MORAL: Concerned with character or disposition, or with distinction between right and wrong; virtuous as regards general conduct, habits, especially sexual conduct. (Oxford dictionary)

          Sexually virtuous; chaste. Behaviour or habits in sexual matters. (Macquarie dictionary)

   In a society claiming to have characteristics and behavioural patterns beyond those of the lesser mammals, the human specie displays a propensity to sexual immorality, perversity well below that of any other species, excluding possibly monkeys or dogs.

From earliest records, and right through history, there is a common link betwixt sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, paedophilia and the downward curve on an anthropological graph, of each major empire’s success.

These characteristics, standards, are inculcated into our community, through the educational system, the religious system and the media. They have become the norm in our social structure, the foundation for our future, the tragic bed of deception which is the witness to our social decay.

It is a matter of serious import, that our humane-ity is being undermined, perverted, and there appears no awareness shown by our elected political leaders, the leaders of religious organisations, of the way we are foolishly duplicating the errors of previous generations.

Now it is the responsibility of every thinking citizen to give this matter, its ramifications, clear, unbiased, intense and honest consideration.

It is time we take stock of our situation and determine whether we wish to escape the path we are allowing ourselves to be driven down, or choose to take steps to regain control of our social status.

 If we live in a social group that allows morality, on an overall level, to decrease below certain man made standards, do we have the right to consider ourselves superior to other mammals, beasts?

Beast: brutal person; the animal    nature in man

 Beastly: like a beast or its ways, unfit for human use, dirty; un-desirable

 There are innumerable studies available, into sexual behaviour and social standards of morality. What have they achieved and what have we, as a society, learnt from them? Have these studies in any way influenced a positive change in our attitudes toward sexuality, sanity or responsibilities, or do they chase their tails, like rabies crazed dogs, having no idea of anything but desperation?

In the Western system our sexual standards are based on the teachings of the King James Bible, the WORD of GOD! Interpretations of these moral codes vary from country to country.

2 Pet 1:20 says the Scriptures are of NO PERSONAL INTERPRETATION.

In many Eastern countries, Muslim nations particularly, their moral standards are established on the teachings of the Koran.

The Koran is a book written with the instructions and prophecies of Moses and the Biblical prophets as its foundation, but with a plethora of personal interpretations, plus the dubious ramblings accredited to Mohammed. Sadly, for those who follow and believe these writings, Mohammed is in no way vindicated, according to the teachings of Moses, and therefore his thoughts are in no way superior or reliable as those of Mao Tse Tung, Idi Amin or the pope.   

The Jewish Torah, (which means the REVEALED WILL of God), is what we call the Old Testament, with additions and alterations as applied by various religious leaders, over the centuries.

 These additions and subtractions are always open to alteration, contrary to Biblical teaching, Rev.22:17-18

The moral standards required of the women in Muslim nations are, externally, exceedingly high, compared to those of the Western woman in her society.

In many of these Muslim dominated societies, the testing for virginity of a woman is compulsory before marriage. If the woman is found to have been immoral she can be stoned to death. {In some instances the culpable male is also stoned to death}

 Yes, these we deem horrific extremes, by our Western standards, but they are socially acceptable in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., but this work is not about such things. Rather, we are considering the relevance of morality and the effects of immorality on our society.

 The Bible reveals the Beast as being an UPRIGHT, CUNNING, INTELLIGENT creature. He is capable of communicating, talking in a language comprehensible to Eve, and GOD, and a being who can use REASON!

Possibly we could recognize him as the missing link between man and beast!

Cain is “of the wicked one” 1John 3:12. He is the son of the Beast, through Eve.

We find, when God cursed the beast, (remember, the beast, the Serpent and the Devil are one and the same person. Rev. 20:2), he was made to crawl upon his belly from that time on, and dust would be his meat! Gen.3:14-21

   Obviously he was an upright creature who was capable of reasoning, of communicating and having a genetic seed which was capable of fertilizing Eve’s eggs, before that curse.

