Down on the farm where tall Woollybutts grow,

Lambs bend bananas while chickens knit snow.

One Monday morn at that time of the week,

There’s much hilarity down by the creek.

 Herman Blacksmith trims some ticklish hooves,

Of many AUSMIES with old, worn out shoes.

Waiting for fittings with new High Speed Rims,

So they’ll run faster like AUSMIES with wings.

 Faster than Kangabirds ever can go,

Big Feet and small wings cause them to go slow.

Herman helps AUSMIES to run ‘round and ‘round,

In paddocks and pastures, all over town.

 They run ‘round and ‘round but only one way,

Noses point forward, whenever they play.

When running quickly to get there on time,

Because running backwards is hard to try.

Nerdlee Neeble was out, strolling along,

Catching a breeze and singing a sweet song,

A Waterproof Warbler’s afternoon tune,

Nerdlee was cruising, playing a tuned spoon.

When out of bush leapt a hooped Hunter net,

Thrown deftly in a sly attempt to get,

This slow walking Neeble, take him away,

To Alma Park Zoo, put him on display.

Nerdlee jumped left, rapidly he swerved right,

Took off with speed from this nasty, big fright.

Running like crazy, to quickly escape,

Wishing that he could hide tracks on the way.

He thought of the New Shoes Herman now sold,

Shoes that go backwards without leaving holes;

Of where you have been or where you may went,

He wished he had bought some, at Herman’s tent.

Herman advertised these newTwo WayShoes,

For fooling hunters if one should pursue,

AUSMIES, to catch him, or her, as maybe;

To turn into shoes, or send overseas.

 Right now Nerdlee Neeble was wishing he,

Had purchased reverse shoes to help him flee,

From Harry Hunter, now chasing him fast,

WithTwo WayShoes Nerdlee could run straight past;

 Harry the Hunter who would never see,

The way young Nerdlee’s now able to flee;

These newTwo WayShoes are definitely cool,

If Nerdlee escapes he’ll getTwo WayShoes.

To help him elude mean hunters, and then,

Tell all his mates of escape ‘round thebend;

By running two ways both at the same time,

A wonderful scheme to flee Harry, climb;

Up into a tree where Neebles can hide,

As hunters run past fast trying to find,

AUSMIES running quickly to get away,

Right now Nerdlee wished he could go both ways.

Back to the story, why you are now here,

Leaving from the plug Herman wants you to hear;

About Two Way Shoes and how they should be,

Kept on the shoe rack of every AUSMIE.

Running ‘round backwards will help you escape,

From Harry Hunter and his nasty mates;

Who seeing new footprints surely will be,

Confused by the way the AUSMIES now flee.


They’d not be sure if they went either way,

Forward or backward or maybe they stayed,

Standing inone placepretending to be,

Chickens, sandshoes, or some strange looking trees.


Herman the Blacksmith trims ticklish hooves,

Fitting them out with his newTwo WayShoes;

Hoping that one day these AUSMIEs will see,

That running both ways will help them stay free.