The ongoing battle betwixt the state of Israel and the surrounding Arab nations is an historic event clearly documented in the Old Testament, as in the Torah, also the Koran. 

The Torah is the Bible Old Testament used by the Jewish faith, with added writings and assorted interpretations to suit the religious, political and economic goals of the Rabbis of each generation since Abraham. 

The Koran is the writings of the prophets, Moses, Abraham, etc., they include the writings of Mohammed, whom the Muslims believe was the end time prophet, and those who interpreted, compiled for their use and benefit, what was supposedly said by Mohammed. 

This of course is a tragic delusion Lucifer uses to mislead the descendants of Abram, though not the children of Israel.

An outstanding thing about the Koran is that, although it is without any vindication, and Mohammed’s teachings in no way fulfil the Old Testament requirements for a prophet, Deut.13:1-3; 18:15-22; etc., writers are forbidden to question its authenticity and authority, (Sounds a lot like the r.c. regulations re their papal decrees, doesn’t it?) 

If one dares criticise the Koran, in anyway, one faces condemnation, legal attacks, personal attack and death. 

Why then are heretics, Moslems, scientists, religious idiots of any persuasion, allowed to ridicule, pervert, misinterpret and attack the Bible without any fear of retribution in this world? 

To understand the difference betwixt these groups, the children of Abram and those of Abraham, we need research the Old Testament, where the lineage of Abraham is clearly described.; “Now Sarai, Abram’s wife, bore him no children: and she had an handmaid, an Egyptian, whose name was Hagar.” Gen.16:1 

Abram was called from a family of heathen idolaters. His father, Terah, was from Ur of the Chaldees. There is neither genealogical connection nor history which gave Abram especial rights or privileges through which God dealt with him; it was purely God’s grace and choice. 

We read Sarai is unable to have children; she is barren. Sarai decides to help God get His program running and suggests Abram has sex with the Egyptian slave, Hagar, that Sarai can have children through her. People think surrogate motherhood is something new; but, note the outcome.

After many years of trying to conceive, Sarai has all but given up, though Abram, by Faith, kept believing the promise God has given, that he, Abram, would be the father of many nations; Gen.15:1-6; even though the odds against this happening  appear very high. 

Ishmael, Abram’s first son born through Hagar, Scripture declares, was a wild man; Abram was 86 years old when Ishmael was born; Gen.16:16.

 That is rather old to be having one’s first child, but the virility of man, the health of the human specie was far less degenerated than now, obviously, and is Scripture, so we believe IT.

It’s interesting to note that when Sarai was 65, she was considered by Pharaoh to be beautiful and he selected her for marriage to himself, rather than any of the ravishing young Egyptian beauties. Gen.12:14-15. 

There are stranger things to come, be prepared, nothing is impossible with God. Lk.1:37.

Still, though, Sarai has not conceived the promised son of Gen.17:5-19; and though Abram is the father of Faith, he was becoming a bit concerned about the matter, as he spoke with the Lord in Gen.17.

Abram is now 99 years of age, and here he gets his name changed from Abram, to Abraham, also Sarai’s name is changed to Sarah.

Abraham means ‘the father is high’ and God again tells him he will be the father of many nations, which includes gentiles, not just Israel Gen.12:3.

God reassures Abraham he will have the promised son through Sarah; 17:19; God does not forget His promises.

Gen.18:1-15 gives account of the Lord appearing to Abraham and telling him that Sarah is going to now have the promised son, though Abraham was 100 years and Sarah 90, remember, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” Gen.18:14. 

Ishmael had twelve sons, “twelve princes according to their nations” 25:16

These fathered the races, the nations now surrounding Israel, and are the sworn enemies of Israel, as they were not included in the inheritance, the Promised Land, Palestine, which was given by Abraham to his son, through Sarah, Isaac.

Gen.25:5, 6 “And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac; but unto the sons of the concubines, whom Abraham had, he gave gifts, and sent them away from Isaac….” 

Here we need pay particular attention to God’s Word and recognise there cannot be peace in the Middle East; there cannot be any form of reconciliation betwixt the sons of Abraham through his concubines and the descendants of Isaac, through which line came Jesus, the Christ. 

Genetically, He, Jesus, was the last Adam, a God created Seed and egg which was nurtured in Mary’s womb, to produce the Christ Child. 1Cor.15:45

Adam was also a Spoken Word creation of God. 

The other sons of Abram, through the concubines, were not given Palestine. They hate Israel, the descendants of Isaac, because of this disinheritance.

They want the land, Palestine, the Holy Mount, the Temple site and will do whatever is required to take it back, including attempt to obliterate Israel off the face of the earth, but that will never happen.

The Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Iranians etc., are intent on destroying Israel, to usurp authority, to illegally take the land God gave to the descendants of Isaac, not the sons through the concubines; the Gentiles need recognise this and get out of the Middle East.

There can be no peace in the Middle East ‘til the Millennium, and the Gentiles have absolutely no right, nor Biblical authority, to interfere in the processes at present unfolding.

 The Western nations, the ‘Gentiles’ have not understood that God deals with us entirely separately to Israel.

Scripture declares God dealt with Israel from the time of Abraham to the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, a period of 4 days; 4,000 years. 

The Word comes to the Gentiles, for 2,000 years, then comes the 7th day, the Millennium, which is 1,000 years 2 Pet.3:8; Lk 21:24. 

What do the Gentile denominations, those who profess Christianity as their faith, need to help them comprehend the closeness of the hour; that we are at the end of time for this world and judgment is now upon the earth? 

The children of Abraham are the children who believe the promise, who have faith, which is a gift from God Eph.2:8.

What do you believe?

Who do you worship?

Are you sure you are worshipping the Living God and not the Beast?

It’s time to ensure your position, and your Spiritual lineage, whose child you are; that you are of God’s family, not that of the Beast.