It is clear from what brother Branham taught, that true understanding, revelation of the Godhead, the Seventh Seal’s opening, which is the coming, or parousia of the LORD, are the most necessary and important revelations for believers of God’s final message to receive.

 If we don’t know Who we are worshipping, we could easily fulfil Scripture;

“And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast, saying, who is like unto the beast, who is able to make war with him?” Rev.13:4

Interestingly, historically, it is not him with whom we are making war, but with her; the mother of harlots, the great whore which sits on seven hills. She is the devil’s church, she is the one who murdered the saints, and is still doing so. She is the one to whom the kings of this world bring their tributes and worship, she is actually the mouthpiece, the earthly body of he, Satan.

The Church of Rome illegally claims to be the representative of Christ, on earth today, which is another perversion of the Truth. This has no relevance to the fact that Christ has returned, and is now manifesting the final stage of the end time through His Gentile bride. She  represents Him, but definitely does not, as does the whore, claim to be Him.

 To comprehend this it is necessary we examine,  search out how the prophet taught us Who God is, and how His various manifestations in both Spiritual and physical forms are to be understood. For this it’s necessary to search the Bible, trusting the LORD to open up our eyes and hearts, so we may learn.

Importantly we need ask the Lord, individually, to show us, by revelation, what the Truth is.

 The Bible declares God will return, to prepare His bride, His children for the rapture; through a prophetic ministry, which fulfils Mal.4:5-6; Lk.17:30; Rev.10:1-7.

For the world, that it may be judged by the Word of God; for the Bride, His children, to know what is taking place in our age.

Scriptures pertaining to the End Time were fulfilled through Bro. William Marrion Branham, who’s Biblically vindicated Message fore ran the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This saw ELOHIM, God, the Father, return, speak through His vindicated mouthpiece, declaring, exposing, revealing Himself, in His fullness, in a way that has not been known since He came to fellowship with Abraham.

 HE opened the Seven Seals, revealing the mystery of the GODHEAD, and continues on here, today, revealing Himself to His bride. Gen.17:1 to18:15. More importantly, it is God now speaking through and in dwelling His bride, the Church of the living God.

Remember, No prophet, No God; the prophet introduces the bride to her Bridegroom and from then on HE is here, revealing Himself to her, that she and HE will become One. This in no way implies that She becomes HE, or that the Bride becomes the fullness of the GODHEAD bodily, as did our Lord, Jesus Christ, nor as some professing the end time Message teach.

 C.O.D. vol.1 p.14 para; 22: “The first creation was God Himself. Then out of God came the Logos, which is the Son of God; then, out of the Logos, which was the Word “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” Jn.1:1 “And the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us” vs.14, out of the Logos came forth the Man.

 C.O.D. vol.1 p.15 para 30-31: “Now no one has seen God. And now, the next thing, we begin to see, by eyes of supernatural looking, we see a little, white Light forming out there.

What is that?

That was called, by Bible readers, Logos, or the anointed, or the anointing or the. I was going to say the part of God begin to develop into something so human beings could have some kind of an idea what It was. That was the Word of God.”

  Thus 1 The Logos is the Son of God

            2 The Logos is the creator of the man

           3 The Logos is the Word of God manifesting Himself

          4 The Logos is God indwelling the various expressions of               Himself.

 DEMONOLOGY; Physical Realm, p.4 para 27 “But your souls were made before the foundation of the world, when God created man in His own image, spirit of man, not a man in His own image, but man in His own image. See?  And then HE made them male and female, before HE ever made a man in the dust of the earth.”

28 “Now when God made man in His image, he was a spirit man and it had been, there was no man to till the soil. Then HE created man out of the dust of the earth.”

 These references are pre opening of the seals, but are equally relevant to things taught now the Seals are open, so we can far more easily comprehend the simplicity of the Godhead.

The Logos is the first form the Invisible, unknowable God adopted: the Pillar of Fire.  That is God, Jesus, through Whom all the worlds, all things were created. Not Jesus Christ, the physical body, but Jesus Christ, the first expression of God, the Logos, the Word made flesh; the Bible is the true revelation of God Himself.

 This tells us there actually is a second person in the Godhead, and this is true and not true, as the second person is the expression of the first person. The physical tabernacle in which the Spirit dwelt is what we recognize and identify as God in flesh form.

Not a shadow, a mirror image, the express image of God Heb.1:3

The prophet taught that Jesus Christ is the manifestation of the attributes of the invisible God.

He is the fullness of the Godhead bodily, though the body was not, in itself, God; it was the last Adam, the Temple HE prepared for Himself to dwell in.

God, through the Logos, expressed His thoughts, voiced His thoughts, creating the individual frequencies, characteristic to each of His perfect creations.  

Over maybe billions of years, these expressions, these frequencies multiplied and manifested, in the appointed time and order, into what HE spoke them to be; in the form God provided, which we can observe and identify as metal, fluid, gas, wood, flesh, etc., in this dimension.

