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 Apostasy: “abandonment of religious faith, vows, principles or party”

Gk. Aposta: to withdraw. 

“But in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” Mat.15:9. 

“Ye worship ye know not what” Jn.4:22. 

“And they worshipped the dragon who gave power unto the beast; and they worshipped the beast” Rev.13:4.

 GOD is here talking to church people, not heathens, nor those of the world.   

Scripture clearly defines those who are children of the devil, who are not interested in worshipping anything other than trinkets, blocks of wood, idols, lusts of this world; as these have no place in them to receive the Word of God.

  “Oh generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things?” Mat.12:34; and even the most religious people are found to have missed the mark of the high calling, as demonstrated by the Pharisees and Sadducees who were witnesses to, the authors of His murder. 

“I know ye are Abraham’s seed, but ye seek to kill me, because My Word hath no place in you.” Jn.8:37 (Note the religious hierarchies of this day, no difference!) Heb.13:8 “seeing they crucify unto themselves the Son of GOD afresh, and put Him to an open shame.” Heb.6:6

 The Lord plainly told the religious leaders of that day “ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.” Jn.8:44

Jesus, the Messiah, came to earth to pay the price for sin, unbelief, Heb.3:19, and to redeem His people. He did not come to redeem the children of the devil, Mt.13:38, only those the Father has given Him. Jn.17:9. 

What difference is there amongst the religious leaders of what is called Christianity today? There is little doubt many who make up the laity, in today’s religious communities, are living in an apostate condition, because they know not GOD and worship their church, their denomination “Instead of the Son of GOD.”

 The last Biblical church age for the Gentiles is the Laodicean age. Rev.3:14

Laodicea means ‘to conquer the laity’ and exposes a gulf between those claiming to serve GOD; the priests, popes, bishops, general overseers, pastors and their victims, the sincere GOD seeking people trapped in religious organisations.

 This is not necessarily because those claiming to follow or believe in the Christian faith have rejected its teachings, or are not sincere in their pursuit of a relationship with the GOD revealed through the Bible.

The problem is that religion has replaced GOD’S Word with Satanic interpretations, perversions, additions and subtractions instead of GOD’S Word, which was the cause of the fall originally, when Lucifer personally interpreted GOD’S Word to Eve. Gen.3:4.

The woman types the church.

The laity now is being led, by their religions, their denominations’ creeds and dogmas, into apostasy. This Spiritual ‘two card trick’, is how the laity has been deceived on the Word and now worships the religious system, their church, instead of GOD.

 Sadly many have given up their faith altogether, because of the hypocrisy, the confusion on the Word and the greed displayed by their religious leaders.

Over the papal throne are written the Latin words, “Invicarius Fillei Dei” which translates “Instead of the Son of GOD” and adds to 666. 

The proliferation of Bible colleges, Bible study groups, along with Bible interpretations suitable for anybody, be they feminists, homosexuals, or new age radicals, only exacerbates the confusion and division within Christian ranks and is ample evidence of how Satan has divided, separated the children into religions, instead of Christ.  

 aul, who scribed two thirds of the New Testament, was considered apostate by the Pharisees and other religious leaders of his day, because he turned away from Jewish traditions and followed the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Paul, by revelation, knew that the Lord Jesus was GOD revealed through flesh, which revelation he received on his road to Damascus experience. Acts 9:3-5

The religious leaders of his day murdered Paul, calling him an heretic, an apostate, as they had called the Lord Jesus Christ. The religious hierarchies continued to slaughter, in the most heinous manner, those who were following GOD’S continuing revelation of Himself, according to His Word, refusing to become members of organised, man controlled religion.

 Nothing has changed, and Scripture assures us, in these last days, many more, the foolish virgins, will give their life as a testimony of their faith, at the hands of mother Rome and her harlot daughters.

The Roman Catholic denomination, in cahoots with the denomination of England, murdered over 68,000,000 Christians during the dark ages, accusing them of apostasy because they refused to worship the pope as the head of the Church, instead of Christ, the Word. (‘Facts of Our Faith’ p.282; Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.)

