John R Nolan 25/3/01


We consider the Bible, what It is and what It contains.

It is a History book, a Book of prophecy.


The Bible is the means God uses to reveal Himself, His plans to the world, and especially to His children.

 It’s important the readers understand our purpose is not to ask them, nor encourage them, to believe personal opinion, only to encourage the reader, if so motivated, to examine Scripture; as It is, in the eyes of this writer, the only Truth, when considering Spiritual matters dealing with Christianity.


These writings are statements of personal beliefs of God’s Word, understanding of revelation given by God, through His Biblically vindicated prophet, Bro. William Marrion Branham, to this, the Gentile age, fulfilling Mal.4:5-6, Mat.24:24,Lk.17:30, Rev.10:7, and will be of little value to denominationally indoctrinated, Biblically blinkered readers.

  The Bible is the revelation of Jesus Christ. Rev.1:1

It is comprehensible only to His children.

It is the Book by which the world of the un-Godly is judged.

 It is the Book by which the children of the wicked one, epitomized by the Pharisees and Sadducees, the religious leaders of that time, as so today, who will answer for their personal interpretations, their manipulations and ultimate rejection of God’s Word.

 It is the religious leaders, popes, archbishops, pastors, et al, of this day, who reject His Word, who crucify unto themselves again the Son of God afresh. Heb.6:6, and who are held accountable by God, for the way they have duplicated the Pharisitical errors of the previous coming.  It is they, when He came in flesh to fulfil His promises to return, before the tribulation, to open the Seven Seals, reveal all the mysteries of God, who will answer for misleading His sheep Ezk.34:1-10.

 The Bible is full of types. 

 In one of the parables there is comparison of the children of God with sheep; whilst those of the wicked one are typed as goats. There are the weeds and the chaff, wise virgins and foolish virgins. Note, both are virgins, clean living, religious, dedicated to the Lord, pure, unadulterated, though one group are foolish.

What does this mean?

Could it be that one group is misled, deceived, seduced by Lucifer, on the Word, and listen to personal interpretations instead of relying solely and souly on the Word, as Eve and the Jewish religious leaders did?

God uses nature to type His cycle of birth, death and resurrection.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, then back to the start, Spring. 

 In the Beginning God separated Light from darkness.

He separated Life from death.

 God is committed to separation, to rightly dividing things. He is not, as in the current denominational concepts, the God of union.

He’s here to separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff, as the judgment fire is about to consume this planet.  To burn every bit of sin and filth from its face, so we, His children, can return to the new earth to live eternally with and in Him.

 To know God, one needs die to church doctrines and creeds and become one with the Word. The Lord Jesus prayed that we could be one with Him, even as He is one with the Father Jn.10:30; Jn.17:11-23.

Nowhere in Scripture does God describe Himself as ‘the church’, a pope, a mother of harlots, no, He is His Word.  

 To know God, to be one with God, is to die to our fleshly selves and walk in Light as He is in the Light, He is the Light. Jn.8:12; 1Jn.1:5

 As we progress through this writer’s attempts to describe, share, rejoice in the glory of God, repetition of Scripture and concepts is utilized to encourage recognition of a recurring pattern in God’s processes.

 Your whole Spiritual walk is your personal responsibility.

 Christians are instructed to “Come out from among them and be ye separate, saith the Lord and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.”2 Cor. 6:14-17.

 Here God is instructing His people to separate themselves from false worship, from fellowship with people who are not Scripturally like minded in revelation and teaching; instructing them not to marry unbelievers, or fellowship with those who refuse the continuing revelation of Jesus Christ, today.

 Our fellowship has to be Word based and nothing else.

 In Genesis God created, spoke the world into existence. Gen.1:6, 12, 16, 25 yet, in Gen.2:1-9, that which has been already spoken has not yet taken form.

  He said “Let there be Light”; whether light immediately existed or whether it manifested over possibly millions of years is not explained.

