John R Nolan 20/9/06

Who is the enemy of God?     

You ask this question and the answer is of course very simple, Lucifer, Satan, the Beast, Mat.13:34-39; all one and the same creature, Rev.20:2. “Friendship with the world is enmity with GOD.” Jas.4:4 

Friendship with the world equates to enmity with GOD, therefore we need clarify our position, our attachment to the world, our positions as Christians, lest we be found wanting at the seat of judgement.

Thus we may consider the lesson over, but let us further ponder this matter; determine how Satan, the defeated enemy of GOD, wages his war against not GOD, so much, as GOD’S children, the manifestation of Christ, on earth, in His bride, His Church.

Lucifer knows he has lost the fight; he was defeated onCalvary’s rocky slopes when the Lord Jesus Christ, GOD’S Son, died on the cross, to pay for the sins of the world. In fact, Scripturally, he, Lucifer, was defeated before the foundation of the world.

Lucifer is doing all he can to prevent GOD’S children from hearing, understanding and accepting that free gift, salvation through faith in GOD’S finished work at Calvary.

The free gift is a difficult concept for many people to handle. 

Predestination is a subject few people want to address, as it involves the individual, you and I, recognizing that GOD, through Jesus, the Christ, the Anointed One, the sinless Lamb of GOD, loved His children so well as to give His life to pay the price of our redemption.

This matter causes much contention, that GOD gave His life through His Son.   

It is the basis to the formation of the erroneous ‘trinitarian’ doctrine of the R.C. church: trinitarian doctrine is anti-Christ, ask any Jew, or just check the first commandment. Ex.20:2, 3, 4. 

Remember, Christ, Christos, is the anointing that was upon Jesus, the last Adam, 1 Cor.15:45 Christ is the GOD, Spirit, Who dwelt in the tabernacle we call Jesus, not a separate member of some demonic trinity.

Constantine used trinitarian doctrine as a tool to placate the Roman heathens into accepting ‘Christianity’ as a replacement of their pagan worship when he made ‘Christianity’ the state religion; (Nicean Council 325 a.d.) 

Salvation, this free gift of GOD, requires each of us to accept responsibility for the way we embrace the information with which we are provided.A Christian’s responsibility and goal is to study, seek revelation and say, teach, preach only what GOD says, not what man interprets.

Anything contrary to GOD’S Word is GOD’S enemy.

 Religion is GOD’S enemy! 

Dogma and doctrine of man are definitely anti-Christ, as GOD clearly instructs His children to neither add to nor take even as much as one word, from the prophecy of this Book. Rev.22:18-19. 

Scripture is of no personal interpretation. 2Pet.1:20

That got some raised eyebrows and curious responses and we will explain that statement as we progress.

An enemy of GOD is anyone who stands against His Word, as HE is the Word;

“In the beginning was the word, the Word was with GOD and the Word was GOD” (K.J.V.) or, as the Aramaic Bible says, “The Word was in the beginning, and that very Word was with GOD, and GOD was that Word” Jn 1:1.

Then, in vs.14 we read, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us…” 

We should comprehend the deeper meaning of Scripture, and will spend a few moments pondering this amazing statement, that GOD is that Word; that Word became, or manifested as flesh, in a human body, that HE could be seen by us.

GOD, the Creator of heavens and earth, adopting a human body, that HE could be apprehended by our limited range of senses. It is only GOD Who can reveal, to whomsoever HE chooses, what His Word contains, Himself. 

We need understand that Jesus, the Christ, the Man, was not GOD.

The body we call Jesus was the last Adam, according to Scripture, the body of Heb.10:5, in which the Spirit of GOD, His Father, dwelt for a period of approximately three years and a half.

Remember, Jesus, the man, the perfect tabernacle, was indwelt by GOD, Who is the Holy Spirit, one GOD; GOD manifest, expressed, in flesh Heb.1:3. 

When John baptized Jesus, Jn.1:29-34, GOD’S Spirit then was witnessed to come down, condescended, indwelt the perfect tabernacle prepared without hands; Heb.9:11.

Later, just before the death of the Lord Jesus, on the cross, the Spirit of GOD departed from Him, that He, the man, could die. Mat. 27:46, Mk.15:34.

Obviously, if the Spirit of GOD had remained in Jesus it would have been impossible for the Jews to kill Him, as GOD is eternal, HE cannot die.

This clearly exposes Trinitarian doctrine as a lie of the Devil, the father of lies. Jn.8:44.

GOD, the Father, is not a separate GOD to Jesus. Jesus is the physical expression, revelation of GOD. GOD dwelt in the tabernacle made without hands, Heb.9:11, 2 Cor.5:1, the perfect, sinless tabernacle we know as Jesus. 

GOD, Spirit, today dwells in His people. 

Here we see how Christians are being deceived by doctrines of man instead of the Word of GOD.

This gross error, the demonic, trinitarian lie, common in all denominations, is the reason the churches are in such confusion, at each others throats almost, because they have personally interpreted the Word.

They have left bits they consider risky out, so they don’t offend their flock, especially the women, and have a walk out, which would cost them too much money.

Those claiming to be Full Gospel churches, if you question their understanding of Scripture, will soon display how their denomination interprets the Word, contrary to the Baptists, the Anglicans, etc. 

The trinitarian doctrine, started by the r.c. church, at the Nicea Council of 325a.d. is a lie straight from hell, is anti Christ, anti Word, anti GOD, an enemy of GOD; it is dogma of man. The claim by the great Whore who sits on seven hills, theVatican, that Peter was their first pope is a lie also from hell.

