© John R. Nolan 27/5/09  

Thanks for the responses to the article on the keeping of the Sabboath.
    There have been some positive and accurate thoughts expressed on Scripture, re denominational systems, which are anti Christ at their most fundamental level, and are fulfilling Rev.3:14-22, having replaced the original teachings with religious doctrines and dogma.

Denominationalism is the manifestation of the anti-Christ, as all denominations, in both Christian and Jewish religions, have added to, taken from and or personally interpreted Scripture, contrary to 2 Pet.1:20 “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation.”
    Most Christians accept that prophecy, in this, the last age, is the preaching of the Word, as there are no more true prophets to the Gentiles. The only two prophets to the Gentiles were Paul and the brother who fulfills Mal.4:5-6. The two prophets yet to come, Moses and Elijah, Rev.11:3-13 are sent to Israel, in Jerusalem. Rev.11:3-12

The Gentile dispensation is over at that time and the bride has left the earth, in what is colloquially called “the rapture”.1Thes.4:15-16

Yes, some denominations teach this reference in Rev.11 applies to a “Spiritual Jerusalem,” but, without these teachers having any Biblical vindication, we can discard their comments as doctrines of devils.

Biblical vindication is the only true evidence that God is speaking, and the only gift which cannot be forged, perversely duplicated, is the discerning of the thoughts and intents of the heart, Heb.4:12 which has only been indisputably manifested in one ministry, since the time of Paul, that of William Marrion Branham.

There truly manifested this gift and that is the Voice to which Christians will listen.
    Sadly all denominations, including the 7th Dayists have put Christ outside their church and replaced Him with the doctrines and dogma of man. Rev.3:20.

That’s why we find Him on the outside, knocking on the door, seeking to be allowed back in, to take His rightful place of Headship.
    Are the readers familiar with Mal.4:5-6, Rev.10:1-7, Lk.17:30, and, if so, could you, or any other reader explain how these Scriptures are to be fulfilled, and when?

When are the Seals to be opened, who will do it?

Yes, we know it must be God, Christ, as He alone is worthy, but how and when does He do it? Without that taking place there can be no completion of the Gentile dispensation.

Amos3:7 “the Lord does nothing except He revealeth His secrets to His servants, the prophets.”

That does not qualify pastors, archbishops, popes, the tea lady nor any other self aggrandizing minister. God’s revelations have to be spoken through a prophet or God has told a lie.
    Also, would any reader show, in Scripture, where our Lord, Jesus the Christ, gave the 4th commandment in the New Testament, which is our, the Gentile church’s book? Or, for that matter, where bro. Paul instructed us to obey the Sabbath law?
   God advised us, the Gentiles, that before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord, the tribulation, He would return, open the Seven Seals, reveal all the mysteries of Scripture and call out His bride, for the catching away of 1Thes.4:15-16.

His bride does not go through the tribulation, and this, as all Scripture, must be fulfilled, or God is a liar, and that is impossible, as, “it is impossible for God to lie” Heb.6:18.

We could rave for any length of time endeavoring to prove the Sabbath, which is now, for the Gentile Bride, His rest, is already in place and has nothing to do with attending a building on Saturday or Sunday.

But, as we are instructed in Scripture, it is pointless getting involved in spurious debates over days, Sabbaths, feasts, meats, etc., so we present these thoughts which may clarify this matter, with hope there will be no further contention on this issue. Col.2:16-17

Christians are in His presence 24hours a day, 7days a week, and that is our rest, not being a member of some religiously oriented group. The Church is the body of Christ, Christ is the Word, Christ is God, and we, His bride, His children are in Him, are the manifestation, the witnesses of His Word being Word children, and are, Spiritually, no longer in the world.
   The Seven Seals were opened, as it is understood, by God, through a vindicated ministry, in 1963, but it appears 99% of those claiming to be Christians have refused to walk forward with the Light of this age, and have died in unbelief. “Strait is the gate and Narrow is the way, and few there be that find it.” Mt.7:14
  God’s revelation of Himself is a progressive event. He revealed Himself in His fullness in the body of Jesus the Christ, His Son.

That sounds rather selective, arrogant, superior, and it is, but our God is more a God of separation than of unity, which the Uniting church and all denominations are suggesting. 2Cor.6:17

 The mysteries of the Gentile dispensation were not revealed in that time as the Gentile dispensation had to be completed, so He can redeem and call out His Gentile bride.

Each church age, from the time of bro. Paul on had an ever increasing knowledge, understanding, revelation of the God with Whom we are deal. Paul told us we had to continue moving forward, not to stop, that there is an ongoing revelation which he, Paul, was not able to disclose at that time. Heb.5:9-14; 6:9-12

Each of the seven church ages saw a further revelation of Christ, until in this, the last age, God returns to earth, opens the Seals, reveals the mystery of the Godhead, calls out His Church for the rapture and brings judgement on the rest.
   It is appreciated the fervor of those seeking truth, but we find the Pharisees and Sadducees were absolutely sincere in fulfilling Scripture for their day, even though they were, according to Jesus, “of their father, the devil.”
  We are in a different age now; the judgement has already begun, as you are able to see about you. The world is falling apart, God is about to, if He hasn’t already, close the Door to the Gentiles and the Word will go back to Israel.
   Mal.4:5-6 was fulfilled, this writer believes. through the Ministry of, (not the man,) William Marrion Branham, 1908-1965, when Jesus Christ, God, not the flesh body, but the Spirit Who indwelt Him returned to earth to reveal the mysteries and call out His bride from the denominational chaos and apostasy.

Readers are encouraged to ‘come out of her my people,’ Rev.18:4, the great Whore who sits on seven hills, the Vatican, and her denominational daughters; daughters of Babylon, the pagan based cult of Rome.

I AM is now the revelation of the Bride of Christ and we encourage all who may read this document, to search the Scriptures, for it is far later than you think and God is now here, calling His children, His bride out of Laodicea back into His revealed Word for this day, as we are witness to the end of time, then end of this world, in this dimension.