reason, deduce; the power to make decisions. Experiences are tools given us, preparing us for tomorrow, that we may learn from and thus mature into sane, conscious beings, in control of our own life, not subject to the attempts of others, to dictate how we think.

    As has been said previously ‘The only constant in life is change.’

    Even people who appear to have plateau’ed at any point of life are still experiencing an ever-changing environment.
    We are exposed to aging, experiencing physical, mental and sociological changes, which constantly cause change within the individual. We never cease growing, mentally, unless we starve the brain of mental stimulus; unless we elect to become brain dead as a result of mental laziness, consumption of alcohol, use of nicotine products, mind-altering drugs, media and educational brain washing.
    Trauma, brain injury, also can have devastating effects on an individual’s ability to compete equally in the social race for survival. It is sadly one of the major contributors to the sky rocketing acceleration in depression, various psychoses, and social disruption for many families and individuals.

    Contemporary Western eating habits are also a giant contributor to Mental Ill-health in our community.
   Fast foods, hybridised, nutritionally negative, chemically enriched foods engender the horrific explosion of A.D.D.; A.D.H.D.; Autism; and a host of other illnesses that were virtually unknown fifty years ago.
    For those who are victims of brain injury, often their experiences are not as sound teachers as for others, especially in situations where loss of memory is a major part of the injury outcome.

    Those who have lost their memory, and there is an incredibly wide range in degrees of memory loss, are in a category which has only recently been regarded as ‘legitimate’ or ‘real’ injury.
   Others, who experience total amnesia, are as aliens in a foreign world.

     For them there is no recognition of surroundings, of family, friends, tastes, sounds; everything is brand new, and those who experience total amnesia, unless correctly cared for, can finish up in deep psychological holes from which it is difficult to escape.
     In the last few years there has been a growing awareness in the community of the difficulties citizens with acquired brain injuries or a psychosis, contend with on a daily basis.
     Shows such as “ONE FLEW OVER THE COOKOO’S NEST”; “MONK”, expose some of the traumas people who suffer from Mental ILL-Health contend with on a daily basis.
    There are suggestions that over 90% of the population of the Western world are on some form of medication to get them through the day.

     Remember, Alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, uppers, downers, are drugs, drugs that debilitate and kill.
   That got some interesting reactions, but, one suggests, there are no humans on the earth who are not, in one way or another, affected by some type of mental illness.
                                                 Are we all crazy?

         The reader is encouraged to read “NOT ALL IN THE MIND” by Dr. Richard Mackarness, Pan Books, 1976; which raises the relativity of diet to a wide range of psychoses.
       Here Dr. Mackarness explains a simple technique to identify food allergies in the client, and proves the elimination of such foods from the diet of any client may very well rectify the person’s ill health, without use of drugs, which can cause an horrific range of detrimental side effects.
      Sadly,  as with many drug free options of treatment, such studies are regularly scoffed at by a medical profession which seems more interested in selling mind altering drugs to the clients, instead of seeking the most beneficial and long term solution.
     If we consider our life styles, the way we destroy our environment, the poisons we pour into the atmosphere, the sea, ourselves; the wars we hold on a regular basis, the carnage on the roads, we are caused to question our sanity.
     The horrific increases in rapes, violent crimes, street bashings, child pornography, domestic violence, to both men and women, are ample proof that there is a mental sickness through all levels of our community, otherwise such things would not take place, would they?    

     The violence many revel in through contact sports, the manifold forms of violence on which the community feeds causes one to ask, “How can we consider the human race to be sane?”
     Why do parents allow children to watch horrific portrayals of extreme violence on television, in movies? Does not that display some fundamental insanity in the parents who allow their children’s mind to be so brutally and horrifically influenced?
     What about the grotesque, obscene, demonically inspired video games, the snuff movies now so easily accessible for a child who can use a computer?

     Are you so stupid to think these images don’t engrave a deep, negative groove into the mind of every child who is allowed, even encouraged by besotted parents, to watch such madness?
Does such behaviour not imply the human race is mad?

    Sadly though, such information does not alter the difficulties those suffering from brain injury contend with.
    To have a mind damaged, whether by drugs, alcohol, neglect or trauma, can be a particularly debilitating noose around one’s neck.
    Many people are incapable of holding a job, though they may be highly skilled, educated and intelligent, but are unable to absorb the training in how to carry out the work required, as a result of brain injury causing memory loss.

    There are those who get work, go to work for a couple of weeks, then forget all about having a job and go looking for employment, blithely unaware of the reality that they are supposed to be at work.
    This may sound humorous, but, unfortunately, for the person who is in that situation it is degrading, debilitating, embarrassing and depressing.
    We know of one gentleman who had a total of thirty five jobs in eighteen months, and was sacked from each of them because he couldn’t remember what to do, even though the tasks were repetitive, simple actions.
     This particular gentleman turned up late for work regularly, because he couldn’t find the place he was working at, although he had been shown many times where he was to go and had instructions written in his diary; he just couldn’t remember how to put it all together.

     People with brain injuries do not suddenly become un-intelligent; they are no less capable of thinking, depending on the severity of the injury, than the person who goes blind, loses an arm or leg in an accident, they are still human and it is time the community, the medical profession, especially, realise this.

