Are people born evil? 16/9/10   

As with most topics of this kind we suggest those who believe the Bible is the Word of GOD, and are unwilling to add to IT or take from IT will be considered unkindly by those who regard IT as a nice Book, but not really One that means what IT says.

According to Scripture we are born in a rather desperate condition; “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me.” Ps.51:5.

This clearly explains that all born of woman are inheritors of the sin of Adam, just as we are inheritors of our father’s and grandfather’s genetic characteristics and frailties. Surely that does not seem fair or reasonable, but, when Adam chose to partake of the fruit, (the consequences for actions), in the Garden, he established a genetic malfunction, a precedent which has been inherited by every person born since.

 That is a tragic state of affairs, one denied by those who chose to contradict GOD’S Word, to rationalise IT, manipulate IT, that they can avoid the harsh confrontation that yes, we are all born in sin, shapen in iniquity and come into the world speaking lies. Only Christians are willing to recognise our horrific condemnation, from day one, and our need for One to deliver us from this nasty situation.

This is further evidenced by Biblical instructions that Christians, His children, must be born again, as the first birth, in the flesh, was faulty, and birthed us into an environment to which we are alien.

“Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of heaven.” Jn.3:3;

“Ye must be born again.” Jn.3:7;

“being born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, of the Word of God which liveth and abideth forever.”1Pet.1:23

“Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble.” Job14:1.

As a believer one can rejoice in Job’s later question; “If a man die shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change cometh.” 14:14

We determine from these few Scriptures, and there are heaps more to support the topic, that being re-born, is essential if we are to know GOD, which, logically, reveals that our first birth was faulty, erroneous, and birthed us into a condition from which it is essential to be freed and denies us access to our Creator.

It is difficult for a father of mother of a brand spanking new baby to look upon it as an item which is faulty, is predestinated to do evil rather than good; which has an inherent propensity to sin. This is not a nice thing for any parent to consider, but it is Scriptural truth.

We, (Christians) are instructed to raise our children in the fear and admonition of the Word, which is provided not as an horrendous noose, a shackle draped around their neck, but to help our children learn their imperfections, their frailties and to provide them with tools to resist the wicked one, to change their condition and seek redemption.

Why is this so? Because the hybridization of our species, being infused with sin, through Eve’s deception and Adam’s participation in the affair, means we are born evil, with the axe of condemnation poised above our necks. No amount of fancy talking, no quantity of religious fervour, rationalisation or denial can contradict this Biblical pronunciation.

Surely, since the fall, produced by Eve’s rebellion and Adam’s decision to participate in her error,  there have been none born who were free of this curse, outside of Jesus Christ, Who was conceived in a virgin, God CREATING both the egg and sperm in her womb, thus avoiding the curse.

 All others are born, with a faulty, sin motivated, evil nature. Sure, a baby, when born, is under specific protection of God, and, if it dies prior to attaining maturity, will be saved, as God cannot be, unjust, and a child cannot commit wilful sin until they reach their individual age of accountability, so they cannot be judged.

If we consider the wilful carnage man has waged on the earth, the destruction of the environment, the animals, nature of every kind, let alone the violence we have continual inflicted upon our fellow citizens, surely we see we are, as a species, intrinsically evil in our most fundamental characteristics.

Are we born evil, in sin? Yes, we are born into flesh made of ground cursed by GOD, Gen.4:11-12 and, as Paul said, “In my flesh there dwelleth no good thing” Rom.7:18.