Mat. 24:30   “And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven.”

 Acts 26:16   “arise; stand on thy feet, for I have appeared unto you – and of these things in which I will appear unto you.”

 1Jn. 3:2 “Beloved, now we are the children of GOD, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when He shall appear, we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He really is.”

 The Word of GOD states there will be an appearing of the Lord, which differs from and is prior to the Second Coming (physical) of the Lord Jesus Christ, to rule on the earth with His bride. Rev.19

 COME: “Start, move, arrive, towards or at a point of time, come to light, be revealed”

 Come is a transitory word, describing movement toward a point; the reference to revelation is of particular significance in this study. The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the earth, is of major importance to all professing Christians.

Confusion appears dominant regarding this matter, for a lot of people.

Many references are made to the ‘Coming’ of the Lord, in the Bible, also the word, appear or appearing is used, rather than coming. 

APPEAR: “Become, be, present ones-self formally, be visible publicly, be published, manifest, seem;”

 What is the Biblical difference betwixt the coming and the appearing?

 Mat.24:30 describes His appearing: Paul saw a Light that blinded him and knocked him off his horse. Acts 26:13-16

This Light Paul identified as LORD, (Elohim). That has to be Jehovah, for Paul, as a fully trained Pharisee would not call any entity LORD unless He was GOD.

The LORD identified Himself as Jesus, which is an interesting thought for Jehovah Witnesses to consider. Lord, in the context Paul uses here, is translated as Elohim, the same name Abraham used when he addressed GOD, Who visited him and Sarah back in Gen.17:1-27 and 18:1-33

When Saul, before his name change to Paul, Acts 9:1-5, got this visitation from the LORD, he had to re-think his whole attitude to Scripture. This Light that blinded Saul was the same Pillar of Fire Who led Israel out of Egypt, appeared to Moses in the burning bush, and later fell on the apostles in the upper room. Acts 2:1-4.

Is this as an appearing rather than a coming? 2 Cor.7:12; Col.3:4; 1 Tim.6:14; 1 Pet. 1:7.

The appearances are vastly different to the Second coming, as looked for by Christians. 

Bro. Branham, in Jehovah Jireh, pt.2, page 97, para.174 states ‘The appearing of Christ and the coming of Christ, that’s two different things altogether, the appearing and the coming. He’s appearing now, working with us in the form of the Holy Spirit, making it just perfect, the church.’ Hallelujah.” 

{References to bro. Branham’s ministry are because his was a Biblically vindicated ministry, and thus was God speaking through a man, not the man providing his personal thoughts on the issues. Amos 3:7; Deut.18, etc.}

Our reference to ‘true’ Christians identifies and separates those who are believers of GOD’S revealed Word for this day and those who are denominational church members.

There is Biblical separation betwixt the Bride, the foolish virgins and hypocrites all through the Scripture Mat.7:21-23, 24:24; 25:32 etc.

The appearances of GOD pertain to events taking place then, and occur during the seven church ages. They refer to GOD communicating with His messengers, for each of the church ages, as described in Rev.2:1-29; 3:1-22.

This is when GOD communicates with the Church, to call out His Gentile bride, manifesting in a presence, a revelation of Himself; as when He spoke to Martin Luther, to give him the Light for that age; to drag Luther and those to whom GOD revealed Himself, in that age, out of Catholicism, back to the Word.

 John Wesley had a manifestation of GOD in his life, when GOD called him out of religiosity and revealed the next step up the Spiritual ladder. Here we see a process, a growing on faith; an holy Way which we sojourn ‘til we reach our goal, which is being back in His presence.

 This ‘Presence’ does not refer to His physical return, in the tabernacle of flesh, as Jesus Christ, the man, Rev.19:11, no; it is the manifestation of GOD, on earth, revealing Himself to His children in the final step before the translation of the Bride, 1 Thes.4:15-16, through a Biblically vindicated ministry.

 This takes place before the physical return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

 Remember, the Lord Jesus Christ is the Tabernacle, the body, Jn.2:21; Heb.10:5; GOD provided for Himself to dwell in when He came to earth as Saviour: Jesus, the man, is not GOD, but is the tabernacle GOD’S Spirit indwelt, His body.