   Scripture refers to the Beast who talked with Eve, (but not Adam) and encouraged her to partake of the fruit of the tree, which was in the midst of the garden.

Jewish scholars teach that Eve copulated with the Beast seven times and she conceived a child. Eve then seduced Adam, conceiving again and bearing twins, of two fathers!

Cain is ‘of the wicked one,’ and Abel of Adam!

GOD forbade the men ofIsrael, descendants of Seth, to inter-marry with the children of Cain, to prevent further hybridisation of their genetic line.

Sadly, the men could not control their hormones, and the sons of GOD were soon copulating with the daughters of the wicked one. This is how the human specie was interbred.

It is why we have wars, violence, technology, lust, instead of Love, Joy, Peace, and Harmony.

Remember, if Eve was not deceived, by the beast, the only children to be born would have been descendants of GOD!


 Women, because of their design, unwittingly became tools Lucifer uses to trap men, through sexual temptation.

It is suggested by some ministers, that Lucifer was the chief designer of Eve, but we have no written evidence in the Bible, or through the prophet of this day, to support this, but it is a point to consider.

Surely GOD wouldn’t have designed a faulty product.

These comments may appear sexist, but that is not our intent. We would hope the reader will put on an A-sexual attitude and avoid Blame, Guilt, Bitterness, Anger, in reading this work. There is no intent to offend or malign any persons in this expression of personal opinions relating to our social condition.

There are many publicly available records of women conceiving and bearing children of different fathers, one such event yielded triplets of three different colours!

This is not an attack on women, but one may see a connection with Eve as a tool, a weapon used, by Lucifer, the Beast, as the means to get his seed, his children, mixed into the human specie.

To infiltrate, like a terrorist, into the human race, to pervert it and lead as many of it as possible to hell! It obviously could not be done, through the male!

The writer is expressing personal, alternate thoughts on what we refer to as HISTORY; Scriptural, Religious, Political or Emotional.

      Don’t react!

The reader is encouraged to unload and burn any previous conceptions, any past religious conditioning; any spiritual knowledge or opinion, that you may maintain an unbiased understanding of the thoughts being expressed, if you wish to gain clear insight into this study.

It’s NOT going to come out the way you may prefer!

It is the search for “KNOWLEDGE”, “WISDOM”, instead of walking in FAITH, which got us, (the human race) into this mess in the first place! Remember, it was EVE, who partook of the tree of “KNOWLEDGE” of good and evil. She should have gone for the Tree of LIFE!

This gave Lucifer, through the Beast, the missing link between man and ape, the opportunity to get his seed into Eve’s womb, through a sexual act, causing her to produce an hybrid child, Cain, who is ‘of’ the wicked one. She then shared the fruits of her transaction with the Beast, with Adam! He had a sexual relationship with her, and she again conceived, Abel being the son of that connection!

We are considering the relevance of MORALS.

We are pondering the effects choice between what we call GOOD and bad behaviour has on our society.

         Without morals we are nothing more than beasts. Sexual promiscuity is a tool, a weapon many women learn to use as a control technique.

  • Why do such a high percentage of Western women wear clothing that promotes sexuality?
  • Why has our society replaced LOVE with LUST?
  • Is lust a natural symptom or a conditioned response?
  • Most animals copulate for procreation, humans are one of the few species
  • that have sex for pleasure
  • Interbreeding causes genetic deterioration
  • Sexual freedom is slavery to perversity
  • National sanity, prosperity and stability is directly relevant to the moral standards of the society
  • Women who dress immorally, speak immorally, behave immorally should not be surprised when men perceive them to be immoral

Middle Eastern nations, especially those dominated by the Muslim faith, base their moral codes on the laws of GOD, given through Moses.

Western nations also establish their moral code on the teachings of the Bible, which includes New Testament revelation on the application of morals, the LAW, in our daily lives. There are points made, in this work, to both New and Old Testaments, as examples in the case we are presenting. Biblical references, should the reader desire to verify any points made, are provided.