(This theory of frequency manifestation is the writer’s and is a personal opinion)

Obviously not all things which exist in this sick and sorry world, are God’s original Spoken Word creations, as are His children.

This world is filled with satanic perversions of the original creations through hybridization, bastardization, which is the work of the Devil, in the time he’s had access to the earth. God created man in His image, thus God must be masculine, or HE didn’t create man in His image. (Just a passing thought)

Nowhere does the Word say God created woman in His image.

Before the beginning described in Genesis, we find there was God, ELOHIM.  HE was by Himself. There was no light, no darkness, nothing, just God. HE was there before the Beginning; but HE was alone, and because a god is an object of worship, and there being none other to worship Him, HE was not God.

God created Himself or expressed Himself first as the Pillar of Fire, but that was and wasn’t God; it was the first expression of God. Bro. Branham used the Greek term, ‘en-morphe’ to describe this concept.  Here we find the Unknowable God has adopted a form by which HE may be known.

One asks who was there to see or identify that Pillar of Fire as God? From what is understood, there was no one, but we find in Eph.1:4, reference to us being chosen in Him, before the foundation of the world. Were we the witnesses? Scripture declares we are eternal beings, who were in God, before the foundation of the earth, in God’s foreknowledge, thus it would appear so.

Fore-knowledge, pre-destination, election are all through Scripture, whether you agree with the concept or not.

In 1964, bro. Branham said the Pillar of Fire is not the Son of man, but is the Anointing which was on the Son of Man. We  understand that  ‘Son of Man’ is the title given to a prophetic ministry, which all true Word prophets express; but did he say the Son of God was not the Pillar of Fire? Ezek.2:1;3:1;4:1; et al.

Surely IT was, in form, but IT was NOT the physical tabernacle made without hands, in which Jesus, God, dwelt for three and an half years.  This is the expression of the attributes of God, the Father, which dwelt in the body that is called Jesus, Christos, the anointed One.

 Para 107, page 1019, C.O.D. “Now that Pillar of Fire is the Logos that went out of God, the Logos, which is actually the attribute of the fullness of God; When God become into a form to where IT could be seen.” (Aug.30th.1964)

 We have the Logos becoming flesh, but are there any references, in either the Bible or the Message, through His prophet, that God ceased to exist in His un-knowable formlessness state, when His attributes were manifest in a physical form? No.

When Jesus spoke with His Father, was He conversing with the Father or the Logos? Or was God talking to Himself?  That seems unlikely, so we need determine where the division between the Son, the Logos, The Word, and The Father is, or we need recognize that IT is all God, just manifesting in multiple forms, simultaneously.

 “Now remember, we are not the Word, but we are the Word. Uh, uhh! Now you got it? Jesus was NOT God, but He was God. He was a man, yet He was God”… C.O.D; para.110 p.1085

 When God speaks through a prophet the prophet is as God to the people, Ex.4:16.  An interesting question was put to bro. Branham, C.O.D. p. 865-866, vol.2, 1963. It asked about God, talking to Himself on Mt. Transfiguration.

Jesus and the Father is the selfsame person, just the same as the Holy Spirit in me.” para. 379

 Think about this. Here we have God manifesting in and talking through a human being, but bro. Branham was definitely NOT the Logos, the Pillar of Fire, Elohim. The comment of bro. Branham’s above, ‘just the same as the Holy Spirit in me;’ is crucial to our comprehension of how God expresses Himself.

It may sound unusual, possibly egotistical, and many people have stumbled at some of the things bro. Branham said, but, his ministry was vindicated, which means God backed up everything bro. Branham spoke, as a prophet.

Bro. Branham commonly referred to himself as a sinner saved by Grace, and he never implied there was any good thing in himself. The Lord Jesus said things that caused many who were following Him to turn away; bro. Branham said this was done, to get rid of those who were not of God’s flock. Same today, the message delivered through William Marrion Branham is for the very elect, not for the world!

 Back to the Godhead!

There is only one God. The supposed TWO LORD doctrine is of the devil. The name  HE, God, chose to reveal Himself through, in this dispensation, is Jesus Christ.

As Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles states; “Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God (Elohim) hath made that same Jesus that ye have crucified BOTH Lord and Christ.” Acts2:36

 “When the Holy Spirit come upon Him at the baptism of John, and He become the Anointed Messiah… Now, remember, He was the Son of God when He was born.

He was God’s virgin-born Son. But when He become Messiah, that’s when the Holy Spirit come on Him, ’cause the “Messiah” means the “anointed one.”See? And He was the Anointed One when the Holy Spirit came on Him”.  Possessing the Enemies Gate 59-1108 P: 47… “

 God is a Spirit, HE has no body, so HE created a body through which HE could express Himself. Not anything mysterious; simplicity, manifested in a way His children would understand.

God created a Son, a tabernacle in which HE could dwell; Who is the express image of His Father, Himself. This doesn’t suggest nor imply there are two God’s, Two Lords, which some people teach, claim, but there is one God Who expressed Himself in a form, so man, we, could comprehend Him.

