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     What are the differences betwixt APATHY and DEPRESSION?

How much of the symptom commonly described as depression is nothing more than apathy?


1 Lack of feeling, absence of any emotion

2 Lack of interest in things others find moving or exciting


DEPRESSION  (psychological)

1 State of despondency marked by feeling of inadequacy

 2 Reduced activity, sadness



1 Insensibility to suffering, passionless existence, indolence of mind                    

   {from Gk. Apatheia  A = not,  plus  pathos = suffering}

 2 Without feeling {a = not+pathos,eos =  suffering



 Reduction in pitch of vigour, vitality or spirits


 The 1963 copy of theOxforddictionary has no particular reference to a psychological connotation for depression, which is interesting

Possibly, at that time in our history, depression was not the catch phrase commonly used to describe a wide range of psychoses or inexplicable behavioural patterns, as is common now

                  DEPRESSION IS A STATE OF MIND, WHY NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND?                  

 Apathy and Depression, according to their application, can produce great confusion or concern, amongst the community, if they are inappropriately applied. As in any other situations, the true meaning of words, unless clearly understood, can be loosely interpreted to support specific points of view or opinions which may be misleading.         

   There is specific meaning to both these words and it is important we clearly delineate the differences when discussing the effects of their particular characteristics on individuals. The medical profession, the media and the community need be sure the differentiation betwixt the two is not lost. Having clarified the meaning of these two words, let us consider the relevance of them when applied to our community.

    People speak of being depressed; G. P’s may diagnose patients who complain of varying degrees of natural sorrow, disappointment, frustration, bad hair days, as suffering with depression. Sadly many M. D’s, have not received adequate training in the Mental Health field and offer such diagnoses without clear understanding of the differences betwixt normal reaction to situations their clients may be experiencing and psychotic behaviour.

   There are many M. D’s,  who prescribe psychotic drugs because they have been told by the reps marketing the never ending supply of BIG PHARM’S “New Better Drugs”, that their product will fix all. Also, many doctors don’t take the time to get to the real cause of the problems their patients are having and purely treat the symptoms. General practitioners should not be prescribing psychotic drugs unless they have studied psychiatry and or psychology. If patients have need in these areas they should be referred to those trained in that field.

“Why is that?”

   In the western society we find many patients, including very young children, are being diagnosed as suffering from depression. These people are being medicated with dangerous, potentially life destroying drugs, as no doctors, nor the companies marketing these drugs, have any idea of the long term side effects these drugs will have on those using them.

   This is insanity on the part of practitioners, as they may be sentencing many people to a life of destitution and defeat. Why are we not looking at ways to educate our community; providing them with constructive, positive tools to help them adjust to the rapidly changing environment in which they live, rather than medicating them with drugs no one can prove will not induce psychosis?

  “How much DEPRESSION is APATHY disguised or misdiagnosed?”

                “How many holes can you fit in a bucket?” 

    There are many excuses utilized, by both doctors and clients, to avoid responsibility for personal behavioural issues, because it is impossible to accurately diagnose the root causes of behavioural patterns. Yes, it is possible to look at each individual’s case history, to listen to the reasons they use to explain or justify their behavioural patterns, but how much of this is accurate, provable evidence, compared to personal interpretation?

   The whole concept of psychological analysis is based on averages.

   Researchers, psychologists, can provide graphs and details of how each individual performs according to comparison with statistics, when tested with various techniques; but how true or applicable are these statistics when other factors are considered? 

   How many cases diagnosed are no more than APATHY or LAZINESS, but are labelled as psychoses, serious Mental ILL Health problems, when they are nothing more than attitudes adopted by individuals to establish and maintain power and control over their family, friends, the community? Even more interesting, what percentage of these people complaining of depression actually have subconsciously manifested a pseudo psychosis?

   Depression can be the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain, trauma, exposure to mind damaging experiences; it can also be a crutch, a placebo. It can be an attitude adopted by a person; a refusal, on the part of an individual, to learn techniques by which they can cope with the increasingly complex environment in which we live.  