 As with all other spoken Word creations, once spoken  they existed, because they were in His mind, but they had not, at that point in time, taken on the respective physical form in which they would manifest and could be identified.

 Adam was spoken into existence on the sixth day, Gen.1:26 but it wasn’t ‘til Gen.2:7 that God formed man out of the dust of the yet un-cursed earth.

How long a space of time separated the two events is not known.

Adam was created in God’s image. God is Spirit so, logically, Adam was originally a spirit body, in God’s image.

Later this spirit was put into a body made of un-cursed ground. This clarifies how Eve was in Adam, she being the feminish aspect of Adam’s nature, in Adam’s spirit existence.

 God breathed into Adam the breath of lives, plural, so all God’s children were in Adam, in his blood, his seed and set to manifest at their appointed time, on earth.

The seed is only in the male of any species, excluding the few that are hermaphroditic.

Also in Gen.2:5 we see that, although everything had been created, it was still in seed form.

 The Word of God is a seed, Lk.8:11 so; although everything was created in God’s mind, nothing had been expressed, taken form, nor could they, ‘til their appointed time Eccl.3:1.

 A word is a thought expressed.

 Expressed is an important word for us to understand, to utilize, in explaining the manifestation of God’s Word.

 Express: “Exact; definitely stated; done; made; sent for special purpose; represent by symbols; exude; reveal; put into words.”[1]

 Jesus, the Son of God is the express image of God; Heb.1:3. (The physical body, the Tabernacle made without hands, is not God.)

 Scripture declares that all things were made in and through Him, yet Jesus, the man, did not manifest in a physical form until just over two thousand years ago, did He?

All things were created in six days, in God’s mind, {one day is as one thousand years in our time, 2 Pet.3:8,} yet His creation did not manifest ‘til the time specifically appointed for each event.

 Jesus, as were we, Eph.1:4, was in God’s mind, before the foundation of the world, and all things were created through Him, but Jesus, the Man, did not manifest, in flesh, ‘til just over two thousand years ago. Each of His children did not appear until their appointed time, which, for both reader and writer, is this day.

 Again, when were we created?

 In Gen.2:9 God caused the trees etc. to grow, although He had created them Gen.1:11, they didn’t manifest ‘til some time later.

God mentions at this time, the Tree of Life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil were already in the garden, He doesn’t mention either of them growing; they were previously there.

 The Lord Jesus is the Way, the Truth the Light and the Life, Jn.4:16, 6:35, 48, Rev. 2:7 Good trees bring forth good fruit, Mt. 7:18 

 With Jesus being the Author of Life, (the Tree of Life?), who then is the tree of knowledge of good and evil from which Eve partook?

 Gen. 2:21-22 explains how Eve, in physical form, came into being. Eve is called, in the Bible, the mother of all living. Gen.3:20. This of course refers to the human specie, as each seed must bring forth according to its kind. Adam though is never referred to as the father of all living.

 God created man, not woman, in His own image, Gen.1:26, but 2:4 tells us there was no man to till the ground. In 2:7 God formed man out of the dust of the earth.

 God is Spirit; a man made in His image would therefore also be a spirit. Adam, later received his physical manifestation, was made out of the as yet un-cursed earth. This being so, would not that same principle apply to all that God created?

God said “I AM the Lord, I change not” Mal. 3:6

 As God can’t change, everything He does is perfect the first time He does it. He will therefore have to do everything the same way once He has established the precedent.

This makes the Bible such an easy Book to understand. It is consistent, not open to fluctuations of mood or opinion, all the Way through.

 The Bible says we are made out of the dust of the earth, “and man shall turn again into dust.” Job 34:15

 In Genesis God created the earth, and then, after the fall, God curses the ground Gen.3:17.

This clearly explains how those who are made out of the dust of the earth are now made out of dirt cursed by God.

 There are references to this through Old and New Testaments, and Paul sums it up nicely when he said, in Rom.7:17 “In my flesh there dwelleth no good thing.”