 We would encourage any person disputing this to search what bro. Branham said in relation to this concept. Bro. Branham said he was NOT ONENESS, nor was he trinitarian, he was in the middle.

 “Now, somebody says Brother Branham is an “oneness.” No, sir, I am not a oneness. I do not believe that Jesus could be His own father. I believe that Jesus had a Father, and that was God. But God dwelled and tabernacled in this body called Jesus, and He was Emmanuel: God with us.” C.O.D. Q&A 28/06/59 P.113

 Jesus never said He was His own Father; how could He have been His own Father? God the Father said, many times, that Jesus was His Son, in Whom HE was pleased to dwell in. Thus, we have a tabernacle, a body, born of a virgin, without any sexual relationship; the last Adam, 1Cor.15:45, in which the perfect, sinless God was able to dwell, for a period of three and one half years, approximately.

Had Eve not hybridized the human species, by mixing the human seed with the seed of the serpent, in the Garden of Eden, her first child would have been Jesus, according to bro. Branham.

 Would Adam and Eve have parented God?  That would fit fine with the anti-Christ teachings of the Vatican, but is contrary to Scripture.

If Adam, God’s created son, had been the father of Eve’s first child, could we not deduce that the Lord, Jesus Christ, would have been the first child, and God would have continued to produce His family, a God race, in which no evil could have manifested?

Surely this is so, but, God had a plan through which HE was to manifest Himself, in a many membered body; His family, God’s children, who, as Jesus the Christ, would be the perfect expression of God in flesh. Thus, because of Eve copulating with the beast, when she was seduced in the Garden, the human species was defiled, no longer a pure blood line, and every child born since, is born with flesh that is cursed.

All people are children of the flesh, an hybridized species. The God line came only through Seth, but intermarriage, which God hates, has so hybridized the human race that Noah was actually the last pure human. The population of this planet is now flesh that is sinful, because it isn’t pure human; it is part human, God’s creation, and part beast. Gen.4:3-1Jn.3:12 No fit place for God SPIRIT to dwell in.

The Godhead is precisely this revelation, that God produced a perfect temple, a tabernacle made without hands, Heb.9:11 in which HE could dwell; that, through It, HE could redeem His children. That is God in the form of Son; not another god nor a part of God, but the fullness of God’s attributes dwelling in the Godhead bodily; in Jesus, the Christ.

The Godhead is the single most important doctrine in the Bible, for, unless we know Who God is, we will be deceived into worshipping Lucifer, who sits on the pagan, papal throne, in the Vatican, pretending he is God. Moreover, we will never be able to recognize who we are.

 Alternately, we could finish up worshipping Jesus, the Man, instead of God, His Father, and that too is idolatry. Again, let us be clear here; in no way does the Bride become God in flesh, the fullness of the Godhead bodily, and to suggest that is not only insanity but also blasphemy.

There is only One God and HE had a Son.

Now we know Who God is, HE has returned, to reveal Himself in and through the Spoken Word bride; that we may find out who WE are. Amen.  Otherwise we could be deceived into believing the pagan, trinitarian doctrine of the roman church, or duped into following the concept of oneness which makes God His own Father.

There is only one God, and HE is a God Who came to the earth a number of times, in varying forms, to reveal Himself to His children. This God has a Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who prayed to His Father, the Spirit Who indwelt Him for three and an half years. HE also has many other sons and daughters who make up His God-race, His family.

If you’re not worshipping the one True God, then who are you worshipping?Is it an angel of light, the one who sits in the temple of God, claiming he is God?

If you don’t seek revelation from God on this matter, you will be deceived, as this is the age when God sends a spirit of delusion upon the people who refuse to accept His Word for this age. 2Thes.2:3-12.

The Jews refused to accept God when HE stood amongst them in the body called Jesus, even though HE fulfilled every sign required to vindicate His ministry. HE promised to return, to the Gentiles, and repeat the same signs and wonders, to vindicate the ministry, which would call out the bride from the doctrines of man, back to the revealed Word.

Continuously we refer to Mal.4:5-6, Luke 17:30, Rev.10:7. We do this because these Scriptures are especially relevant, essential, to provide revelation to the Bride of this last age.

Remember, it is imperative we have a true, clear and Biblically revealed understanding of the Godhead, or we will finish up worshipping the devil believing we are worshipping God. Rev.13:8

   Hopefully these words will stimulate the reader and encourage you to study the Word, seek revelation for yourself, trust no other man to guide you; that you may rejoice in what the Lord is doing in this, the last day. These writings are not designed to make anyone believe some personal doctrine, nor to start some new program; it is solely to testify that His Word alone is Truth.

Our goal is to show that HE has returned, spoken through a prophet, opened the Seven Seals on the Book of Revelation, and HE is now here, in Spirit form, revealing Himself, IN and through HIS children.

Only His children will accept this concept and this witness is to those seeking Truth to meet the living God Who is now with us.