   These attitudes may be the result of negative conditioning, fear of change, and expose a failure of the community, the parents, to adequately equip themselves and their children with suitable tools, success oriented thought processes, to handle life.

   It also may declare a failure on the part of the educational system to teach their students HOW TO THINK, rather than cram young minds with data, statistics, historical information which, for many students, is an irrelevance to their future roles in society. Many school children are turned into psychotic neurotics by their parents, the educational system and the media.

   Many of the community’s youth are turning to drugs, legal and illicit, to relieve, temporarily, the pressures put upon them by a competitive regime in which the bar of standards is continuously being raised. 

 This is insanity!

   Such processes lead many people, especially immature, inadequately supported children, into an environment which is beyond their ability to handle, and, for too many, is the path which may lead to suicide. Children are taught early, through this system, to look for ways to justify failure; many learn how to use the social security system as a mulch cow, too few learn to THINK, WORK, or REASON.

   Sickness becomes a means for many people to avoid work, social commitments or inter-action with the community or family members; a means to avoid responsibilities and need for change.

   Due to these factors, particularly the failure of parents to adequately equip their children with the ability to analyse, assess and evaluate their social situations, we find a high percentage of young people are incapable of coping with the natural stresses each day provides.

    In societies where there is a very high expectation of parents for their children to achieve high educational standards, top jobs, etc., there is a comparably high suicide rate amongst their youth.Japanis one example. The deterioration of our moral codes, as a community, contributes heavily to the insecurities, the guilt and isolation prevalent in our society. There are many children who will never know who their father is, who are deprived a balanced upbringing in the traditional, hetro-sexual family environment. 

   These basic flaws in our social system unfortunately can lead to a negative environment in which children are deprived the opportunities to learn life skills and morality. Children are then more likely to become easy prey for drug dealers, perverts, paedophiles, because we have NOT taught them how to think and to accept responsibilities for their behaviour. 

  This failure in turn contributes to the sky-rocketing growth in young people being pushed, by an overloaded and in many ways disinterested medical system, into the MENTAL ILL-HEALTH cycle.  

   One suggests our educational system is a cunningly devised weapon to subjugate, enslave the community’s mind to vast amounts of data, information, statistics and history, but it denies them the opportunities to learn HOW to USE their mind.

   We have, as a society, given control of our children’s upbringing, in many cases, to a spiritual, emotional and educational bankrupt hierarchy whom we allow to steal our greatest assets: the freedom of choice, the ability to truly, in the highest context, REASON, from our children and our society.

   The warlords, the monarchies, the political magnates destroy the pure concept of education, to teach children HOW TO THINK! Replacing it with a system that prevents the community from truly understanding how they are  deceived and suppressed by a dictatorial hierarchy. 

    Pure education is not to fill minds with opinions of others; to stuff brains full of information, the majority of which is rarely utilised in later life; pure education should be teaching our children HOW to THINK.

    Is an HYPOTHESIS a large, dangerous, amphibious thought?

        If we look, honestly, at what many consider our society’s downhill slide, we quickly identify that we are repeating many historical mistakes, only in ways  greater and more damaging to our community. This is because we have denied our children, ourselves, the right to utilise our mental prowess as a means to find sane resolutions to our situations.

    It is a result of our community blindly trusting those who have taken control of our social, moral, educational, Spiritual and financial structures. Our failure to accept RESPONSIBILITY for our social roles and adequately educating each generation to maintain control of self appointed hierarchies, the political system. The most likely reason for this situation is that PURE EDUCATION of the community, which would threaten those who have illegally claimed the right to control the populace, is denied the majority.

  The moral breakdown of our community is a planned, controlled technique to destroy the family unit, and thus the entire social structure.

   Many children raised in broken homes, who witness alcohol and other drug abuses, sexual molestation, the inadequacies of single parent upbringing, have very little idea how to cope with the social pressures they face daily. There are too many children denied the opportunity to experience a wide range of social functions and interaction, which encourages personal growth and mental stimulation.

    The importance of these comments regarding children, education, morals, are integral in formulating a clear picture of the horrific problems facing our society, our world.

Children were our future, now they are our enemies.

