© John R Nolan 10/5/06

The conundrum surrounding the Word of God; Grace, Faith, Interpretation, and Revelation is the evidence of man’s inability to surrender to God’s Will instead of maintaining his own.

Each denomination, home group, every religious organization prove through their division, how misunderstood the Word of God is in their midst.

Their separation from each other over the Word is contrary to the most fundamental teaching of God. Each has their own interpretation, contrary to Bible teaching, 2 Pet.1:20, based on teachings of their founders’ revelation and, though they quote Scripture to support their doctrines.

Sadly they neglect many other Scripture which expose their error.

Satan quoted Scripture to deceive Eve, in the Garden, didn’t he? Though, he did personally interpret It, question It’s authority and authenticity.

The Pharisees quoted Scripture to support murdering their Messiah, didn’t they?

Let’s look at a number of Scriptures to determine whether denominations are subject to God, following His Word or of their father, the devil, as the Lord Jesus Christ told the Pharisees and Saducees, by personally interpreting Scripture?

“Neither be ye of doubtful mind” Lk.12:29.

“Be of the same mind one toward another” Rom.12:16

“Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Jesus Christ, that ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” Rom.15:5-6.

“Fulfill my joy, that ye be like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.” Phil.2:2. “joined together in the same mind” 1Cor.1:10.

Martin Luther, a man used by God to teach doctrine which exposed the roman catholic hypocrisy and perversion, was the messenger to call His, (God’s) people out of the pagan system of Rome, to get God’s chosen back into a personal relationship with God, through revelation of His Word.

Luther’s message from God was that the just shall live by Faith.

When Luther was taken off the scene, man organized, started the Lutheran religion, engraved Luther’s doctrine in stone and God moved on.

John Wesley, in like manner, was chosen by God, to call God’s children out of the Lutheran denomination into the ongoing process of God’s revelation of Himself, to His bride for that age.  Wesley’s message was sanctification, that God wants His children to resist the devil’s miniscule flash of bright temptation and to walk in God’s Light and to sanctify their lives.

The Wesleyan age saw the greatest evangelistic crusades ever held on the earth since Paul. The Word of God was taken to every corner of the globe, to the jungles of Africa, South America, through the tropical islands of Polynesia, to the Arctic and the deserts.

When Wesley was taken home to be with his Lord again organized his doctrine, established an immoveable barrier around what God had given them and refused to progress any further: There Wesley’s message died, the Methodist religion began and God moved on.

Why did Wesley’s doctrine differ from Luther’s?  Not because they were delivering different messages, preaching different gospels, but Wesley had a more complete understanding of God’s revelation of Himself.

Not another message, but the continuing unfolding of the same message.

Remember, we are looking at the need for Christians to have the same Faith, not to have personal interpretations, which is forbidden in Scripture 2 Pet.1:20.

Christians need carefully consider the way they are being led by their pastor, their denominational doctrine, because, we are to be of one mind when it comes to His Word “be of good comfort, be of one mind” 2 Cor.13:11.

“that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel” Phil.1:27.

“that ye be like minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind” Phil.2:2.

God is not interested in the way man wants to justify his failures, excuses for disobedience nor personal interpretation of what Scripture says; He wants His children to hear His Word and submit themselves to what He is teaching.

How do we identify what God is teaching for this day if the doctrines adopted by the denominations are no longer relevant?

There are a number ways we can establish the authenticity of doctrine, the foremost being the application of the Word test.

If we consider the stance of the Roman catholic cult on the Word of God, we quickly determine they have supplanted God’s Bible with doctrines giving the pope supposed omnipotence, authority to stand in the self professed Holy place, the Vatican, to pontificate on Bible interpretation.

The r.c. hierarchy claim what the pope says is truth, which must be obeyed by all Roman catholic followers, whether it is Scriptural, subject to the Bible or not.

This is contrary to Scripture, as is the worship of Mary, dead saints, which is necromancy, and, more obscene, the worship of the pope “instead of the Son of God” as is inscribed over the papal throne.

Christians should have zero tolerance when confronted with such blasphemy;  we need recognize that individual reaction, your attitude to God’s Word, what you confess from your mouth is what you shall be judged by, not works, not penances, not the rubbish pedalled by the papal prostitute.

Like-mindedness is a reasonably simple concept; it involves those who profess to believe a particular concept, whether it be Spiritual, mechanical, emotional, and must have common understanding and thoughts on that subject.

It is not suggested each individual should lose their individuality nor be subservient to another’s thoughts; none of us have a right, or the ability to deny or alter the truth of gravitational force in this specific dimension.

Sure, outside of the earth’s gravitational field the force of gravity varies, but the law, the principle that is gravity is an indisputable reality.

Those who profess Christianity are also controlled by a specific set of boundaries, established by the Scriptures.

As we have seen, if your or any other person’s ideas are not within those boundaries, as God says the Scripture is of no personal interpretation, then we need understand how Scripture defends, explains and fulfils Itself.

