IN THE DAYS © John R. Nolan 3/1/12

“But in the days of the Voice of the Seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants, the prophets.” Rev.10:7

What does this mean?

Obviously this mystery to be revealed is of crucial importance, and surely it deals specifically with the revelation of the Godhead, Who God is, and the preparation for the catching away of the Bride, before the tribulation begins.

As this crazy, desperate, hopeless world gallops toward self annihilation, we need to establish not so much where we have been, where we are going, but where we are right now. Our global systems of economics, ecological sustainability, social stability and, more especially, Spiritual security, are in total disarray, as any perusal of the media boldly declares.

The media, the mouthpiece of the demon controlled lunatics now running this planet into cataclysmic chaos and ultimate destruction, is carefully manipulating the propaganda which it is feeding the masses, to prevent panic, pandemonium, potential psychotic paranoia from engulfing the global community.

It is failing.

The appalling condition of our environmental situation, the delicate ecological balance of our natural resources, is in a state of irreversible collapse.

Fish and food resources, world wide, are depleted beyond recovery. Pollution levels, social mental instabilities are carefully hidden, concealed, from the populace, lest the people find out what a desperate condition our society, our planet, our future is truly in.

The world populace is desperately searching for some Super Star, a Social System Saviour, who, they fantastically believe, is going to come on the scene, rescue the human race from self destruction, prevent the intrinsic urge of self perpetuation being snuffed out in an horrific atomic cataclysm. Sadly they don’t care who it is, or what it will cost them in terms of personal freedom.

Our world is now in panic mode, frantically searching for some way out of the mess we have woven ourselves into; but, as the cockroach trapped in the spider’s web. Man is beginning to realize the irreversibility, the inevitability of our coming consummation in the jaws of the demonic soothsayers now controlling our entire global economic, political and spiritual state.

We refer, of course, to the Vatican, the mother harlot, who has usurped control of the world instead of Christ.

Our opening line, a verse of Scripture, declares that in the days of the Voice of the Seventh Angel, the mystery of God will be finished, and it is this mystery, Who God is, which is, curiously, at the base of our social collapse, our moral decadence, our panic.

The majority of our populace really does not want to confront this revelation, as it will and is now exposing, the parentage of the vast majority of those now inhabiting our tiny little planet.

What is the Voice of the Seventh Angel?

Note, the accent, the importance is not on the Angel, but on the VOICE which operates through him.  Let us first establish the meaning of the word, ANGEL.

ANGEL: Devine messenger [1]

Thus we establish that the seven angels to the Seven Church Ages of Rev.2:1-3:14, are messengers, men chosen by God, to bring the ongoing revelation of Christ to each successive Church Age, as revealed to them by God. They are not the imbecilic winged fantasies cartoonists, fanatics and ignorant commentators have concocted over the last few hundred years.

Paul was the Angel to the Church at Ephesus, and we list the messenger to each age, for your consideration.

Paul: Ephesus; 53-170

Irenaeus: Smyrna; 170-312

Martin: Pergamos; 312-606

Columba: Thyatira; 606-1520

Luther: Sardis; 1520-1750

Wesley: Philadelphia; 1750-1906

William Marrion Branham: 1906-65

The last messenger was to forerun the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, to reveal the end time mysteries, to call out the Gentile bride, and his job was to introduce the return of CHRIST, God, to the Gentiles and the judgement of the world, by the Word of God. Mal.4:5-6; Mat.24:24; Lk.17:30; Rev.10:1-7

Few people may be willing to accept these thoughts, and we encourage you to search the Scriptures and provide an alternative understanding, if you can find one, of what the seventh messenger’s job is. The point being established is that God provides a specific messenger, angel, to each of the seven Church ages.

This is all clearly taught in the Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, as ministered by the Seventh Church Age angel, (messenger), bro. William Marrion Branham, in Dec.4-11 1960. Bro. Branham always declared that his message was to tell the Bride, and the world, that HE, God is here.

We can now determine that in the days of the sounding of the last Church Age messenger, (bro. Branham,) the mystery which surrounded the Bible for the last two thousand years has finally been removed, revealed, that Christians may have a complete understanding of what our Book contains, where we are going and approximately when.

 “One day with God is as one thousand years and one thousand years as one day:” 2Pet.3:8

The children of Israel, from the time of Abraham to the coming of Messiah, were under God’s protection and tutelage for four thousand years. After the Israelite religious leaders murdered their Messiah, the Gentile dispensation commenced, and it has lasted for just over two thousand years.

We are now at the end of time, for the Seventh Day is the rest period, the Millennium, and we are now moving into that realm, dimension. That being so it is Scripturally essential all mysteries of God should be finished. Rev.10:7 and the Gentile dispensation will be closed as the Word goes back to Israel, through the mouths of their two prophets, Elijah and Moses.

Yes, there is a new world coming, and Christians are looking forward expectantly for the manifestations of this, but there are a number of rather traumatic events prophesied to come before the new world.

There is, most importantly, the catching away of the Bride, in 1Thes.4:15-16, then the Tribulation, which is the punishment of those who have rejected mercy from God and have refused to repent.

There is the destruction of this earth, by fire, to cleanse it, before it can be re-inhabited by God’s children. That will be nuclear war plus the splitting open of the earth to emit the molten lava which will obliterate every trace of the world we now see, to be replaced with the New Earth.

We are in the Days of these events coming to pass; we are witnessing, globally, the collapse of the economic system, which the Vatican has taken over and run for us. (You can trust us, she says, with the blood of the martyrs dripping from her maw,) and she has also suggested that we have a New World Order, which she too will most obligingly control for us.

[1] Oxford dictionary