Drifting ‘neath an auburn sky

aimlessly floating

Wafting with tendrils of

broken promises

Shattered shards of life, dreams

emblazoned on brass, Judgement skies

Eagles soar, cannons roar

draped in jungle greens

Hiding from commies, or Aussies, Yanks, tanks

Weapons of mass destruction

One bullet to the head

or the heart is a W.M.D.

Isn’t it?

Crawling through leech

infested, blood mingled mud

Kill or be killed


Vietnam, Timor, Bosnia

Jungles everywhere

New York jungles, London jungles

Jungles in Ireland

W.M.D.’s, Plastic toys, blowing up babies

terrorists, murdering the defenceless

Scared to stand and fight, scum, beasts

Demons loosed from hell

Multinational terrorists, killing millions

With nicotine, alcohol, uppers, downers

Peddled by pushers, in white coats

With degrees of murder

in their prescriptions

In artificial colours

preservatives, hormones

In our water supplies

in Woolworths and Coles

Master marketeers

of drugs, polluted, plastic foods

Farmers growing, hybridized, lifeless foods

Killed by chemicals, lifeless

have a cigarette, have a beer

Get some cheer, drop a Benny

Get ecstatic, one snort

one hit, sold by soldiers

In camouflaged faces with

camouflaged bank accounts

Camouflaged in jungles

crawling like lice

Poisoning children with

big Mac’s or The Colonel’s killers

Sweet tasting death

Sold legally, like drugs

cigarettes, alcohol

To support corrupt governments

Destroying minds

of children, parents

destroying LIFE

destroying thought

Abilities to think, crushed in cartons

Of booze, fags, Ice Capades

used to be healthy

Now Mr. ZIPPPY, belled vans

Singing nursery rhymes

poisoning babies

Selling poisons, drugs, suicide, death

In jungles, in khaki and green

That’s what freedom

Is all about

Ain’t it good to be free?