    A tragic number of children are exposed to T.V., the internet, video games and other such media indoctrination as the mainstay of their social conditioning, INSTEAD of parental guidance, encouragement and input. Many children, due to environmental conditions, are denied a major learning place, which gives social contact, interaction with other children.

    One does NOT suggest children from wealthier or more socially stable families are free of similar difficulties. Wealthy parents may prove to be equally or more inadequate in providing the sort of training needed to produce sane, stable, emotionally secure children. 

   “Why parents are let loose on the community, allowed to produce  children, without having to sit severe medical, psychological and emotional training is beyond me.” the usher muttered

    What we are considering is not blame, not who failed whom.

   Our responsibility is to look at these issues and consider alternate techniques that may resolve the causes, not hide them under philosophical toadstools. This is not an attempt to ‘lay blame’ its purpose is to confront issues few in the medical, moral, philosophical or political fields appear interested in confronting.

   There are opinions which some may question or suggest are politically motivated or biased. The purpose of this article is to simulate and stimulate an intellectual environment, a means by which our stultified mental processes, our stale comprehension and tragic apathy about how our society is falling apart,  can be identified and addressed. You may find them challenging or boring. Sadly that too is a reflection on the apathetic, poisonous mist of ignorance which engulfs our community.

   Pressures at school, peer pressure amongst associates in their age and socio-economic groups; the horrific pressures to compete with the “SUPER HEROES” OF T.V. and the MOVIES make it all but impossible for the majority of children to “SUCCEED” in contemporary standards.

   There is only a tiny percentage of the community who are able to hold world records, be the highest ranked executives, the most idolized movie stars, the SUPER HEROES, demanded in this society. It is a tiny minority who will ‘make it to the top’ as the pinnacle of any mountain is always small.  

   With the gargantuan increase in technology we, as a society, are witnessing, since the 2nd.World War, there is an ever DECREASING availability of jobs for those who have limited mental capabilities.  Work for those who have limited educational opportunities or socio-economic barriers which prevent them from doing anything other than manual labour, are now almost completely replaced by computers, machinery, labour saving devices. They are becoming obsolete, irrelevant cannon fodder, who cannot contribute to the social progress. The derogatory results of cost cutting technological advances has been the destruction of opportunity for the less advantaged to work, that they may retain their self respect and financial independence.

   The production line is no longer the haven for those who are un-able, for any reason, to find other employment. Menial labour is all but extinct creating an environment in which many people will NEVER have the opportunity to receive a pay cheque.

   Simple, menial jobs, sweeping the streets, digging ditches, canning pineapples, other repetitious factory line jobs have vanished as new technologies appear. Computers/robots don’t take sickies, their work is more accurate, more reliable and machinery is much cheaper for business owners to maintain than union backed workers.

   This means factories owners are more inclined to sack staff and purchase technologies that allow them to produce far more goods, at cheaper rates, which vastly improves the shareholder’s profit margins. What management and governments forget in this scenario is that, with a decreasing workforce, there is an ever increasing social security dependence as well as an ever DECREASING ability for un or under-employed citizens to purchase the goods being so efficiently produced.

   Businesses that cannot sell what they are producing, are very quickly forced into bankruptcy. They sack their employees, close the factory and the numbers of people reliant on social security continues its upward climb. It has been suggested that no individual, nor company, can survive more than six weeks without any form of income.

   Business owners, the workers, the trade unions, the community, fail to recognise that it is the workers, those employed, who are being forced to pay ever increasing taxes, MORE in TAX, to support those who are no longer needed in the workforce.

    Because there is a continuing decrease in employment opportunities, there are, naturally, less people paying tax, therefore, the taxes those in employment pay MUST INCREASE if we are to maintain the current standard of living. The community will continuously face a spiralling financial burden that only alternate taxes will provide. Sales tax, death duties, birth tax, fart tax, travel tax, tax tax.

    These sneaky new taxes must increase constantly or the social security system will collapse totally, already it is teetering on the brink of it’s death plunge. Because there is a constant downturn in the numbers of people working, earning a living and paying taxes, there is far less money circulating in the community.