                       Acquired Brain Injury has only recently been recognized for the silent demon it is.
                                “Tribulation worketh patience” Rom.5:3

      Patience is the most important requirement for those working or living with victims of acquired brain injuries or other psychoses. Even more important, it is essential that those suffering with these problems be encouraged to understand that patience is their only friend.
     Children can be severely brain damaged, from conception, through their pre-natal growth period, by the information and experiences to which the mother is exposed during the gestation period.
     After birth, children are indoctrinated, bombarded with information, images and opinions, of mother, father, sisters, brothers, in laws, out laws, friends of the family, school teachers, etc, and are left with an addled, overloaded brain.

      Sadly, for many children, this confrontation of diversity, the enormity of information from which we are required to select and utilise that which is most beneficial for ourselves, is swamped, perverted, by confusion, perplexity of intellectual overload.

     We have no choice about things taught us as children, through our growing years, and are unable to discern which information is beneficial to us from that which is negative, derogatory, damaging to our psyche.
     Most educational systems are designed to de-facilitate the individual’s ability to think independently, to reason and deduce.

     The education systems were designed to provide a minimal standard of literacy, verbal, written and numeric, and to eradicate the questioning, knowledge seeking curiosity most children are born with.

    Sadly, now, the schooling system has become a political or religious tool to suppress freedom of thought, indoctrinate their clients and ensure the majority of the community will ever understand what is going on around them.
    This means, in many lives, opportunity to learn, to access and absorb a wide range of information is controlled by external factors that may not necessarily have our individuality and best interests at heart.
    This, in turn, makes it impossible for many individuals to form their own opinions of the life they are going through, their experiences.
    Everything a new mind hears or reads comes with another person’s interpretation, biases, perversions and manipulations applied to them.       

   Children are unable to access pure knowledge, without some form of human influences upon it.

      The Bible, for those who wish to read It, instructs us to ‘be renewed in the spirit of your mind’ Eph. 4:23
    The scenarios described above, excluding the Bible references, are some of the causes of Mental ILL-health; now let’s get back to the topic, the steps we need take to renew our mind; to change the way we think.

God said ’Let there be Light and there was Light’” Gen.1:3.

     If we stop a moment, ponder the significance of these few words of God, we recognize a very positive, confident statement.
God spoke the Word and watched as It manifested in visible form.
What confidence, what explicit faith God displays in His Word.
What makes Him God is that He brings everything to pass through His Spoken Word. It never fails.

     What we need do in our life is learn a similar confidence, adopt a similar faith in ourselves, so we can expect positive results from the steps we take in life.

     Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, most motivational speakers continuously stress the need for each individual to take control of their own life; to re-assert their identity, to recognize the reality that each of us has an invaluable wealth of ability within ourselves if we will stop fearing our capabilities.
    Unfortunately a high percentage of children have been raised in environments lacking in mental and physical stimulation, which provides a dubious reason they can use to justify failure.

     This could be the result of poor socio-economic environments, hereditary, genetic deterioration, or, more possibly, being raised in an environment where the child’s peer group, parents, siblings and friends have not been taught to strive for success but to pursue and expect failure.
    Every human being can provide a million reasons to justify their failure; it’s time we find a million and one reasons why we can and should succeed.
    We are ultimately capable of receiving assistance if we learn to apply specific principles which are laid out in the Bible and are proven techniques to attain beneficial results.
    God is Positive Thought epitomized, and we can change our life by adopting the techniques He describes in His Book; to apply His positive thinking techniques, and this is what we are discussing, the ways we can change our state of mind and our life.

    The child learns more in the first seven years of life than they will learn in the rest of it, and, if they are raised in a negative, destructive, self-perpetuating environment of poverty and social failure, the child will, generally, duplicate that behaviour as they grow.
    Children of abusers, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc., have a much higher chance of duplicating those role models than not.
    What steps do we take to rectify these negative conditionings, replacing them with exciting, stimulating, rewarding and uplifting attitudes?
     The proverb, ‘We are what we eat” is very accurate and is equally applicable to what we feed our mind and our spirit.
     If we eat rubbish foods, high in fats, sugars, carbohydrates, we cannot expect to have a particularly healthy body, especially if we avoid physical exercise. If we feed our mind violent, destructive, negative information, such as that promulgated through the media, we cannot expect to grow up with an healthy mind.

    If we lock ourselves, or allow our children to lock themselves,  into the fantasy world of computer games, videos and T.V. we can’t expect them or ourselves to learn how to interact with our environment, our community, how to socialise, communicate, and we can expect to duplicate the imagery we are being engulfed in; especially that portraying violence and sexually inappropriate behaviour.
                           How do we prevent this?
       Throw out the videos, the games; parents, start interacting with your family, your friends, the community. Get involved in positive social groups, there are plenty of healthy, constructive groups out there if we are prepared to look.
        Most importantly, it is your responsibility to direct your mind in the way you want it to go, not to shift responsibilities and make decisions based on fantasy about your present and future.

        Since the 2nd World war technology has all but destroyed inter-action betwixt large sections of the community; this trend is accelerating, world wide, it is time we reverse that path to social collapse.
      The computer, the T.V., video games, have replaced social inter-action and are preventing many in the community from experiencing a meaningful, balanced life style.
         The Renewing of the Mind is a comprehensive re-evaluation and revival of natural attitudes and conditions which have all but been destroyed through our social rush and excessively busy life styles.