© John R. Nolan 3/7/10

That’s pretty simple a question to answer, one would imagine, and most Christians would declare it to be the Devil.

Now you think you should go to the top of the class, and may feel rather smug for having correctly answered the question, but, did you really get it right? Is that all there is to such a complex, consequential question, or is there more to it?

Who is the anti-Christ?

First it may be wise for us to establish who Christ is, as there appears to be much confusion amongst the denominations confessing Christ about who He really is. In the Garden if Eden Who was it that came and talked with Adam, in the cool of the evening? Wasn’t it God, and isn’t He Christ?

We need recall that Christos, which has been shortened into Christ, is a word which describes the characteristics of God’s attributes, His characteristics, and is not really His name.

CHRISTOS, (xpiaros): anointed; [Vines Expositionary dictionary.]

Yes, He is the Son of God, that’s true, and He is also the Word made manifest, isn’t He? Jn.1:14

Not only is He the Word made manifest, He is the Word which was declared in each age, gradually being more completely revealed, as we understand from the many Scriptures dealing with the ongoing, progressive coming of Christ.

In the time of Moses He was the Burning Bush, in Abraham’s day He was Melchisidec. In the days of His first ministry in flesh, He was the Lord Jesus Christ, and we need understand who He is today, or we may find ourselves, as prophesied in Scripture, worshipping the devil believing we are worshipping God. Jn.4:22; Rev.13:8

We find in Vine’s translation of the word, Christos, that it has multiple meanings and applications; that it means messiah, describes not only the anointing which was on the High priest, and the clergy, in the Old Testament, and is applied to the prophets, those anointed of God.

It also applies also to the Holy Spirit which indwells believers, causing them to conform to His likeness in this day.

Thus we establish that Jesus, the virgin born man, was the anointed One, the One in whom dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily, Col.2:9; which made Him God in flesh, for the period of time in which the Spirit of His Father indwelt Him.

God, Spirit, indwelt Jesus, the man, at His baptism, Mat.3:16 and departed from Him in the garden of Gethsemane, prior to His trial and crucifixion, Mk.15:34, or He, Jesus the man, could not have died on the cross, as God is eternal, He cannot die.

Now we have a more clear comprehension of who Jesus, the Christ is, we may begin to more intelligently research the Scriptures to establish just who the anti-Christ is.

Having determined that Christ is the Word, we could then logically deduce that any person who stands against the Word is in fact a member of, an expresser of an anti-Christ spirit.

Yes, we need remember we are dealing with spirits, demons, who are capable of indwelling human vessels, just as Christ can be manifested through His children.

You may not like this, but we see from Scripture that it has historically been the most religious people who have in fact been the most ardent voices of Satan, and this is no less true today.

We have over 120,000 denominations professing Christianity, all claim to have the Truth, all believe they are the only ones correct in their interpretations, and yet, according to the Bible, there is only One Church, One Lord and Saviour, Eph.4:4-6; One Way, One Truth and One Light, Life, so we can be assured that of all these, only one can be correct.

Which one?

This is a matter each of those claiming Christ as their Saviour need carefully examine, research, to ensure they are not unwittingly worshipping Satan, religion, their denomination, instead of God. 2Cor.11:13-15; 2Pet.2:1-2;

Who is the anti-Christ?

In this time of Biblical prophecies fulfilment, we can easily determine that any person, denomination, cult which adds to takes from Rev.22:18-19, personally interprets the Word of God, 2Pet:1-20, is in fact a manifestation of the anti-Christ, no matter how religious, spiritual they may pretend to be.

Remember, it was the most religious men in the world, the Jews, who denied Christ and nailed the Son of God on the cross. We are warned this will repeat in the last days, so we had best be sure we do know whether we are following the dogma and doctrines of man, which are anti-Christ, or walking in the Light as He is in the Light.