   The opportunity for manufacturers to sell the products they are desperately competing with the world to produce is shrinking daily. The poorer nations are now utilising Western technology, which they combine with extremely low wages paid, to flood the market with goods at prices with which no other countries can compete. We rush frantically ahead in production, ignoring the reality that with improved production capabilities we much sooner reach a saturation point for commodities.

              This produces an artificial economic system, which is self destructing

   What rationale is used to justify the annual production of possibly millions  of motor cars, refrigerators, stoves, computers, whatever, when the community can only afford to buy maybe thirty percent of that which is produced? Demand needs be matched by supply; the opposite equation will never work. 

   Our entire concept of manufacturing to maintain financial viability is a false economic principle and the world is already beginning to suffer the effects of over supply. Quality and prices of goods fall, product isn’t sold, and the downward economic trend accelerates.

   Children are propogandized by the media, pressured by their families, to SUCCEED at all costs.

   They are brainwashed into mediocrity as they are bombarded with pressures to be the ‘best looking, the smartest, sexiest, the wealthiest; to attain standards of excellence which their parents and peers have generally failed to achieve for themselves.

   These ludicrous demands placed on children, by their parents and media advertising produce INSECURE, INADEQUATE, SELF DENIGRATING VICTIMS who are bound for the social scrap heap.

    Far too high a percentage of children are falling into the mental ill health bucket. Children are turning to an ever increasing range of drugs, legal and illicit, prostitution, violence, suicide, to escape the pressures being forced on them by the community. Social insanity is becoming the norm because the demands of this artificial world, with its unattainable standards are impossible for them to contend with!

    Who wouldn’t become psychotic under this sort of pressure?

    Our social structure is no longer relevant to the realities of 2004 and onward.

    What sort of idiotic pressures are we, as a society, piling upon our children?

    When can our children take the time to experience, enjoy their CHILDHOOD without being forced, especially by their parents and relatives, to be the world’s greatest achievers? When are we allowing them to have fun, and slowly, through normal, sane processes, achieve maturity, experience and the ability to make decisions?

     These are factors contributing to the INSECURITIES, FEARS, DOUBTS and DEJECTION our children, our entire society is facing. What steps need we take, as a society, to address these issues BEFORE the deluge of inadequacies and anger swamp our lives, or is it already coming to pass? What programs can we implement NOW, to ward off the coming economic collapse that surely confronts the entire world?

    These are some of the reasons we are witnessing the current explosion in demand for mental ILL-health services and the horrific collapse of our social system. 

                Back to apathy and depression 

    It is worth considering your attitude at this moment, to what you have just read, to determine if you wish to pursue the concepts herein described.

   You accuse the writer of being negative. If what is said here is not an accurate description of events occurring in our communities NOW, then could you explain why we are observing the problems we now have in our society?

     The opinions expressed are only the tip of the cosmic asteroid of socio-economic collapse now beginning to strike, manifest in our society. It is already within our atmosphere. The simplification of major issues into such a short work is to stimulate thought on the reader’s part, to help us recognize why there is this explosion in  numbers of people who are losing control of their lives. 

   There is understanding amongst the community that these social traumas are in force now, are happening today, not coming. People know these situations are all around us but, like the ostrich, our politicians, sociologists, religious, business and community leaders bury their collective heads in the dung heap of propaganda and media hype to AVOID acting to correct the situation.

    There is ever increasing social premonition, festering beneath the façade of joviality and wealth, as these traumatic conditions being identified, at a sub-conscious level, and the social consciousness is beginning to produce panic. We see a great expansion in the ‘spiritual’ market as people rush hither and thither trying to satisfy their need for stability, hope. Sadly, in many instances, exposing themselves to malicious exploitation at the hands of the priests and gurus. 

  The soothsayers and the clergy of EVERY religion have deceived their congregations into believing that their gods are going to make it all better and take away the pain. Sorry mate, they are only going to accelerate their demand for your money and to hell with everyone else.