 The Lord Jesus was the ‘express image’ of GOD. Heb.1:3

These teachings are outside denominational doctrines and are regarded by most religious leaders, as heretical; but you need search the Scriptures and check them out for yourself. Paul declared that what he taught was, in the eyes of the religious leaders of that time, heretical. Acts 24:14, but also that It is GOD’S Word. The Lord Jesus was called a blasphemer, Mat.26:65.

 Christians need clearly identify the difference between His Coming and His Appearing, or they will find themselves following a false light. Worshipping the devil believing they are worshipping God. Jn.4:22; Rev.13:4-8;

Scripture declares GOD returns to the earth, ‘en-morphe’, in Spirit form, to open the Seven Seals, to call His chosen out of the denominational systems, back to His Word.

Rev 18:4 “Come out of her My children, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

 This takes place before the Second Coming of Jesus, in the flesh.

Sin is unbelief; Heb.3:12-19; 4:6. 

In Rev.3:3 we are warned “Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard and hold fast and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch I will come upon thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I come upon thee.”

Rev.16:15 “Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth and keepth his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame.”

1Pet 3:10 “He will come as a thief in the night.”

HE, GOD, not Jesus, the physically tabernacled expression of GOD, appears, quietly, surreptitiously, to remove the jewels for His crown, from under the prince of the power of the air’s (Satan’s) nose. To retrieve the wheat for the garner, to separate the wheat from the chaff, the tares, which are to burn.

Are these descriptions of His return in flesh as per Rev.19:11-13?

 What does your denomination or personal interpretation make of these references?

Scripture tells us He comes “As a thief,” Rev.15:15 “In the clouds so every eye shall behold Him” Rev 1:7; “On a white horse, with the host of heaven” Rev.19:11-14. 

Which of these may be appearings taking place before His physical return? 

Rev.10:1-7 is commonly recognised by Bible scholars as being the Lord Jesus Christ, descending, John’s words surely imply this. GOD, Who is the Lord Jesus Christ, by name, in this dispensation, returns to open the Seven Seals and wrap up all the mysteries before the end of time.

“Strait is the gate and narrow is the Way which leadeth unto Life and few there be who enter there in.” Mat.7:14, 22:23 

“Many will say to Me in that day. Lord, Lord; have we not prophesied in Thy name; and in Thy name have cast out devils, and in Thy name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you. Depart from me ye that work iniquity.” Mat.7:22-23. 

His return “En-Morphe” was manifested when He, the Lord GOD, Elohim came down and spoke to the world through a vindicated prophet, fulfilling Mal.4:5-6; fulfilling the type which was set when Elohim came and spoke to Abraham, before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Gen.18:1-22; Heb.13:8.

The Bible tells us Christ is put to death a second time, Heb 6:6.

Is this where the denominational churches reject God, the Word, when He comes to reveal the Seals and wind up the church age? Is this the putting to death of the Word which is delivered unto the saints through the prophet of Mal. 4: 5-6; Rev 10:7; Lk.17:30; Mat. 24:23-30?

Does this fulfil Heb.6:6?

What has your denomination taught you about these things, or are they putting them off as mysteries?

The Bible says that in the days of the sounding of the Voice the seventh angel, (messenger) the mystery of GOD will be finished.” Rev.10:7

Who is this Seventh angel? If you don’t know maybe you should find out, for without his message, which is His message, you are denied the Light for this age.

Is this, today, now, the time when Satan takes his place on the papal throne and becomes the god of this earth; Satan, worshipped by the denominations, instead of GOD? Rev.13:4. This is the time when the denominations give honour unto the beast, the serpent and Satan, as these three are one; Rev.12:9, 20:2, where trinity doctrine is based.

This is when Lucifer sits on the throne of papal Rome, claiming he is GOD; and the kings of the earth bring their tithes unto him and give him honour and glory.

Above the papal throne the Latin words, In Vicarius Fillei Dei, which mean instead of the Son of GOD are inscribed. This numerologically adds up to 666 

Christians sure need know the difference, don’t they? 

Mat.24:24 warns that all but the very elect will be deceived. There is a distinct difference betwixt the Appearing of the Lord and the Second Coming, and you need be sure you know the difference.