The Book of Genesis describes how Eve, called the mother of all living, Gen.3:20  was “beguiled, deceived, seduced”, by the Beast.

Remember, please, this is not an attempt to convert anyone or push any personal religious beliefs. These are thoughts, and you may perceive them to be utterly crazy, but they are valid thoughts, and one claims the right, to express them. Maybe they are right! You need do your own research if you are interested.

 Readingfrom Gen.3:1-7 we find the Serpent, who is identified in Rev.20:2 as the Devil and Satan, telling Eve that GOD’S Word isn’t true and offering an alternate opinion on It. Note vs.4 where Lucifer, through the beast, contradicts and changes GOD’S Word. Eve unfortunately goes for the line Gen.3:13 and unwittingly plunges the human specie into hybridisation. Beguiled also can be interpreted SEDUCED, DECEIVED.

1John 3:12 reveals that Cain, the first born of twins, is “of the wicked one”, and Adam is never described in the Scripture as being evil, nor the father of all living; Neither is Cain ever identified as Adam’s son, so who’s child is he?

This Biblical record declares that sexual impropriety, on Eve’s part, after Lucifer’s lie, was the error that plunged the human specie into hybridisation and, as a result, death. Commentaries on the Torah state that Eve copulated with the Beast a number of times and that Cain is the son of the Beast; (The wicked one?)

A comparison of Gen.4:1-2 with 1John 3:12 should help clarify this situation.

 Is the Beast the missing link between man and ape?                                         

Cain murdered his half brother, Abel, according to our record; was that a moral or immoral act? Why didn’t Abel kill Cain? Could there have been some differences in their genetic structure and conditioning?

 When we consider the insanity our specie displays, throughout history, in our violence to the earth, the animals and each other, possibly we could think such behaviour is inhuman, bestial, immoral, but why do we, as a society, accept it, tolerate it?

With the specie being hybridised so early in our beginning, how degenerate are we now become? How much of us are human, what percentage beast?

As we continue our study we recognize the differences in moral standards between nations, religions, etc., and we find that before the collapse of most if not all ancient cultures, the Egyptian empire, the Aztecs, Greek, Roman empires, and other social orders, there is a constant, a pattern to their demise.

This is the degeneration of their moral standards, as a society.

A predominance of homosexuality, promiscuity, child sexual offences and bestiality, are symptoms of a society that is perverse, condemned, destitute of any Love, Compassion or POSITIVE thought, and dying.

     Beastliness: Gluttony, drunkenness, obscenity; disgusting food or drink

   2Pet. 2: 4–15 provides a challenging description of those who are referred to as beasts; as wicked, (like Cain’s father), and may help those readers who are discerning, to take off their rose coloured glasses and have a serious look at the condition of our community, our society and the state of the world; before contemptuously refuting that which is written.

    We need consider how the NEW WORLD ORDER has declared everyone has rights. We have a declaration of human rights, but it only applies actively to those who are from diverse, extremist reactionaries, like the pro lesbian/homosexual movements, groups who are smart shrewd enough to unite and apply pressure, to get support from the political hierarchy.

     Terrorists have the right to murder men, women, children, indiscriminately, savagely, claiming they are serving their god.

Politicians claim the right to send our children to wars.

   Banks claim the right to create money out of nothing, loan it to the community and then demand interest which doesn’t exist, to be paid, before the loan is repaid. This is immorality and theft of the highest order, but do the citizens complain? No!

  Why not? Because they are incapable of thinking for themselves! They have no moral standards to judge by!

 Rights are fantastic. They mean we have the right to rape, bash or otherwise torment women. We have the right to enslave or sell children as sexual toys for perverts, or to those who offer children as sacrifices to their obscene gods; we excuse murder, theft, torture, violence of every kind.

 We excuse drunken drivers who between themselves, kill or maim thousands of people each year, but we will not ban the sale of alcoholic beverages in excessive quantities. This is what freedom to exercise our rights implies. 

