© John R. Nolan 21/8/08

What is the Bible?

It is God’s record of history, as applicable to mankind, with record of how He created the worlds, the earth; how He populated it with animals, fish, etc.

  Archaeological research through out the Middle East completely vindicates the authenticity of the Bible, as an accurate account of phenomenal events throughout that area, and It has not been disproven in any historical accounts. 

 It established laws of continuity, each sees to bring forth according to its kind, according to His program, establishing specific genetic laws for reproduction, and warning strongly against hybridization.

 In this Book also is described, by prophecy, how Eve would make an incorrect choice, having been deceived by the Beast, who is Satan, , and, through cross breeding with the Beast, who we suggest is the missing link betwixt man and beast, to plunge the world into genetic confusion and chaos of sin.

 Many scholars have described the physical history of the Bible, and it is only personal choice, revelation, that will cause one to believe and accept It, as the Word of God, the Author and finisher of our Faith, or refute It.

 It is the only Book which has survived horrific attacks, attempts to annihilate It from our access, but has managed to survive every onslaught, especially by the Roman hierarchy, who have done all possible to prevent the average citizen from being able to read God’s Word.

 Comprehensive works by Ivan Panin, a Russian mathematician, have produced amazing mathematical evidences to suggest that composition of such a Book are still beyond the abilities of the human race, due to the precise mathematical formulas of which Scripture is built.

 Satan, who has done all he can to prevent God’s Word being accessible for us, failed to stop God keeping His Book free of the interpretations and doctrines of man, to produce such a magnificent, living piece of literature.

 The Bible is God in print. It is the means He has chosen to reveal Himself, over the last 6,000 years, to His children.

 “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”, Jn.1:1, “and the Word became flesh.” Jn.1:14

God is His Word, and His expression in a form which is comprehensible to man.

 The Book starts with God describing how He created the world, out of nothing, for His own good pleasure. There is no reference to what existed before the Creation, so we have no grounds for comment on that topic.

We learn Satan, Lucifer, is a being made, manufactured, not spawned, by God, to fulfil a specific role. Is.14:6-22

 That there is no description of God making Lucifer and the angels, etc., we can only deduce, is that this information is of no relevance to the human species.

 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Gen.1:1.

 This is a strong, positive, irrefutable pronouncement, as there are no other witnesses to contradict what is said.

We here find a conundrum; as God is eternal, without beginning or end, outside of the dimension we call time; how can He be speaking of the ‘beginning’?

 This refers to the commencement of God’s dealing with His plan to obtain identity, recognition, as, up to this point He has only the cherubim, the angels, through whom to receive recognition and worship.

As these angels were created beings, designed for this job, they were incapable of worship outside the parameters set by God. They worshipped God because there was no one else to worship.

 In a sense they did not have free will, as there was no other option for them but to worship their Creator.

Logically, a percentage of them had, or were given some form of free will, as, when Lucifer, an angel of light, offered an alternate choice on ruler ship, one third of the angels chose to follow him instead of Him, though, in the overall context, these angels, and Lucifer, were only operating within their Creator’s permissive will.

 We may accept that Lucifer, being the next in power and authority to God, was equally capable of performing most of God’s amazing feats, though, we find, Lucifer does not have the gift of discernment, reading the thoughts and intents of the heart, which is identified as the Messianic sign. Heb.4:12

In all other areas Lucifer appears capable of duplicating miracles but only within boundaries God permits. Job.1:6-12, 2:1-6; and, more relevantly, was given permission, was able to pervert, through hybridization, that which God has originally created.

 This allows him to deceive those who are not of God by using, under God’s permissive will, the powers of God, which fulfils Mat.7:1-13-23; 24:24; see Jn.6:29.

 We find God sends strong delusion upon the people, the children of Cain, so they have no choice but to believe Satan’s lie, 2Thes.2:3-12.

 Now, one imagines that if one were writing their masterpiece, the penultimate documentary of their superiority over all others, one’s justification to receive worship; as well as an accurate expose of how everything came to pass, culminating in one’s own elevation to the position of sole glorification and honour, one would not inscribe one’s own defeat and demise at the hands of One Who is supposedly replaced by oneself, would they?

 Why do we know God wrote the Bible?

 Because He, God, says so and He cannot lie, Heb.6:18, whereas, Lucifer is a liar, the father of lies, as well as a murderer, from the Beginning. Jn.8:44   Sound familiar?

 The beginning is announcing the commencement of a space of time in which God deals with His children, His creation, and demonstrates comprehensively that He is superior to Lucifer, a fallen angel who has illegally claimed the title of God and the attached worship. Is.14:13; 2Thes.2:4

 Unfortunately for Lucifer, and those who serve him, his genetic lineage through Cain, he is now exposed as the fraudster, the murderer, the liar he is, and any sincere, honest, unbiased researcher will, with little effort, be able to clarify this issue for themselves.

 Who wrote the Book? The One Who is appointed King of kings and LORD of lords in Rev.21 and 22.

 Enjoy the search.  

 In the reality of it all, Who is in position to argue the toss?

 As GOD challenged Job. 38:1; “Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind and said;

2 Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?

3 Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee and answer thou Me.

4 Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare, if thou hast understanding.

5 Who hath laid the measures of it, or if thou knowest, or who hath stretched the line upon it? Whereupon are its foundations fastened? Or who laid its cornerstones?”





 Now that is a rather strait forward challenge to Job, but also each of us who profess Christianity are challenged each day to believe God, to listen to, hearken and heed, do the works that the wicked one would have us.

   Who wrote the Book?

 We do not have any record of any man claiming to have written It, do we? If so, would they please step forward and provide the necessary evidence to validate their claim.

In Scripture God shows us that all we are required, of God, is that we believe Him.

 How do we ensure that we are not being deceived, that what we are accepting is trustworthy, though, here we need also recall that Christians are saved by Faith, which is believing in a set of circumstances, claims which cannot be evidentially proven, otherwise it is not Faith, is it?

 Who wrote the Book?

 We are not asked to think, nor reason; work things out, as though God isn’t capable of fulfilling His Word, and yet that is all He does, brings to pass, to physically manifest, His Word in Its appointed time.

 Logically we would determine that if the author of a book, projecting a specific theory, we could question its authenticity until the author demonstrates how the theory is proven.

We exist on a planet, in a galaxy, one of many, and are seeing many specific claims made by the Author of a specific Book, manifest, bring to pass that which is described intimately in His Book.

 Unless someone else can negate the proofs provided by the Author of the Bible, we could suggest the discussion of authorship is outside our scope of abilities, seeing we are created beings that have no control over even our ability to take the next breath.

 God is so simple, yet the things we see do not exist outside of the mind of God, the amazing truth is that we are nothing more than God expressed in physical forms.

Not that we, individually, are God, we are, His children, God expressing Himself to the last age of this battle.

 Hopefully this brief collection of thoughts will help the reader comprehend what the Bible is, Who wrote It and the relevance of It to us in these, the last few moments of this gasping, struggling planet which has the death rattle shaking in its Truth starved throat.

 Who wrote the Book?

 Maybe the onus is on you to prove God didn’t.