Today, unless one is a member of some denomination, one is considered either heretical, an heathen or apostate. We will witness persecution unto death of Christians who refuse to become members of a denomination, which is to accept the mark of the Beast, the doctrines of man instead of GOD’S Word. Jn.4:22; Rev.13:8, 12, 15 

It is known that members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons, Roman Catholics, Baptists, and other such cults are subject to social vilification, persecution and rejection from their denomination; segregation by the members, if they identify the error of their cult’s teachings and move on, looking for truth. 

In his book, ‘JEHOVAH’, judge Rutherford, the second president of the J.W.’s cult states, on page 320, “God provided that the death of Christ Jesus, His beloved son, should furnish the ransom or redemptive price for man but that goodness and loving kindness toward mankind is secondary to the vindication of Jehovah’s name.” 

What does that mean? 

From ‘You Can Live Forever etc.’ P. 250/3 “However, more than faith is needed. There must also be works to demonstrate what your true feelings are about Jehovah.’ This is blatant contradiction of GOD’S Word, apostasy.

 Gal. 2:16 “Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ;”

Eph.2: 8-9 “For by grace ye are saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of GOD, not of works lest any man should boast.”

Rom.4:6 “Even David also describeth the blessedness of the man to whom GOD imputeth righteousness without works.”

Rom. 9:11, “Not of works but of Him that calleth.”

Rom.11:6…”And if by grace it is no more of works otherwise grace is no more grace…” 

Christianity is the only way, not denominations of man, through which we can know GOD, as He is revealed in and through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and now, through His bride.

What can be more relevant or important to Christians than the sacrifice paid, by God, through and in His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem GOD’S children from sin? 

The previous quotes are not to denigrate members of that particular cult, but to demonstrate how far they have been deceived, like all other denominations, and are now removed from GOD’S Word.

There could be much more evidence provided, exposing every denomination as a cult, in its truest context, and those interested can research information widely available, dealing with cults, to ascertain how perverse they are. 

Sadly, few yet identify that all denominations are to be numbered amongst cults, as all have left the Word of GOD for personal interpretations, compromise, hypocrisy and apostasy. 

CULT: “System of religious worship; devotion, homage, to person or thing.”

SECT: “Body of persons agreed upon religious doctrines usually different from those of an established or orthodox church from which they have separated…” 

How does one vindicate GOD’S name? 

VINDICATE: “maintain the cause of successfully; establish the existence, merit or justice of one’s veracity, courage, conduct, character, assertion.” 

GOD vindicates Himself, His Word, (He is His Word, Jn.1:14) through our very existence and everything that surrounds us. He brings to pass that which He has spoken, and through manifestation perfectly vindicates Himself, He does not need the J.W.’s, nor any other denominations, help.

 The universe, the galaxies, the fruit on the trees, flowers on a shrub, the entire creation of GOD’S is His vindication of Himself. Life is vindication of GOD, our ability to think, to believe, to laugh, vindicates GOD.

 GOD’S children are manifest expressions of GOD’S Life, whilst the children of the Beast, Lucifer Jn.8:44 are manifestations of Satan’s perverse life, though showing amazing displays of religiosity and fervour.

Satan’s lie to Eve, that she would not die by partaking of his fruit, her accepting his proposition instead of GOD’S Word, was the original acts of apostasy.

Remember, Satan’s perversions of GOD’S creation are not included in GOD’S program; Lucifer is not a creator, he perverts that which is already created by GOD. Satan was permitted, by GOD, to pervert, through hybridisation, cross breeding, most of GOD’S original creation.

 It was Lucifer’s adding to GOD’S Word, hybridising IT in the beginning, which brought about the fall of the human species; Gen.3:1-4, culminating in the hybridising of the human race, when Lucifer got his seed into our genetic line, through Eve. 1Jn.3:12. (The serpent is the missing link betwixt man and beast, which Lucifer indwelt, possessed, to gain a physical form, Rev. 20:2)

 Jehovah’s name, the name through which He reveals Himself to the Gentile world is Jesus Christ, Jn.5: 43; 17: 6; Acts 4:12; Eph.1:21; Col.2:9, 10; Rev.19:3; the name above all names, the name at which every knee shall bow; the Author and Finisher of our faith.