It is more like a right to do wrong, evil, by our fellow citizens!

UNLESS we have a moral code, by which we establish BOUNDARIES of ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR, we are below the level of beasts, for that is all that seperates us from them.

    We allow people to conduct homosexual relationships, which are totally perverse. One cannot procreate through such behaviour, so it is a positive act, perverted into LUST. The sexual act was once a culmination, a shared joy and beauty in a healthy, loving relationship, between man and woman, to procreate; now it is nothing more than a beastly ritual.

These beasts, homosexuals, now claim rights to marriage and legal recognition. Is that not how it was inSodom and Gomorrah, just before they were destroyed by GOD?

   This is not an attack on people who are homosexual; it is a statement against the act itself, though the author is totally in opposition to it as a sane or natural act. It is, to the writer, a demonstration of the lateness of the hour, historically, and, more relevantly, Scripturally.

    We allow our soldiers to invade other nations and indiscriminately kill other citizens. Terrorists, murderers, have more rights than the average citizen, as they claim the rights to indiscriminately slaughter, sacrifice themselves and others, innocent civilians, to the terrorist gods of greed, power and religious idiocy.

Our courts now allow criminals to behave barbarously toward their victims, but these criminals are in no fear of retribution from the courts. We allow children to commit all sorts of crimes, for which they receive no punishment. Is it any wonder a high percentage of our youth ridicule our failed legal, religious, political and PARENTAL systems?

    We are considering MORALS, and we are pondering the necessity of a society to establish certain MORAL codes, standards or laws, which may protect the citizens from immoral behaviour.

                    Without a moral code we have no use for law.

We could abolish the police forces and allow society to degenerate into  ANARCHY.

 ANARCHY:  Absence  of government; disorder, confusion.

 If we again refer to the meaning of the word, MORAL, we may determine a relationship betwixt the two.

 MORAL:- Concerned with character or disposition, or with distinction between RIGHT and WRONG; habits, especially sexual conduct. Could we deduce that, technically, without a MORAL code, it is impossible to have governance, order, sanity, a social structure?

        GOVERN: to rule with authority; constitute a law, rule, standard, or principle.

    Remember, this is dealing with morals and their relationship to our community.   We determine that without MORALS we do not have society!

 How does a society determine moral behaviour? This varies vastly, from country to country. We know differing societies have varying concepts of morality.

   We find there is a common desire throughout most civilized, and even more so amongst religiously influenced societies, to set standards of behaviour designed to protect the community from members of the group acting in ways which will negatively affect the community as a whole.

   Surely the strictness of the Muslim code is very high, yet they treat women individually, with less respect than the men display towards dogs. Their terrorist sons are desperately blowing themselves and the world into pieces, believing this will earn them twelve virgins and a happy life in their heaven!

   Come on! Who is CRAZY?

   Muslim societies are quite happy, as a society, to support behaviours we in the West consider barbaric.

   History declares that previous empires, prior to their demise, have fallen into anarchy. Sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, child prostitution, violence of every perverse form are interwoven through records of their collapse. Egypt,Sodom and Gomorrah, Greece, Rome, and our world today have one common thread running through history. ANARCHY!

    Why is it difficult for our society to comprehend the proximity, the similarities in our current social condition and those of the past? The gladiators, the slaughter of the martyrs, the crusades in which the roman catholic church, in cohesion with the church of England, murdered 68,000,000 Christians, because they would not submit to the Roman devil worshippers, instead of to GOD’S Word are replaced with modern sports. Local football teams, where we have football players, smashing into each other, physically attacking each other. Soon they will be killing each other, as you and this society watch, with blood thirsty excitement.

Today we teach our children to kill from their earliest moments, through computer games and television. Was, IS this behaviour MORAL?

    Is it morally sound, SANE, for a young lady to walk down the streets dressed in a fashion which encourages every randy male she passes to look at her as a sexual object rather than as a human being? What effect does this have on other women who are not so brazen? Are they too tarred with the one brush?

