We hide in the mind, lost things that we find,

Beneath piles of rubbish, from some other time;

Hidden realities none want to face,

Traumatic memories, taking up space;

Cluttering channels within craniums,

Overload things neuro-logical. 

Where are the lines we’re told we need draw?

Across the ceiling or stretched on the floor?

Lines that are skinny or seven feet wide,

Lines of addiction, lines which define,

Just who I am or think I may be,

Wrapped in the draping of mindless TV.

oking inside for some simple plot,

Taking the blame, although it may not,

Be the conclusion we’re told it should be,

Social conforms; you must be like me,

Forced down our throats, from when we were born,

Told that insanity is now the norm.

“Go see the ‘shrink’, take one more pill;”

Medicine’s really what’s making us ill.

Push all the blame to somebody else,

Don’t be at fault; it could harm your health,

Therapy really is just what you need,

“Take one more pill, it’s legalised speed.”

 “My father’s a drunk, mother’s a whore,

The dog just left home, I can’t take any more;

Everyone hates me although I’m so cool,

My traumas are from being caned, when at school,

For breaking the rules, for lying and theft,

It’s sure not my fault that I’m such a mess.”

 With an heart full of anguish, a mind filled with hate,

Do you really wonder why we are irate?

Brain washed with perversity since we were eight.

Filled with the lies of religious fools,

Demons ensuring that Satan now rules,

Controlling our churches, and all the schools.

Go read the books, there is nothing new,

It’s all in our head, which tragically proves,

We’ve degenerated, into soulless fools.

The battle that’s raging at the end of time,

Is one that man lost when he sold out to crime,

Where did we lose it?

Deep down in the mind