On Tuesday Harry Hunter, was fishing from his yacht,

Drifting slowly off Bribie, planning to catch alot,

Of mackerel, fresh whiting, large bream, schnapper and squid,

For a scrumptious dinner, whilst saving himself a quid[1]

Harry has not cottoned on that Charles is out there too,

Planning to nab H. Hunter then beat him black and blue.

Charles had swum out earlier to wait beneath the waves,

For a chance to trash Hunter, it’s all that Charlie craves.

He watched Hunter’s boat drift close, watched where he cast his line,

Swam around to start the game, to catch Harry this time.

Chomps-EM grabbed the hook attached to Harry’s fishing line,

Swam under the Hunter’s boat, a wild scheme in his mind

Dug the huge hook in thehullof Harry’s wooden yacht,

Yanked the fishing line fast, hard, gave Hunter a great fright.

His trusty reel screamed, smoke flew out, from fast running line,

 Harry thought; ‘This is a monster fish I’ve got this time.

Might be a whopping Finance Shark, or a Banker Whale,

I’ll tow in toSandgatewharf, to weigh up on their scales.

Could be a world record, this monster I’m bringing in;’

Not knowing the culprit is, ausmie, Sir Charles Chomps-EM.

Who swam out rather early, to wait for Harry there,

Chased all other fish away, to trap the Hunter there

Harry doesn’t understand he has just caught his yacht;

Charlie laughed beneath the waves, he laughed and laughed a lot.

As Brave Harry fought the giant fish he thought he’s caught,

Sharp hook dug deeper in thehull, of his wooden boat.

Chomps-EM watched, rejoicing, as polished steel hook tore more;

Hunter’s high speed reel flashed ‘round, fast leaving no ground floor.

 Fearless Harry won’t release this fish he thinks he’s got,

Charles Chomps-EM enjoyed watching young Harry wreck his yacht.

Rod bending, line taught as taught, fighting fish he thought he’s caught;

Harry hasn’t realized that the hook is in his boat.

Each yard of line he wound in, ripped out a bit more floor,

Charles was laughing gleefully as Harry tore out more;

To watch Hunter catch himself is really a great joke,

It won’t be much longer until Harry has no boat.

Hunter will plunge beneath the waves, into the foam flecked sea,

Chomps-Em would hunt him to the beach, take him home for tea.

The tear in Harry’shullincreased, with each fast reel spin;

Too late Harry discovered ocean is pouring in.

Jumped aboard his life raft, his life jacket tight and sure,

Set off rescue beacon, started rowing for the shore.

Harry had the rescue gear smart sailors surely keep;

In case they may get ship wrecked, or lost, in the deep.

Charles shot up from underneath, tipped raft end over end,

When Harry spotted Charles, he did not try to pretend,

Charles was there to rescue him, like some good, long lost friend.

The hunter’s flippers hit top speed, to escape from him.

Poor Charles, puffed from laughing, could no longer hack the pace,

Like Ian Thorpe, Hunter shot through, for some safer place.

Harry left Charles way behind, he cut through rolling waves,

Charles gave up his hot pursuit, his energy to save.

Harry has escaped once more, he finally reached land,

He swore to get Charlie back, but, do you think he can?

[1] Quid: slang term for one pound, in original Australian currency