   Is it wise for a woman to drink in the bar with the boys, share the dirty jokes and flaunt her sexuality to every man, knowing that the male is conditioned to instant, driving sexual hunger and desperation? The male is equipped with an insatiable desire to spread his seed. This ensures the propagation of the specie and is as essential to the male psyche as food.

    Women have taken advantage of this natural addiction and learnt, very early in the plan of things, that they can control man through the crotch. This is how women have taken control of and manipulate the social system! Women, as a group, through the media, at every level, have turned what was positive and healthy into an ugly, impersonal act.


   Sex has become, is now perverted into a vehicle that is more important than LOVE, than FRIENDSHIP, and is now a perverse act sold to the highest bidder. MORALITY

   What is it on a personal basis? What are your thoughts and or beliefs regarding the importance, the relevance of MORALS in our society?

   A woman who has many sexual relationships is considered by many in the society, as a whore. Either that or she gets a reputation as a slut, a prostitute, a woman of ill repute. If that is no longer an issue with women, if they are happy to be considered in such derogatory, demeaning ways, where are we heading as a society?

   If we teach our children that they have no need for morals, {AND THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DOING NOW} that they are free to conduct themselves in whatever fashion they like; that there are no long term responsibilities for their behaviour, we must soon find we have, through APATHY, fallen victims of ANARCHY.

               Socialisation is the word commonly used now to replace Moralisation. Is that beneficial for our society, or does it spell our demise as a society? The relevance of MORALS to our social structure is a matter studied by many learned scholars. Psychologists, Philosophers, Moralists, have produced books by the thousand, dealing with MORALS.

    Books in which individual rights, when put in subjugation to a social order, are the subjects of debate. Arguments about rights and wrongs, but what have they achieved? Do we follow one school of thought on these issues or another? Do we make up our own beliefs and standards then demand others live as we claim they should or we should?
         This is all insanity; vanity, as we have no rights to tell anybody else how to live, but, if we wish to survive in a social environment, we need subject ourselves to common laws or MORALS.

    Some Schools of Philosophy are suggesting there is no such thing as right or wrong, and metaphysically they may be correct, what is right and wrong? It would be interesting to discover the attitudes and beliefs of those professing such, if they were to be bashed and robbed, their children raped and murdered.

Would they continue in the argument, from their petty, ugly white castles, that there is no right or wrong; that we all have the constitutional rights to behave however we wish?

We here come to a further step in the relevance of MORALS.

We oft hear the word, RESPECT bandied about, with wanton freedom, but what does it mean and what are its merits?

           RESPECT:  Deferential esteem felt or shown towards person;

 RESPECTABLE:  Of fair social standing, having the qualities necessary for such standing; not disreputable, honest and decent  in conduct;

   It is one of the social cries of this age that we should give respect to all people, regardless of beliefs, attitudes, behavioural patterns, morals or lack of such.

It was a commonly taught idiom, before the 60’s, that RESPECT is NOT a description to be thrown about, loosely, but is a position, a reward that is earned by the individual’s demonstration, to his peers, that he is worthy of trust, respect.

In some schools of Philosophy, the belief is that all people be given unconditional respect, regardless of their behaviour, their attitudes.

 “Strong belief proves only its own strength, not the truth of what is believed” {Nietzsche, ‘All Too Human’ 1878 P.23}

    The environmental conditioning of a child is the key source to the child’s comprehension of behavioural patterns; that which has positive results and that which attracts painful or negative results. If the child is trained to respect first him or her self, then to respect those with whom they have contact and especially to respect their environment, there would be far fewer cases being dealt with in the law courts or the psychiatrist’s chambers.

             Because we have turned aside from correct MORAL living; because many of our children lose their virginity before they are really old enough or wise enough to appreciate it’s value; because we have turned from discipline,  (especially SELF DISCIPLINE), we have lost our ability to recognize our own worth. 