 The 7th Day Adventists have their concept of Saturday being the Lord’s Day, though the Bible declares the saints (Christians) gathered together on the first day of the week, Sunday. The Sabbath was only a law to the Jews. Acts.20:7; 1 Cor.16:2 

The Roman Catholic apostasies start with their Trinitarian doctrine, worship of Mary and a host of their dead saints; as intercessors to GOD, instead of the Lord Jesus. They are the mistress of false baptism, necromancy, apostasy.

“For there is One GOD and one mediator between GOD and men, the Man, Christ Jesus” 1Tim.2:5.

 NECROMANCY: “Art of predicting by means of communicating with the dead; magic; enchantment.” 

Why do Roman Catholics worship dead saints when Christians worship the living GOD?  The Lord Jesus Christ is not dead; He is alive!

The Bible speaks of saints as people who are alive, actively worshipping GOD. “The saints at Ephesus, Pergamos, Thyatira;” etc, these were active living people, not corpses.

Nowhere is Mary put forward as an object of worship, or an intercessor.

Baptists teach that a new convert receives the Holy Spirit when you believe and are baptised; contrary to Bible teaching. “Have you received the gift of the Holy Spirit since you believed?” Acts 19:2

 These brief exposures of apostasy, within each of these religions, are brief, yet there are plenty more for you to research. We are not specifically singling these groups out. It is not our desire to single out individual members of a religion, but to show the hypocrisy and apostasy of religion, as all denominations have, in varying ways, altered the Word of GOD, to suit their creeds and dogmas.

There is not any denomination which has not gone into apostasy; all have rejected the complete Word of GOD.

Their religious leaders have privately interpreted GOD’S Word and put IT to an open shame, contrary to 2Pet.1:20 and by perversion of Truth, have deceived their congregations as they fulfil Mat.7:13 -23.

No suggestion is made there are not sincere Christians amongst every denomination, but the organisations, the hierarchical structures, expose them as man controlled religions, and not the Church of God, for which He died. That’s why Jesus, the Lord, cries “Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye be not partakers of her plagues.” Rev.18:4

‘Her’ is the great whore who sits on 7 hills in Rome, the Vatican, and her harlot daughters, the denominational cults. Rev.17:9-18

Churches are typed as feminine in Scripture.

 All denominations are descendants of the great Whore; all are breakaways from the Vatican, mother to them all, which is why they worship the woman, Mary, or their denomination, rather than Jesus Christ, the Word, masculine.

In no way is it implied that Martin Luther, John Wesley etc. were not men used mightily by GOD. 

They were messengers for their respective ages, see Rev.2:1-19 but, we find, when GOD took them home, followers of their teachings organised, refused any further light and produced a denomination.

Pentecost did the same, and pursued ‘gifts’ instead of the Giver. This process killed any progress and Pentecostal churches died in unbelief, as their predecessors; God moved on. 

There are now many new, up-dated, super intellectual interpretations of the first English Bible, the King James translation. There is the R.V., the N.I.V., Good News, the New World translation, etc., etc., the list goes on; where is their vindication?

It is important readers clearly understand that publishing houses, which produce the many different interpretations of the Bible are businesses. They are not necessarily Christian owned, nor controlled, and the sole, (not soul) purpose of their business is to make as much money as possible.

 Reference to “Seal of God” by F.C. Payne or the works on Bible Mathematics by Ivan Panin will provide irrefutable evidence to support the K.J.V. as the only God inspired translation of Scripture. 

Publishing houses are only too happy to find new interpretations of the Scripture, no matter how inaccurate or erroneous they may be, as long as they can market them for bulk profits.

The Bible is still the best selling Book of all time, and publishers are only too happy to bring out new, contentious interpretations of IT, knowing they will get plenty of sales.

Unbelievers claim that, because man, who is fallible, has been in control of interpreting and printing the Bible, there are bound to be mistakes in IT. 

 (Wonder why that same principle does not apply to the Koran; the writings of Ellen White, the Tibetan book of the dead, etc?) 