    The Chinese book of wisdom, the I Ching, in various hexagrams uses the term, ‘No Blame’ just as the roman catholics use confession as a means to pass the buck. The Hindus look forward to re-incarnation and the Pentecostals run around jabbering at each other in tongues, believing this is their proof of salvation.

   Then you have the audacity to suggest the world has not gone crazy

    Do not get this wrong. There is no desire to denigrate any person who has a specific belief system. The writer is a Christian, though he does not agree with nor associate with ANY denominational teachings.

    Apathy is indolence of mind. Indolence is slothfulness, laziness, and one might suggest this is a true description of the mental condition bought about in the community by our inability to think for ourselves.

    Few leaders, even fewer religious leaders are prepared to accept responsibility for what is happening in the community. These dogs run around blaming the weather, the economy, the communists, the aliens, anybody who can’t speak back, for the troubles our society is facing.

    Accepting responsibility for what is going on politically, economically and Spiritually is the responsibility of leaders, true, BUT it is also an integral part of our progressive thinking and mind changing.

                   It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY ALSO!

    Time is now for the community, you and I, to stop cringing behind ignorance and take steps to change our attitudes. We need identify there is one person behind these situations and their resolution.

                                  THAT PERSON IS YOU!

   It is time for YOU, each of us, if we want change, to accept responsibility. It is our responsibility to identify what is going on around us and take steps to prepare ourselves for what the future holds. You are the one who has the responsibility to get involved, to consider your thought processes and take steps to adopt a POSITIVE, CONTROLLED stance.

    Our children have lost any hope and we, as a society, offer them little more than meaningless platitudes and T.A.F.E. courses; instead of jobs. The dole queue is all our political socio-economic planners have to offer many children for their future. Children have mostly lost confidence in our supposed ‘fair’ society, because YOU failed to accept your responsibility, as a parent, as a citizen, as a member of the human race, to prevent the destruction of this planet through economic plundering and irreversible environmental polluting.

   We have allowed our leaders to take us up the garden path and rape us, in broad daylight, whilst they robbed us of our self-respect, our economic security, independence and our hope. These are not pleasant things to say. No, they are not pleasant, but true!

    We read in the newspapers each day how the governments are ripping us off but what steps do YOU take to resolve the situation? Do you do anything about it? You are so DEPRESSED by what is going on in the world around you but is it your APATHY that prevents you from acting to change your life?

                               WHO’S FAULT IS THAT?

     Is depression the problem or is it APATHY preventing us acting to change our situation? preventing us from enjoying our life? Is it apathy which produces the depression many claim to suffer from?

Is that your excuse for doing nothing? Wake up! It is because you do nothing that you are sick!

          Get off your butt and make your life work for you! As they say, ‘Get a life.’

   The difference betwixt DEPRESSION and APATHY is minimal. They are self supporting. They are integral symptoms of a much deeper illness. They walk hand in hand to the altar of defeat. What we need consider is NOT what pill do I take; what doctor do I surrender my freedom to; Oh woe is me.

   Our responsibility is to ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for our thoughts and actions; to stand up and be counted when there is need, on your, the community’s part, to fight against the destruction of our freedom, our lives, our sanity. It is time to stop “Running for the shelter of our mother’s little helper.”

    It is each of our responsibilities to be independent, to recognise that our life is solely our responsibility and THAT IT IS YOUR AND MY RESPONSIBILITY to make it work, then we won’t have time to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. The population is now conquered, largely through drug induced psychoses, and finds itself in abject submission to the idiots who claim they have a right to tell us how to live our lives.

    That sure offers one an option on DEPRESSION! Why is our social structure, in this condition?

    There are a number of reasons; some are sociological others are conditioned failure. The Spiritual area we will leave alone as the perversion of Spirituality into ‘religion’ has destroyed any hope of discussion without the surety of offending many.

    Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

    Which comes first DEPRESSION or APATHY?

    There are answers. There are resolutions to this predicament. Maybe YOU need looking for them in your own life and then we, as a society, can apply them to the chaos which now surrounds us?

                  Are you prepared to accept responsibility?

    Are YOU ready to take up your responsibilities, to do something constructive to change your and your loved one’s life forever or will you continue as a slave to APATHY?