That’s also why the Lord Jesus had to be virgin born.           

 His body was created by God.

Otherwise, if Mary had any part in His creation, He too would have been born in sin and iniquity and come into the world speaking lies; Ps.58:3, making Him an unworthy sacrifice. 

 Forget that Roman Catholic rubbish about Mary being virgin born, born without sin. That’s purely satanic lies and propaganda.

 The Lord Jesus Christ was the spotless, sinless tabernacle in which God could dwell, and He had to be perfect, in His flesh, to be the worthy sacrifice.

 Some denominations suggest man can attain this sinless-ness, that we can be perfect in this flesh. Where is the Bible evidence to support that? We are sinless only if we are in Him.

That is a lie of the devil, and he is the father of lies, Jn.8:44 

 The Word alone will rectify confusion.

 This flesh is never perfected; the Bible says we have a new body already waiting for us on the other side. Phil.3:21 Our physical bodies are cursed with every infirmity; we are born in sin, shapen in iniquity and come into the world speaking lies.

 Our responsibility, as Christians, is to get our eyes off ourselves, and our weaknesses, where Satan tries to keep us looking, and get our eyes on Christ, the anointed One, the perfect Word, which is where Satan doesn’t want us to look

Remember, Lucifer appears “as an angel of light”. 2Cor.11:14.

 He is not the Angel of Light, Who is Christ, he is an impostor; an impersonator, a deceiver, appearing as an angel of Light, but he is, logically, not an angel of Light. He is striving to mislead God’s children from their true path with a false light. Much like a damp ember compared with a million watt helium globe.

 Transform: “Change in form, outward appearance, character, disposition.”

 Satan, and his disciples on the earth today, the denominational ministries, are transformed; they take on a false character, they claim to be bringers of truth, ministers of righteousness, 2Cor.11:15, but they are liars, servants of the devil, and don’t even know it.

 In the Garden of Eden, Lucifer, through the beast, deceived Eve. He offered her more light, better understanding, wisdom, when, in fact, he was leading her away from God’s Word into darkness.

 If Lucifer could deceive Eve, who walked and talked with the living God, how foolish are we to believe we couldn’t be deceived by some smooth talking minister or church system?

 That’s why we always need come back to the Word, for in It alone is Truth, Light and Life.

 Jesus said “I AM the Light of the world.” Jn.8:12.  Any other light is not the Light, but is a light, so watch what you’re following.

 In Gen.4 Eve said that she had gotten a man from the Lord. She was talking about Cain. That’s a trick statement though.

As God is the Author of all life, He surely allowed Cain to have life, but He points out, in 1Jn.3:12, Cain is of the wicked one.  God isn’t wicked, nor is Adam ever referred to as being wicked, so who is Cain’s father?

Cain had a type of life, as does Lucifer; it is a life allowed by God, but not of God.

Rev.12:7-9 tells us the Serpent, the Beast and the Devil are all one and the same critter.

Was he the one who deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden?

 Gen.3:1. All beasts were formed, including the serpent.  Acts 28:3-5 a viper is identified as a beast. Rev.20:2 identifies the serpent as being Satan, which makes him the Beast also.

 Gen 5:1-3 also points out that Cain was not made in Adam’s image, and we suggest he was the image of the Beast. 1Jn.3:12.

 The Bible is self-explanatory, we haven’t been able to understand It properly ‘til this age, because the Book was sealed by God. Dan.9:24; 12:4; Rev.5:1, 10:4 but in Rev.10:7, when the Seals are removed from the Book, the Mystery of God is finished.

We, the Christians of the last Gentile age, are now required, by God, to recognize our responsibilities; that we are to give account for every word we speak; we need ensure we are saying what He says, and not putting any personal or church interpretations to the fully revealed Word which is now our responsibility.

 We are to die to our thoughts, to replace them with His thoughts; we speak, at all levels, as He would have us speak, and our confession is that He is here, not coming, but we are in the process of going.


[1] All word meanings from Oxford dictionary