When you look in the mirror to see who is there

All you can find is a three cornered square

Where turtles fly backwards ‘cross polka dot skies

Then people of status begin to ask why.


Four sided circles, pyramidal squares

Eat seven side cubes on three legged chairs

Slide through dimensions, a board game called life

Optical errors resolved in your eyes

 Fantasies, ecstasies, brilliant illusions

Media weapons produce confusion

Dripping long dreams, what we thought we could be

If only’s and wherefores help us be free

 Cyclic redundancies, part of the game

Security shattered, glass window panes

Smashed by the mongrels whom you have released

Allowed to control you, enslaved by the beast

Trapped in tomorrows or what once used be

Avoiding the moment because you now see

 The present, a gift, I give to you all

The present, unwrapped, in case you may fall

 Wind storms rip houses apart in a flash

Tornadoes turning your life into trash

Millions, bone bare, starving but no one cares

Temperatures rising up polluted stairs

 Into dimensions man cannot contain

Sure makes one ponder why man got a brain

Yet mystical games he plays in his mind

Because he needs some way to waste his time

Why does one care? please don’t think that I do

know where I’m going, for nothing is new

For where I have been is where we are now

Tomorrow is yesterday minus the now

 Moments are captured, fast sold for a song

Dimensions, time travel, you got it wrong

Nothing exists here, except in your mind

Galactic fantasies, deceits of time

 Escheresque mazes prove nothing is real

In four dimensions, yet chained to the wheel

Spinning, revolving ‘round and ‘round again

Often one ponders why man chose the pain

Alice walked through one to get far away

Lewis had pipe dreams the old people say

Tubular pipes which reach up to the moon

Whilst pollies and business folk reach for the spoon

 Snorting insanity, where are they at?

morons vote for them, like translucent cats

Which crawl ‘cross the pavement of yesterdays here

Terrified one day to find we are near

To making decisions, ‘Oh no, please not so

Decisions are dangerous things we all know’

Because they reveal just how fragile you are

Still wishing to fly off and live on a star

 Or maybe inverted you constantly seek

Ways to avoid response-abilities

Refracted infusions of whiskey or Ice

Show how your head’s now crawling with lice

 Slow munching your brain, the only excuse

For passing the buck ‘til there is no more use

In hoping or dreaming of lost better days

They were just as bad and nothing has changed

 But what do I care, it’s sure not my fault

You say to the Judge as you’re dragged out of court

Screaming and kicking, you hopelessly yell

Falling through darkness into psychic hell

 Pick up the mirror, the pieces shall meld

Look who you are, but be sure you can tell

that you are the person you’re told you must be

Refuse condemnation and choose to be free