“And I told them I would come if I didn’t be in Australia at this time, which I am scheduled to be.” Q&A C.O.D. VOL.1 P.364

  “God made the earth in six days, and on the seventh day HE rested,” Gen.2:2

This foundation, specific principle, law, cycle, God must then apply in all His dealings with the earth, which is constant through examples such as the Seven Church Ages, the Seven Seals on His Book, the Bible, etc. You question the logic of this claim, which is reasonable, but look at the application of seven as an highly relevant number in God’s program, and be willing to think outside the square, that we may allow God to direct our thought processing, rather than the indoctrinations of man’s religious teachings.

Remember, God chose to have Seven days in a week, not six or eight.

We consider the Seventh Seal, to start with, and find it is a mysterious seal, which contains no information we could consider comprehensible, Spiritually, and yet it is especially relevant to this last, the Seventh Church Age.

 “And when He had opened the Seventh Seal there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.” Rev.8:1

Silence could also describe rest, as, with any form of movement, there is sound. Movement creates frequency, frequency is sound. No movement = rest.

The Seventh Church Age, the Laodicean age, is Biblically described as an age of apathy, indolence, laziness. It is neither cold nor hot, is increased in goods, having need of nothing, is wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. Rev.3:14-17 The Laodicean age is in a state of Spiritual decay, as a rotting corpse, the final witness to the movement of God through His gentile church associations, dealings.

 After the seventh age, comes the cutting off, the closing of the Gentile dispensation, and the Tribulation. We find there is an invitation/instruction from God, to His children,

 “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, ‘Come out of her, My people, and be ye not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.’ Rev.18:4

 This invitation/instruction is extended to all those professing Christianity, though, because of predestination, we know it is only the very elect, of Mat.24:24 who will hear and respond to, obey this final instruction. Yes, we know most denominations teach that election is discriminatory; it displays an elite-ness, an exclusiveness, which many professing Christians do not like. It implies Christians are different to the rest of the society, and, in reality, most professing Christians have no idea Who God is or who they are. WE ARE DIFFERENT!

 If not we had best question the authenticity of our confession, as God specifically instructs His children to be separate; different from the world; 2Cor.6:17 Even within the Church there is separation, as we have the Wise Virgins, who have Oil, which is the revelation of the Holy Spirit for that particular age, and who takes the rapture.

Also there is a Foolish Virgin who go through the Tribulation, isn’t there? Both are virgins to the Word, both are Holy, but one group is elect, the other not. The very elect of Mat.24:24 are those who partake of the catching away, and they alone, so let us not be too embarrassed, coy about standing by God’s Word and maintaining our profession of who HE says we are; that we are different, elect, separated.

This concept of election, separation, of there being a very elect, (Mat.24:24 😉 an elect, and the rest, is clearly displayed all the way through both the Old Testament and the New.

Bro. Branham described our current position as having Believers, make believers and un-believers within every fellowship, right up to the end. Remember, it was only eight, 8, who made it into the Ark, out of possibly billions on the earth at the time; that suggests election, yet even one of them carried the Serpent seed.

There are many examples of similar election, separation, all through Scripture, starting with Abel being elect of God and Cain being rejected, right through to the final calling out of saints for the catching away of the rapture. 

“For this we say unto you by the Word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent, (hinder), them which are asleep.

16 “For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, (the Message), with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God; and the dead in Christ shall arise first;’

 17 ‘then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up, together with them, in the clouds, to meet the Lord, in the air; and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

18 Wherefore comfort ye one another with these words.” 1Thes.4:15-18,

 But let us return to the thought we are cultivating, that of the LAST DAY, and the immediacy of its application to our present Spiritual state.

As we consider the political and economic chaos now engulfing this world, the insanity of what is happening in the Middle East, the collapse of the global economic system, we surely can recognize that Scripture is manifesting around us now. We observe the suggestions of the Vatican, Foundation X, to establish a new, one world currency, a one world government, which they, the pope and his Jesuit conspirators, are happy to control and run.

Surely any true Christian can see the lateness of the hour, according to prophecy. Possibly we will shortly see the retirement, or death of the present pope and the election of an American cardinal in his place. This will again fulfil prophecy and tell us that, from that point on, there is probably only three and an half years to the finish of all things in this dimension.

 The Bible is quite specific in description of end time events, of the global catastrophes which will be increasing in magnitude and numeracy, of the plagues, earthquakes, droughts, disease, physical starvation; not only for food but especially for the True Word of God. Surely any honest observer will recognize, admit these fulfilments of prophecies are manifesting, taking place around us right now. We are the final witnesses to this dying planet of the coming of the Lord, of the oncoming judgement, of the destruction, the horrific slaughter Lucifer is now setting up for those of his family, and the tribulation facing the foolish virgin and the 144,000 elect children of Israel.

 In previous studies we have looked at the Eighth Day, which is actually a return to the First Day, as God has ordained there to be seven days to a week, so, the eighth is the first day again, as clearly shown in the Old Testament.

Ex.23:20; Lev.9:1; 23:36, 39; Neh.8:18; Ezk.43:27;

We have completed the Seventh Church Age, as we have had the messenger from God, the ministry of Mal.4:5-6, to our age, and each messenger came at the end of the age, introducing the incoming age. What we need clarify though is that the Eighth day has an open Book, so it can’t be the same as the first day, but it introduces a totally new concept, as time is no more. Rev.10:6

There being no more Church ages, we then must accept the proximity of the Word going back to Israel and the catching away of the Bride of this age into glory.

 When is the LAST DAY?

 The Word of God is replete with descriptions of end time events, into which we will not bother to explore; any Christian, even denominational professors, will surely be familiar with end time prophecies.

 For God’s children there is no such thing, as a last day, as we are eternal, in Him, “According as HE hath chosen us, in Him, before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love.” Eph.1:4

His children just step back into the eternity we shared in Him to be eternally with Him, in Him, restored to our original position in creation.

Eternity has no start or finish, so, if we were in Him before the foundation of the world, we must also be eternal, as we are a part of Him, His expression of Himself, now expressed in human flesh, again.  So, what we establish is that the Eighth Day is not the last day; it is the beginning, should we say the re-entry into eternity again, after the brief interruption God allowed, in which to fulfil the explicit expression of Himself in and through His children, to thus complete another part of His eternal manifestation of Himself.

There is no more a last day than there is a first day, as God is eternal and we, His children, were with Him, in Him, from then to then, hallelujah.

We again reiterate that the Last day, the Eighth Day, is and is not the First Day, because now we have the fully revealed Word of the LORD, the Presence of God in a way that was not available to the First day.

There is no last day, only NOW, so make sure you are walking in Him NOW, according to the Light of this age or you will miss the boat to glory.