This is a reasonable concept, though we need remember, GOD, Who chose to reveal Himself to the world He created, is capable of controlling the actions of people He uses to manifest or fulfil His requirements; note Pharaoh, Judas, Saul of Tarsus. GOD makes people do what He purposes, irrespective of their desires. 

GOD created the universes out of nothing, maintains order in the movements of planets, suns, moon, tides, etc., and surely is able to determine how any individual He chooses to use, as a scribe, will operate, according to His wishes, otherwise He would seem powerless. 

If the original interpretation of the King James Bible is faulty, inaccurate or misleading, then GOD has proven Himself to be devoid of trust worthiness and incompetent. All those Christians from 1611 up to this time, who have accepted the K.J.V. as GOD’S inspired Word are hopelessly lost and deceived.


 When we critically examine the doctrines of denominations, we find each of them have, in one way or another, altered, perverted, added to or removed words from the original Word of GOD.

 “Ah Ha,” you say, “The Bible has been interpreted by many men over the last 6,000 years, how do we know It is right?” 

This is a good question and one we address happily.

 Firstly, can the accuser provide one shred of archaeological evidence which denies any of the Scriptural locations of cities, towns etc. in the time It was written? 

It is time Christians stood up for GOD’S Word and put the onus of proof back on the accusers; challenge the scoffers to demonstrate, prove irrevocably any place where the K.J.V. is wrong.

Stop letting the children of the devil run you around; we have nothing to prove, GOD has already proven, perfectly vindicated everything He has told us in His Word. 

Ask the critic to produce any evidence that the Bible contradicts Itself in any place. Challenge the children of the devil to prove the Word of GOD is inaccurate or erroneous in any prophecy.

Surely, if the Bible is incorrect, in any area, ITS fallacies should have been exposed by now, in this last age, where the pursuit of knowledge is paramount. We cannot suspect the Creator of the heavens and the earth would make such a fundamental error, as to have His manual for humans be erroneous. 

Just as a matter of interest; wasn’t it MEN who wrote the Koran; the Tibetan Book of the Dead; the I Ching; the Jehovah Witnesses interpretation, etc., and how many alterations have they had? 

A GOD that can coordinate the universes, cause every star, every sun, every planet to rotate at precisely the correct speed, in it’s perfect orbit, without variation for trillions of years, could not make such a thoughtless and incomprehensible mistake in forward planning, writing of His human manual.

We are establishing the meaning and application of Apostasy in this age.

How the Word of GOD, the physical manifestation of GOD, in print, reveals the Creator, who directs every animal to reproduce according to its kind; every species to duplicate its genre.
    We need recognise we are dealing with the GOD, the Creator beyond the facets of our human minds to comprehend, beyond the perspectives He allows us to digest.

He set a law, that each specie should bring forth according to it’s kind; that law worked perfectly until man, an hybrid species due to the fall, began playing around with hybridization, genetic engineering and such perversity.

 Which theologists, scientists, archaeologists; atheists, agnostics, scholars or other experts have been able to disprove any Scripture?

What mathematician has been able to fault the incomprehensible mathematical values of every verse, every sentence and paragraph in the Bible? 

God’s mathematics, as explained by F.C. Payne in his work “SEAL of GOD” Aldis printing, South Australia 1972 p.102 © 1946, unfolds this phenomenal vindication God uses to authenticate His Word. (We note that his studies are based on the works of the Russian mathematician, Ivan Panin)

“I would like to take one portion from the Old Testament, those vital opening words of Gen.1:1 ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’ the very foundation of GOD’S Word.

If GOD were going to Seal any words, surely He would seal these, and seal them He has. The verse consists of exactly seven Hebrew words

 These seven words have exactly 28 letters, 4X7

There are three nouns, God, heaven earth, their total numeric value is 777 111×7                                                        

There is one Hebrew word created, its numeric value 203, 29X7

The first three Hebrew words contain the subject; they have exactly 14 letters;                                                                                                                   2×7                                                         

The other four contain the object with 14 letters                           2×7

The fourth and fifth words have exactly seven letters                        7

The fifth and sixth words have exactly 7 letters                                7

The Hebrew words for the two objects “the heaven and

The earth each have exactly 7 letters                                                7

The value of the first middle and last letters in the verb         

‘Created’ 133                                                                                19×7

The numeric value of the first and last letters of the whole

 7 words is 1393                                                                         199×7

The value of the first and last letters of the verse is 497                71×7

So the values of each of the words between is 896                       128×7

The Hebrew article ’ETH’ with the article ‘the’ used twice 406        58×7

The last letters of the first and last words, 490                              70×7

 As we see how the seven Hebrew words are so marvellously chosen and arranged by GOD that the number 7 is literally woven into them in every conceivable way, we are still only seeing but a glimpse of what is hidden within these words.