 Our communities are become cesspits of filth, corruption, immorality. Our daughters are oft whores before they reach their 16th birthday. Our sons are perverted by alcohol, uppers, downers, nicotine, too much money, no work standards, into worthless, inhuman wrecks, without any integrity, any self respect and without hope.

    The relevance of morals in our society is far more important, essential, to our society, than many appear to believe, recognize, as we continue our downhill slide into ANARCHY.

                           Without MORALS we do not have a society!


    Women who throw away their virginity, through youthful ignorance or stupidity will rarely have a marriage that will succeed, as her husband may be sexually compared, (sub-consciously) with every man she has had sex with in her past.

   Without MORALS we have no concern for the homeless, the hungry, the orphans, or for our own state of mind.

    Do men, in general, respect women? NO!

   How can a man hold respect for a woman who has displayed no self-respect; who has given herself to any man who has deceived her into believing he was Mr. Right.  Yes, one hears the loud screams from women, “What about the men?”

 Nowhere in this study are men excused for their perverse behaviour or nature.  There is no excuse for the barbaric, animal behaviour of men in our social structure. This study is not about allocation of blame, nor an attempt to denigrate women; it is presentation of thoughts, concepts, alternate opinion, and, hopefully the reader will allow us the right to have our own opinion, as we allow you the right to disagree.

  Or is it because women listened to the Lesbians, the New Age mothers, who have convinced them, through the media that self gratification, instant pleasure is better than the wisdom to wait ‘til they meet the man with whom they can establish a friendship, whom they can learn to love and share a life with.

   Men are conditioned, through the T.V., movies, that every woman is easy, they all wanted to get laid and it is man’s role to surrender his morals and sanity in the futile search for happiness, in a well worn crotch.      

Harsh words! Sadly, yes.

What is here expressed is a series of individual thoughts, observations and a personal analysis of a society, in the writer’s opinion, in its death throes. It is the belief of this writer that our social structure is teetering on the brink of total collapse and there is no way we can reverse the process.

Without morals, without self-discipline, without LOVE, we are nothing more than beasts, fitted for destruction. You may not agree with what is here said, that is not the issue.

    There is no suggestion the reader should think what is said is an attempt to change your attitudes or opinions; the author is solely expressing personal thoughts, ideas, philosophies he believes are legitimate and his legal right to express.    

Many children, a much higher proportion than ever previously,  during the last fifty years, especially since the 60’s, who have no idea who their father is. Is that MORALLY sound? What sort of psychological effect does this have on the child’s security, self respect and personal identification?

What is this tragic statistic’s effect on the community? Is this not an horrific imposition on that child? Is it MORAL on the parent’s part? Is it moral for consenting adults to produce a life for which they have neither concern nor respect?

Was the mother right, was she displaying respect for the child when she allowed such a situation to develop? Were her MORAL attitudes HUMAN or animalistic?

   Situations where a woman is raped, forced against her will to have sex are not considered here, as this is an obscene denial of the woman’s rights to safety in a supposedly sane, humane society.  The father of the child is in no way excused, but the woman usually has the option to say no, to defend her integrity. Thus we have a few generations of children who may never know their fathers; who are denied their RIGHT to grow up in a sane, safe, positive and edifying environment.

Is this morally sound?

Has this tragic behavioural pattern lead to inconceivable, irreversible economic, social and emotional chaos? Is this the result of our foolish experiment with self-will and personal rights?

     Many of these children face a future of social security payments, of poverty, hopelessness, suicide and yes, these thoughts are directed to each one of us, as we, YOU and I make up this society!             

You say you can’t change? What sort of mindless individual, beast, are you?

 We all have the ability to change the way we conduct ourselves, to change our attitudes, our goals, if we want to. We are able, IF WE CHOOSE, to change everything in our being. Even the deepest conditioning can, if you are willing to do the work, be not so much eliminated as subjugated to our conscious will, bought under our conscious control.

If you are incapable of achieving that, thinking, then one need ponder whether you have the mental capabilities to consider yourself human, as you are incapable of freedom of thought and choice, which supposedly differentiates us from the beast.

What are you?