2013 is the Jubilee year, fifty years from the opening of the Seven Seals, in 1963, when God returned, spoke through a prophet, to the Gentiles, began the final revelation of what was written in His Book, and brought judgement upon the world of the un-Godly.

This means the very elect of Mat.24:24 are now moving, (or have already moved?) into a different Biblical dispensation, the Bride age, which bro. Branham referred to.

The last church age, Laodicea is finished, we are back to the beginning, though we really can’t go back to the first day, as we now have the Seals removed, the Mystery of God revealed, and have turned the final corner in the building of the House of God.

 Bro. Branham drew to our attention that the messenger to each age came at the end of their respective ages and laid the foundation for the following age, by taking the children back to the original Word, the Word applicable for their age.

 We are already in the Eighth day, one suggests, but have not yet caught up, Spiritually, with the implications of what has taken place around us, the dispensational change as God introduces the next part of His ongoing prophecies.

 Bro. Branham pointed out, being a Biblically vindicated prophet,  that it takes a Master Builder to correctly negotiate the corners of a building. God is building an house for Himself, the multi membered body, His house for today and eternity, and that only a limited number would be able to handle the change of dispensation, the continuing revelation, as we have it for this day.

With this dispensational changes, the ministry is no longer the Seventh day Message, as delivered through our prophet, William Marrion Branham, but is that Message manifesting, being ministered by and through the very elect, the bride body of Christ.

 “Now we know that the Church is His body. It is here taking His place.”[1] p.339

 The anointing has moved from one man, as IT was with bro. Branham, and is now manifest in those who make up the bride of this last age. The Bride is expressing the WORD in flesh. She is the final witness, the final testimony to the world of the lost, and is fulfilling the mystery of the Seventh Seal, as she IS the Seventh Seal.

This does not suggest the bride becomes God, as some have foolishly interpreted this revelation, but is God, the Word, now expressing Himself through His bride, His children.

 Bro. Branham told us the Seventh Seal had no particular message of its own, but was the revelation of what was hidden under the first six seals. He also said the Seventh Seal was the coming of the Lord, and, for believers, this refers to the return of God to the earth, in SPIRIT form, to open the Seals, to call out the very elect for the catching away of 1Thes.4:15-16, and to bring judgement upon those who reject this last call of mercy and grace to the Gentiles.

Is the manifestation of the bride also in the Seventh Seal?

Is the Bride the revelation of the Seventh Seal?

Could we say the Bride IS the Seventh Seal?

We say assuredly bro. Branham’s ministry was the opening of the Seventh Seal, it is the Seventh Seal, and the Bride is the manifestation of that same Seal, in Bride form. Hallelujah!  Christ, (not Jesus, the Man, the SPIRIT) is today expressed through His children, His family, for Christ is now in Bride form. We have turned the Spiritual corner and are in a new age, the Eighth day, the like of which has not been experienced on the earth before.

 Could this imply our previous concepts of worship, of fellowship, of hearing from our Father, have drastically changed, and we need ponder, diligently study to find ourselves approved, and learn what the new rules of communication are?

Could it imply we will be found wanting, when it comes to comprehending the relationship we now have with God and each other, if we fail to take the next step, as seen with every previous age, and could die Spiritually?

We, the bride are walking where no man has previously trod, and it is imperative we comprehend that not only has our relationship with our Father improved, magnified, changed drastically, but the ministry has also moved from the Seventh Church Age message to the Eighth Day Message, which is;

 “Christ in YOU, the hope of glory.”Col.1:27

 Today the bride is the Word of this age, as she is now HE, for the two have become twain, as Mat.19:5; Mk.10:8; and especially Eph.2:15 so vividly and accurately declare.

The Eighth Day is the Capstone ministry, it is Christ, the anointing, resident in sin born human flesh again, as first shown through the ministry of the end time prophet, William Marrion Branham, now residing in the multi-membered body of 1Cor.12:12.

The bride age is the Eighth Day; she is the final revelation of the mystery of God, which is that we, the bride, no longer ‘listen’ to the Message. We ARE the Message!

The shift from looking outside, looking for external proofs or interpretations of the Message, other revelations, has changed and we, His children, are living in the PRESENCE, which is, the present tense.

Could it be that the bride is the manifestation of the Presence?

 We are not looking to, depending on the Message, though, of course, the Message will always be part of our fullness, as with each previous age. We are now watching, praying for, witnessing the manifestation of the Word for this day, this moment, coming into reality in, through and around us. Hallelujah.

What we are beginning to comprehend is that, as bro. Branham, God’s Voice to this last age, continually instructed us, encouraged us to recognize, the revelations of each previous age, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea are all now culminated in this, the Bride age, the Eighth Age.

We now have the fully revealed WORD.

There is nothing more to come in this age. The next step is for the WORD to go back to Israel, to call out the 144,000 elect Jews, and then the beginning of the millennium.

 “When our Son, (Jesus), comes, there will be no further need of messengers; He will bring us His message of cheer Himself:” p.242

That false vine was getting a hold and it was teaching that rulership by man was right. It taught that the Church had to be governed. It taught a control over the people, but instead of doing it God’s way, they simply took authority and vested all the spiritual power in their own hands, and come out with an holy priesthood, standing between God and the people.” p.93

 This concept is only applicable today, in the fellowships believing and following the continuing revelation of the Message of this hour.

What does the Eighth day mean, Spiritually?

How do we, who are moving into it, comprehend the rules, the way the Word is now manifesting, as, with a new dispensation, there is a probability that some of the preconceptions we had about Christianity, and the way we worship, relate to and hear from God, may have changed somewhat.

The Jubilee year is the fiftieth year, when all slaves, if desirous of freedom, were let loose by their masters, without any further debt or bondage applicable to their previous enslavement.

It was a total pardon, it was the removal of any overhanging debts, an act of total mercy, ordered by God, and implacably inscribed in the Law.

 “And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.” Lev.25:10

 Reading the rest of the chapter will clarify any confusion, and, as the Word of God cannot change, this same principle must still apply, Spiritually, to those who have been locked in doctrine and dogma of man, tyrannical ministerial dictatorship, or teachings of a previous age.

Thus the bride of this day needs to recognize that God is here, fulfilling His purpose, His promises, His revelation, to His bride, of who she is, that she is a part of Him, and that we are now dealing directly with our Father, no longer through ministries which are not walking in the Light of THIS moment.

Could this coming year be the Gentile Jubilee?

We are so close to the rapturing of the bride that one prays our Jubilee is our catching away. Hallelujah.

[1] References from “An Exposition on the Seven Church Ages”