© John R Nolan 8/2/06

   Dying to self is an integral tool in the Christian’s growth.

GOD asks us, those HE has called, Christians, to die to this world, which involves our surrendering personal interest, opinions, theories; becoming subject to GOD’S will.

GOD’S Word is His will, they are synonymous.

Death is the personal slaughtering of our warped, twisted, perverted attitudes and beliefs, to replace them with GOD’S thoughts. 

As we consider the present status of our international situations, observing the raping and pillaging of our planet by multi-national corporations and greed driven politicians, we may determine that, as a community, the human race has failed the earth, and our fellow citizens, especially our children, in our duty of care.

We have, as pawns on a chessboard, risen up in rebellion against the Author, the Creator of our game, and are now, pretentiously, dictating the rules of the game to Him.

We have decided that we, through our pitifully miniscule knowledge, have the right to enforce our will over that of the Writer of the Rule Book and this is leading us to the destruction of the planet, as we know it. 

Let us consider the absurdity of our human arrogance, the pitiful bravado of our religious and political leaders, when considering our impotence, our inability to influence the movement of the tides.

We are dependent, as a species, on seasonal cycles, for our food supplies

We are demonstrating, through our pollution of waters and atmosphere, that we are naught more than psychopaths let loose in an armoury with which we will destroy ourselves.

Will there be realization that we have reached the point of no return?


We cannot repair the damage we have done; we are galloping, as hysterical horses, to our extinction, and all we hear from our religious and political leaders are platitudes, puny promises, pretence, as we witness destruction of our society, our species, and all others, on the planet.

Death to self is far less elaborate, far less challenging and frightening, once we comprehend the meaning of these words.

 What is death?

Death: “End of life; ceasing to count as a citizen; ceasing to be; annihilation; etc.”

Death according to the Bible is eternal separation from GOD. 

Over the 6 millennia (6,000 YEARS) of human life, as we know it, on this planet, we have observed many changes in ourselves, our relationship with the earth and each other. The 6,000 years is dated from the time GOD commenced dealing with Abraham.

HE allotted 4 days, {4,000 years} to the Jews and 2 days for the Gentile dispensation {2,000 years}. 2Pet.3:8 

Our history books, allowing for the religious and political censorship, alterations, additions and deletions, which has taken place continuously over the time of the printed word, informs us of our progress, as a species. 

“Whoever controls the past controls the future, whoever controls the media can dictate what ever history they want the plebeians to believe.” George Orwell in his amazing novel, ‘1984’, (Secker & Warburg. 1947) 

Much of what he envisaged is now manifesting, but the general community, the ‘Proles’, the plebeians, i.e., the general public, the politicians, the self professed experts of sociology, etc. have completely missed what is happening in our midst and have been for the last hundred years.

Nowhere have we any record of man being able to create life, nor having the ability to stop storms, still floods, prevent droughts, etc. We find no record of our species ever creating one thing.

Sure, we learn how to make things from the tools, the material we have been provided with, but we cannot make out of nothing anything. 

Dying to self is recognizing we are incapable of guaranteeing we will take another, our next breath, let alone subjugate the world to our will.

Who amongst us can create a universe, without having any material to work with? Which of us can build a house, make a fire and produce food to eat unless we are provided with material for each purpose? We are utterly dependent on the external fulfilling of our needs from some supposedly unknown source.

Unfortunately a high percentage of those born since the Second World War have been deceived, by the media machines and the religious moguls who control it, that they need look to Star Wars, the Force or some mythological phantasy for the imagined salvation of themselves and our planet. 

What or Who is that source? 

The political, and especially religious proponents of this extra-galactic piffle, are interested only in making enormous wads of money rather than learning or imparting Truth.

If we recognize our irrelevance, our weakness, our piteous state of dependence, then we begin to determine the need to identify and submit ourselves to the One Who provides; for without Him we cease to exist. 

Dying to self is learning that we know nothing of eternal relevance and recognizing that we need get to know our Provider, learn of Him, from Him. 

Not from power mad religious hierarchies who seek to subjugate the world to their interpretations, philosophies and control.

We need ask Him, the Creator of heaven and earth, to teach us, to re-new our mind, our ways of thinking. To restore our mind to the condition it was in before the beginning of this earthly experiment. 

Man wants to be his own god. Man made gods of stone, wood, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, war, murder, every form of filth and insanity, yet we refuse to look beyond this dimension, to find out Who runs the show and what HE requests of us. 

We have many religious idiots running around telling the populace we must follow them; obey their religious organizations, submit to their strange doctrines and perverse teachings, as they, without any vindication, claim to represent GOD on the earth.

May one ask why we, or any, should or do believe them?

Is that dying to self, or is it ‘passing the buck’ and trusting our Spiritual present and future into the hands of charlatans and thieves? 

Dying to self is our individual recognition that we are incapable of thoughts outside the boundaries of this dimension. We are locked in an environment where our every step is controlled by gravity, an unknown power which keeps the entire galaxy in orbit and you and I on the ground. 

Is gravity GOD?

GOD created gravity and it is subject to His laws also.

“GOD is Light and in Him there is no darkness at all” 1Jn.1:5 

To die to self we need re-knew our mind, put away the perverse, lust and greed oriented conditioning we receive through our demonically inspired educational systems and religious systems.

We are controlled by the media barons, the Satanists who own our demonically inspired T.V, movies, novels, music producers, etc, through which the minds of the masses are perverted into all manner of immoral, horrific perversions.

It is time we, Christians, got free of the world dictates and learnt to think according to the Word of the Creator, though only a tiny minority of the global population are actually identified as His children, and will be capable of so doing.

This is the renewing of the mind, and Scripture supporting this follow: Ps.51:10; Rom.12:2; Eph.4:23; Col.3:10

Renewing of the mind facilitates the option to become first familiar with and then subject to GOD’S Word. 

Not to religious groups, cults, as all religions are; but to establish a personal relationship with the One Who created every galaxy, every form of Life, Who is Life, and get ourselves in harmony with His will, His thoughts, and then we will be at one with the universe, because HE is all things.

That is also why HE gave us His manual, the Bible, to understand what is required of us, and it really isn’t much.

That is what the Scripture speaks of as the New Birth.

Not talking in tongues, dancing in the Spirit, performing miracles.

Though these may accompany re-birth in some instances, they are not the proof, nor the goal of our walk.

The target we aim for is the execution of our ego, our will, our human arrogance and our surrendering our mind, our thoughts, our mouth to His Will. 

This is actually what is erroneously referred to by some denominations as the ‘Born again experience’.

It is true that we are told we must be born again, or we will never understand, be part of theNew World, which is the dimension to which Christians are addressing their attention. Jn.3:5-8 

Being born again is actually a Christian’s restoration to the condition we were, in Him, before the foundation of the world. Eph.1:4-14

It is the return of our soul’s subjection to the Word and freedom from the lusts of the flesh, the perverse religious teachings of man and the personal recognition that we, Christians, are actually revealed to be a different species from the beasts fitted for destruction 2 Pet.2:12; Jude 10.

We are, today, the manifestation of GOD’S spoken Word for this, the final age.

We understand that this faulty tabernacle in which we now are trapped is our cloak of temptation, our earthly coffin, made of ground cursed by GOD, Gen.3:17.

Our goal is to return to our original body, which awaits us in the next dimension.1Cor.15:44-54.

That is how Scripture describes and proves that Dying is birth.