The Lamsa bible, a direct translation from the Aramaic gives an interesting translation of 2 Pet.1:20; “Knowing this first that not every prophetic writing is made clear in its own book.”

It takes the Whole Book to understand the Whole Book.

We are considering Zero tolerance; how Scripture instructs Christians to be of one Faith.

Scripture is our basis for all consideration, or we are into personal concepts, ideologies, cults or sects.

The Bible declares there is “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism” Eph. 4:5 which declares anything contrary to that is not correct; “but to be Spiritually minded is life.” Rom.8:6

There are many spirits, not all of them are necessarily good; Mat.10:1; Mk.1:27; Lk.17:21; Acts 19:16; but there is only One Spirit which is good, and that is God, Jn.4:24, 15:26.

In this, the last Biblical age, as judgement strikes the earth, it is imperative those who believe they are of God examine whether they are worshipping the right one.

Mt.15:9; Mk.7:7; Acts 17:23; Jn.4:22; Rev.13:8-12; 14:11 suggest there will be a large number of people found worshipping incorrectly, though they are desperately sincere in their worship.

Tolerance: “endure, permit (practise, actions, person’s doing); forebear to judge harshly or rigorously (person, religious sect, opinion.)”

In building or measurement calculations there is commonly an error allowance referred to as a tolerance.

Zero tolerance implies there is no room for error; there are no excuses for inaccuracies, and, in this age, now the Seven Seals on the Bible have been removed, there is no tolerance for error on God’s Word.

In previous ages, including God’s dealings with His people, Israel, there was a certain allowance for error in Spiritual matters; otherwise every person who broke the least of God’s laws would have been instantly killed.

Likewise, through the seven church ages appointed to the Gentiles, God allowed for, tolerated and compensated for our ignorance, because we didn’t know any better. Now, with the Seals removed from the Book, we are moving into the Bride age, going back to the beginning, the church ages are complete and we are now dealing directly with God.

We are not in another age, we are moving into eternity.

Just as parents of a child will not mercilessly beat a baby who wets its pants, spills food, etc., as they are in a growing process and cannot be condemned for mistakes, for the Gentile times, we too were in a growing, learning process, and God tolerated our mistakes.

Now God has returned to earth, spoken through His end time prophet to the Gentiles, opened the Seals and revealed the mysteries contained within His Book, there is no excuse.

You loudly proclaim “When did God do that? We don’t know about that.”

Are you familiar with the Scriptures pertaining to this day?

Rev. 2:1–3:22 describes seven church ages. Each of these ages has a specific messenger (singular) to whom is given a message from God.  This message describes the condition of the church in each age and the steps required to lead God’s children, Christians, back to the Word of God.

We need identify each messenger and, fortunately, God sent a prophet- messenger to the last church age, through whom He explained the whole thing for us, amen.

How do we identify, vindicate the messenger to each age?

It is a simple Biblical process to identify the messenger for each age, which is according to their Biblical vindication. This is an area where the unwise, the foolish virgins, can be easily confused, deceived and blinded.

There are a set of Bible rules by which we identify not the man so much, but the ministry which operated through him. Deut.18:15-22, Jer.28:9.

{There are no women used in these roles.}

We need recognize there are only three ministries we Gentiles should be concerned with; that of the Lord Jesus Himself, the ministry of Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, and the Ministry which fulfils Mal.4:5-6; Lk.17:30; Rev.10:1-7; the end time Ministry of God to the Gentiles.

Paul, the first messenger to the Gentile church was a prophet, the gift of prophecy operated through his ministry, more importantly though, his ministry was 100% vindicated by God.

Gifts and calling are without repentance, but because a gift operates through an individual, it does not vindicate them, the person, nor prove they are of God.

The Word alone vindicates a ministry.

Mat.7:13-22 describes many coming to Jesus, declaring how they had cast out devils, talked in tongues, healed the sick, raised the dead and done many mighty works, all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, yet Jesus tells them they are workers of iniquity, children of the devil and were not in His program at all.

Signs and wonders are not Biblical vindication; Lucifer and his children can duplicate every gift except one, discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart, which is the Messianic sign. Heb.4:12

Only one Ministry has that, the Lord Jesus Himself.

In this age this Ministry of the Lord Jesus has again been operating on the earth, through the prophet of Mal.4:5-6.

The church world put Christ to death the second time, Heb.6:6, when the denominations rejected this Ministry in preference for their creeds, doctrines and dogma.

In the Christian Faith there is now zero tolerance for anything outside God’s Word.

God is here, now, calling His bride out of the denominations, the church systems, back to His Word, for the catching away of 1Thes.4:15-16.

What do you believe? What do you understand about the end time?

Possibly it is time for you to adopt a more serious attitude, to search out what is going on today, for “strait is the gate, narrow is the Way and few there be who find it” Mat.7:14

That sounds like Zero Tolerance.