It has been found that there are over thirty different numeric features in this verse and calculated that the chance of coincidence accounting for the above 16 is one in thirty three trillion odd.”


 If you add up the previous totals they come to 4,872, divided by 7= 696, which adds numerically to three, another of GOD’S prime numbers.

 The works of Panin and Payne are valuable resources for students, which further vindicates GOD’S existence, in spite of man’s desires to disprove His Word.

Excuse this brief mathematical excursion, but we are looking at Apostasy, and supporting the reasons for our dogmatic attitude over the abundance of evidence supporting GOD’S veracity, which causes us to ponder why all denominations have chosen to alter, add to, detract from or otherwise interpret His Word when He expressly forbids such in 2Pet.1:20.

 Apostasy is the abandonment of religious vows, etc. 

We suggest ‘religious’ vows are the cause of all denominational troubles as their founders have each rejected, denied, added to or personally interpreted GOD’S Word to suit their man made doctrines.                

 It has been stated by mathematics experts, that our most advanced computers would take years to write the first page of Genesis because of its mathematical layout. 

There is no end of critics about the Bible’s authenticity, but where are their evidences? Not theories and suppositions, to support their claims the Bible is not the inspired Word of GOD.

Surely, certain of the old English words have taken on different meanings, an example being that “in the Lord’s house there are many mansions.”

 This suggests the Lord must have a very big house, but, in the English of that time, 1611, a house was the family genealogy, the hereditary line, not a building of bricks and mortar, e.g., the house of Tudor, the house of Kent, the house of Windsor, etc.

You say the Bible contradicts Itself. Where?

 The references to water baptism are quoted by many as evidence of contradiction, but, when comparing Mat.28:19 with Peters teaching in Acts 2:38, we see Peter’s explanation reveals what Mat.28:19 means; it puts the issue to rest.  That’s really tricky isn’t it? It doesn’t even need a revelation; it is just a simple English explanation of the Lord’s parable, leaving no confusion or room for contention.

 Possibly flaws can be found in other Bible interpretations, other, contemporary versions, but no one has been able to fault the King James version for over 395 years, so unless you can produce such evidence, we suggest you reconsider, reassess your attitude and Scriptural position.

 As demonstrated previously, in the example of supposed Bible contradiction, Peter is explaining to the believers that the name of the Lord GOD in this dispensation is the Name above all Names, the Name at which every knee shall bow, the Lord Jesus Christ. Phil.2:10

Father is not a name, it is a title, son is not a name, it is a title, the Holy Spirit is not a name, it is a description of the character of GOD; Jesus is the only name applied, Jesus the Christ, the anointed One.

 We have over one hundred and twenty-two thousand denominations, all claiming to be Christian, to be teaching pure doctrine, ‘Speaking where the Bible speaks and being silent where IT is silent.’

This is a beaut line and will impress novices, the ignorant and unlearned, but it will no longer deceive those who have a personal revelation of Jesus Christ, the Word, Who He is and what He is doing in this day.


Our use of various denominational doctrines as examples of apostasy do not suggest there are not sincere, GOD loving and seeking Christians trapped in the ranks of these religious groups.

 These studies may be a means to help individuals reassess what they believe, check their beliefs against GOD’S revealed Word for this day, and hopefully help them escape the mark of the Beast, which is accepting man’s doctrines instead of GOD’S Word.

 These are those who misinterpret, personally interpret, the Word, who are calling GOD a liar, by rejecting His ever progressing revelation of Himself.

