Multiplication, division,

Subtraction, addition

Answers to questions may soon need revision

Things that are true may not be correct

Numbers are digits we try to connect

 Yet are the questions, the ones we should ask

Or are we hiding away from a past

Disguised as a moment of lost history

Is it the truth or some wild fantasy

People write numbers all inside our head

Numbers with meanings of things they have said

Stories they told us from long, long ago

Things from a past that never did go

Fantasies tied to the computer chip

Etched on the staff of an over used quip

Drummed into rhythms of seven times twelve

Scribed on the tone of an old, cracked church bell

Numbers are memories, trapped into rhyme

Where is the past if we stop counting time

Past is the future, lost in old books

Shattering hopes with a fast, sharp left hook

 Keeping tomorrow so far, far away

When all we ask is for you just to stay

Here in dimensions that we can now share

Challenged by present but why do we care

Children are adults before they are born

Adults are children controlled by a form

Marked when they started this fast, hopeless race

Knowing they lost with much added disgrace

Lost out to numbers they could not escape

Numbers that chase them with each breath they take

Each heartbeat condemning your body to die

But outside of counting there’s no reason why

 You couldn’t be here without being gone

Except for the numbers you get when you’re born

Multiple numbers you need to explain

Roots and divisions of enormous gain

 Loaned you by bankers who want it all back

Along with the interest you steal down the track

Breaking your heart as you steal from yourself

At thirty percent of the square of your wealth

Numbers are dangerous things we should flee

Numbers are chains binding those who’d be free

Binding the world to an ecliptic course

Starting from somewhere but who can find North

North is like South but it’s further away

From some group of numbers that once went astray

Now they are bringing us all to the end

At the ending of time numbers get their revenge