There is no history of Peter ever going toRome. Peter was definitely dead prior to the Nicea Council, which was the formation date of the Roman Catholic religion, 325 a.d. Peter’s second epistle, written shortly before his death, was scribed in 66 a.d., a long time before the Nicea council, which organized the Christian Faith, appointed a man at its head, instead of GOD, and invented the story about Peter being the first pope. {Ante Nicean Fathers Vol.8 p 601- 644} 

This example shows us how perversion of truth was perpetrated by enemies of GOD, not by those who had a revelation of Jesus Christ, and there are many more examples of such, for those willing to look.

GOD’S Word was not perverted by Christians, those being put to death in the arena at the command of the Roman emperor; it was debased by the religious leaders ofIsrael. 

The Christians were slaughtered at the hands of heathen politicians, at the bequest of Jewish religious leaders.  Roman councillors martyred Christians to produce some local entertainment at the Colosseum on a Sunday afternoon, as sacrifices for their pagan gods, and to maintain political stability with the Pharisees and Sadducees of Israel.

 ‘FACTS OF OUR FAITH’, a Roman Catholic handbook for their priests, p.282; ‘FOXES BOOK OF MARTYRS’; ‘SMUCKER’S GLORIOUS REFORMATION’, and other historical records state the roman catholic whore murdered over 68,000,000 Christians during the dark ages, because these Christians would not accept the pope as head of the Church, instead of Christ.

America was invaded by refugees fromEurope, escaping the murderous clutches of the Roman whore and her harlot daughter, the church of England. These Christians fled to the New World, to establish a nation where they could practise their faith without persecution by theVatican. To escape the horrific crusade against Christians being waged by the Roman Catholic church and her partner in crime, the Church of England. {Foxe’s Book of Martyrs; 50 Years in the Church of Rome. Charles Chiniquey}

Again, we encourage you to study Church histories; the wealth of literature available, to authenticate these comments; the information is there for any who are willing to look for it. 

“How can two walk together except they be agreed.” Amos3:3 

Here is one of the blessings technology has provided with the Internet; literature previously very difficult to access is now readily available. Books describing, documenting the perversity, the horrific brutality of Roman Catholicism, were all but destroyed during the religious purges of Rome against Christians, as they are an exposure the Roman whore attempted, at any cost to annihilate.

GOD had other plans and HE ensured such literature was successfully maintained, to be made accessible to any serious student, in this, the last age.

It is not our suggestion there are not sincere, deceived Christians within every denomination, but this is call out time, “Come out of her, My people.”Rev.18:4. 

We have established that to be an enemy of GOD, we need not appear as raging atheists, sorcerers, heathens, pagans or depraved devil worshippers.

What we are finding is that those who contradict, pervert, add to, take from or otherwise change GOD’S Word are His enemies.

Heathens don’t do such things. Atheists, agnostics, pagans are not in the slightest bit interested in GOD’S Word; the only ones who are interested are those who see IT as a means to advance themselves. Demons who will take GOD’S Word and use IT as a cudgel to crush and control their communities.

Men and, more perversely, women, who use the Word as a weapon to bind the ignorant, subjugate the trusting, the simple people. Dogs, using religions, based on their interpretation of Scripture, to deceive their congregations. Phil.3:2; Rev.22:15 

By the way, a ‘dog’ in Jewish terminology is a male prostitute.

In Spiritual terms, a person who perverts the Word of GOD, personally interprets IT, adopts a female, denominational role, thus perverting them with a lesbian spirit. (Woman trying to be a Man) 

We observe the enormous wealth compiled by churches claiming to represent Christ, the Mormons, the 7th DAY’ists, the plethora of Pentecostal organizations, and, of course, at the top of the heap, the R.C. cult.  Where in Scripture is there any evidence to support this obscene wealth held by supposedly Christian denominations?

The Lord Jesus instructed His disciples to go into the world, preach the Gospel, taking nothing with them, not a change of clothes, a spare pair of sandals, and no money, what has happened to that instruction?

Has it been revised and re-interpreted to suit man’s desire rather than GOD’S Word; a fantastic tool by which to amass almost incomprehensible wealth?

Do we here detect the doctrines and dogma of man?

We need clarify that these comments are not directed at congregational members, those who have had the wool pulled over their eyes, but the religious leaders, the founders and perpetrators of these evil religious systems.

This exposes the shortage in faith on the part of self appointed, Pharisitical archbishops, cardinals, popes, etc. Where are they in the Scripture?

These religious hierarchies and their doctrines are a witness to their disobedience, their worldliness, their greed. Modern day Pharisees and Sadducees; didn’t the Lord rebuke them in His first trip on earth; isn’t He to do the same thing today, with His return? Heb.13:8 

Doesn’t HE, in Rev.3:14-22, clearly rebuke these of the Laodicean age, because of their wealth, their hypocrisy, their worldliness.

This is the only Church age where Christ is on the outside, knocking on the door trying to get back in.

 Who then are found to be His enemies?

 For the sake of brevity, we shall here close, though, we will ask for any Scriptural evidence which supports a pastor, teacher, and any member of the 5 fold ministry, outside a vindicated prophet, to interpret GOD’S Word.

 Possibly we, you and I,  will, if we have the courage, recognize this as our age; that we are the ones who have locked Him out, that it is our religious systems which are truly the enemy of GOD and it is time we ‘come out of her, my people” Rev.18:4 and get back into Him, the WORD.

Scripturally, it would seem America, England, Australia and all nations, denominations, are now worshipping church, the dogma and doctrines of man, the DEVIL, instead of GOD.

Our declaration is that GOD has returned, spoken through a vindicated prophetic voice, called HIS children back to HIM, the WORD, and all is well.