As I rode through the scrub on my Quad,  

In a clearing there, what did I see?

A whopping big, bronze flying saucer,

Hidden beneath the Funny Green Tree.

It looked like a bright, glowing turtle,   

With most strange coloured lights on its side;

Its four legs looked way, way too skinny;

“My, that is pretty weird” [1]qualked the Quad.

I grabbed my waddy, gave him a whack,

On his head, to make sure it still works.

He fell to ground, with a funny sound,

Sam Snoozle whispered, quiet, “Look at that!”         

Out the side door came five little Things,

Floating, flying, on strange see through wings;

Odd coloured, shaped and looking quite mean.

Walking on air, a very bad dream.

 Snoozle said “Twit, the Quad you just hit,

Was our only sure means of escape.”

I whacked him too, for saying what’s true,

Then slipped into mycapeand my hat.     

Sam woke up quick; his head’s pretty thick, 

A dreamer who is rather silly. 

Said “That wasn’t nice, pass me the ice,

Is there time to boil up the billy?”                                                                 

I said “Wake the Quad, with a sharp prod,

It’s no time for him to be sleeping.

We’d best away, lest we’re in a fray,

Or then we all three may be grieving.”

 When down under the Funny, Green Tree,       

It’s amazing the things you may see; 

 AUSMIES at play, that vanish away,     

It’s a wondrous, weirdly place to be.

Quad found his feet, where they used to be,

A short distance, below his four knees.

Ready to speed, when they need escape,

Our feet really can help One, Two, Flee.             (Ancient bad Chinese joke!)

Here we were stuck, too far from our bus,

The thick bush now quieter than silence.

Five little Things, floating, on clear wings,

Toward us, looking rather violent.

 Snoozle moaned loud, and sank to the ground,

The Quads knees were castanets dancing;

Clicking and clacking, though standing still,

The five funny Things kept advancing.

Closer they drew, on wings you see through,

Soundless on soft afternoon breezes.

Hiding in panic, (Italian grass,)

Both feet locked in terrified seizure.

The leading Thing stopped, tickled the Quad,

Calmed him in about half a moment;

Picked Sam Snoozle up, dusted him off,

Said, “Hallo, we’re happy to meet you.”

That’s the tale of one fantastic day,

When we met the Things come from Somewhere;

There’s more to tell, but I heard abell,

Dinner time, so I guess we’ll leave it.

Though there’s much more to say, of how we went away,

In their spaceship, if you’ll believe it.”  



[1] QUALKING is how Quadmaropogii communicate