These, through fear of man, of social rejection, of persecution, especially now, as we approach the end of this cosmos, refuse to

“Come out of her my People and be ye not partakers of her sins.” Rev.18:4, which is the only Way to avoid Apostasy, and each will be required to give answer for their, your decision.

That this pope, as with all his predecessors, has done all possible to conceal the filth and perversity displayed by so many priests, bishops, etc., is blatantly obvious. There has been collusion betwixt the papacy, the cardinals and the r.c. hierarchy to conceal the depths of depravity, homosexuality, political manipulation and blatant warfare, to which the r.c. cult has stooped.

It is not a new thing. Let us not forget the nunneries also, who have subjected many of their charges to torture, suffering, depravity beyond the average citizen’s comprehension. A reading of “A Nun’s Testimony” will put that perverse group into a much clearer, sickening light.

We, as Christians, (not church members), recognise that we are in the last moments of time, in this dimension, and that judgement is now breaking upon the earth; gigantic, storm driven waves of guilt, shame, hypocrisy, apostasy, crashing down, shattering all religious systems, smashed by the revelation of their demon inspired, man made perversions of Truth into the doctrines of man.

This is the age, according to GOD’S Word, Mt.10:26; Lk12:2; 17:30, 1Cor.2:10; in which all will be revealed, 1Pet.4:13; the mystery of God will be finished, Lk.21:32; Rev.10:7.

We have witnessed the incredible depths of filth, political skulduggery, religious perversity, and every level of criminal activity amongst both our spiritual and political leaders being made known.

We have had Watergate, bankgate, weapons sales gate, and how many other inquiries, which are revealing the criminality, the dishonesty of our political leaders and their religious master.

What we are witnessing with the exposure of the sexual exploitation, the mind boggling, demonic perversity of the r.c. religious system, (and don’t think the protestants are any less guilty,) is beyond the comprehension of any sane human being, is an horrific blot on the entire religious systems, and will, sadly, only continue to unfold, revealing the depths of moral and spiritual filth manifest in all our religious systems. 

Sure, we point fingers at the atrocities committed by Muslim fanatics, but how many of those pointing the fingers have read “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” or “A Nun’s Testimony”, “Fifty Years in the Church of Rome” or “Smucker’s Glorious Reformations”?

These are historical records of the r.c. religious system, in which the protestant churches have been, if not active participants, wilful accessories, through their refusal to stand up against the great whore and to condemn her atrocious activities. Is the pope guilty?

Yes, as has been every pope, since Constantine made a form of Christianity, bastardized with pagan doctrines, teachings, traditions and demonic rituals the state religion, in 325a.d.

Any student who is willing to research the relationship of the Vatican to every war, every form of religious slavery, immorality, can, by searching the internet for books written, exposing the realities of the r.c. religious system, find irrefutable evidence to prove that it has been the religious systems which have been Lucifer’s greatest tool in deceiving, deluding and impoverishing the people ever since the Nicea council of 325a.d.

This is not to be interpreted as an attack on any member of the r.c. cult, nor any related group, as they come together under the banner of the Uniting Church, but is to encourage readers to search the Scriptures.

To find out if their relationship with Christ, the Word, is direct, personal, or is dominated by religious creeds and dogma, instead of an individual revelation and walk with the Word, manifested alone through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Note the Scripture in which Jesus cries, screams, “Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Rev.18:4

Is the pope guilty of concealing the insanity and perversity which pervades the religious system he dominates, instead of Christ? Yes; as are the respective Archbishops of Canterbury, et al.

Remember, he, (the pope) sits on the throne of GOD, claiming to be GOD, and is, for a short time, to be Lucifer incarnate, leading the entire religious world system into worship of Lucifer instead of GOD. Rev.13:1-10

 Has he, and every one of his predecessors concealed, beneath the cloaks of their Babylonian garments, a demonic cancer which has seen Christianity turned into a laughing stock, a bastion of hypocrisy, at which the world spits and mocks? Yes.

Again, these comments are not directed toward the flock who are unwittingly being led up the devil’s path, but against the hierarchies, those who have put Christ to death the second time, through their satanic perversion of God’s Word into doctrines of devils. Amen