Sinister, creeping, soft shoes of rubber,

Lurking in shadows, cringing for cover;

Come three strange figures, of Various Shapes,

Wearing weird costumes, with long, flowing capes;

 Sneaking through camouflaged jungles of green,

Oozing, toward the Umbrella Machine;

Stealthily, so softly, silent as night,

Disguised, in dark glasses, quite out of sight.

 Each of them carrying large, furry bags,

Zipped on the top with five odd looking flags;

Flying in late afternoon, summer breeze,

Pegs on noses to protect them from Snees,

Neebles may hear, working on umbrellas.

Making ‘brollies, for changeable weather,

To keep AUSMIES dry, with portable shade,

Waterproof moggie skin, tortoise and jade.

 “You know, we must wreck this naughty machine.”

Said Shape A to the others, who both agreed;

“We have little time; we have to be quick,

Or else they may find us, before we trick,

This naughty machine, with false information,

Fill its hard drive, with dubious data;

Cause it to burn out by trying to make,  

Umbrellas of concrete, or marble cake;”

“Brollies of marble cake are edible,

We’ll need make more brollies, that they may fill;

Tummies of AUSMIES, of every kind,

Who eat ‘brollies, for dessert; when it’s fine.”

 Stated a Shape, as he gnawed on a lump,

Of portable tree, a take away stump;

Which many Shapes chew, whenever there’s time,

To ward off the ‘munchies,’ help them to rhyme;

Thoughts into patterns they keep, in their mind,

To go with their sandshoes, attempts to find,

Ways to destroy the Umbrella Machine,

Neebles have stashed, in deep jungles of green.

Still they crept on, through hanging Lawyer vines,

Hiding in shadows, slow, taking their time;

Heading to noises they could now hear,

Noises grew louder, they knew they were near.

Closer Shapes drew, to the ‘brollie machine,

Mumbling mysteries, of their sneaky scheme;

“What do you think’s the best way to break it

One asked of other, “How will we wreck it?”

“Our time of attack is getting quite close,

We can now remove, the pegs from our nose.

If Neebles spot you, pretend you’re a Thing,

They may not notice, that we don’t have wings.”

 “Just show them your bag, say you’re here to fix,

The Porticule Whatsits with Umbrella sticks.

To service keyboard or tune computer,

So Umbrellas will come out, looking cuter.”

 “But don’t tell them lies, for that isn’t nice,

Say we’ve been called in, to give them advice,

On making ‘brollies, in much better ways,

They’ll never suspect, we’ve come here to change;

 The monstrous, mighty Umbrella Machine,

Wreck it, with cunning, is our nasty scheme.

Stop Neebles making, moggie skin brollies,

To put a stop, to great ‘brolly follies.”

Who are these Shapes, why do they now scheme,

To ruthlessly wreck, the Umbrella Machine?

Where have they come from and what do they want,

Are Shapes foreign agents, from umbrella shops?

 A long way away, somewhere overseas,

Planning to wipe out Aussie expertise?

Or are they mean hunters planning to catch,

Neebles, while working, to produce a batch

 Of dried moggie brollies, AUSMIES can use,

Protecting noggins and AUSMIE skin shoes.

From falling water, which soggies their brain,

AUSMIES enjoy walking ‘round in the rain.

 Though Things find it damp, because of the wet,

That’s why they like ‘brollies, so they don’t get,

Dampened with water, soaked up to their knees,

Another good reason Things don’t go to sea.

 Will the Umbrella Machine soon be wrecked?

Will Neebles wake up, to this sneak attack?

Will Nerdlee Neeble detect this slick plan?

To foil these mean Shapes, do you think he can?