Worlds, spinning quickly,

Speeding through time

Fine, what does it matter?

But is it Matter?

Chatter, speeding through lines

Galactic effluence, cluttering signs

Filling the space we thought that we had

Optic infusions can make nothing bad

All that we see are images made

Out of pure nothing, just light and shade

Deep in the cortex, images lurk

Fractions of fantasies, hidden in dirt

Lumps of bent clay, polished outside

Telling ourselves, how brightly we shine

Mean carbon footprints defiling the light

Optic illusions, some not too bright

Distorting delusions, into the forms

Practical visions, strange human storms

Stomping cruel pathways, over the void

Trashing promises in which paupers hide

Foul politicians, liars and thieves

Pontifical murderers, cards up their sleeves

Killing this world, or is it killing us

It’s time to fight back, nature has had enough

Of how we’ve trashed

Eeverything that we touch

Filled up our oceans with sullage and stuff

Computer chip minds, enslaved to the death

Brain washed reflections of what we left

Vacuous thought process, eclectic lives

Insidiously programmed by media lies

Turned into morons, incredibly smart 

Brains full of mush, without any heart

“There is a tree, quickly, cut it down.

We can’t have that green polluting the brown”

“Kill some more people, let’s start a new war

To make wads of money, even the score”

George Orwell sure nailed it

Nineteen Eighty Four

Indolent mothers fill babies with crap

Feeding them garbage, fat filled BIG MAC

They want to be active, want to be free

Use BIG MOTHER’S ‘sitter’, brain crushing T.V.

Filling clean new minds with psychotic bile

Thought crushing garbage that comes with a smile

Woven on faces with barbed wire stitches

Soft spoken, melodious, voices of vixens

Optic infusion of lies, sex and death

Video games teaching hate, violence yet

We daresn’t take actions to silence this filth

What would neighbours say if you ruffled the ‘silk’

“Where is your respect for freedom of thought?”

Strange, if you show some, you are quickly bought

Before the MORONS who make stupid rules

Who don’t understand that we all are not fools

Judges and lords of little repute

Crush all our freedoms, sink in the boot

Sit in authority, claiming that they

Should hold down these jobs, because of the pay

They get from the war lords, the media dogs

To legislate for them, vast, intricate cogs

Wheels within wheels, spinning around

Grinding the people into mindless clones

Optic infusion, the death of mankind

Will come at the hands of an optic ground mind

Who presses the button, in wild, fiendish mirth

Optic infusions have destroyed our earth