It is a brassy morn; preheated air beats any potential breeze into roasting submission.
Cloudless, shadeless heat cooks frayed tempers, boils bubbling wells of frustration, rage, manifesting as a poisonous mix of hate, venomous vitriol, cruel slanders, malicious, soul destroying.
It’s good to know global and emotional warming is nothing more than a fanciful illusion, manufactured by psychopathic scientists, masochistic madmen, (and women), terrorists.
Terrorists are people who desire to instill terror amongst their communities!
Terrorists are people who violently, illegally impose their will, their desires on other citizens, without any respect to the rights and beliefs of others.

Liquid, molten sun blasts through chem-trails; smog speckled, shiny skies reflect rising temperatures; sweat trickles hurriedly down scarred, wrinkled faces, whilst time worn hands twitch, tick, incessantly against dirt stained, barb wired glass.
Reflections, fantasies, glare back; grimacing, snarling, threatening faces of long lost you’s.
Hidden within curtains of street laced windows an image, a mask, an effigy looks loneliously at passing figures, planes, trains, pianos, demons, news headlines, anything, to break mind crushing portraits of one’s own empty, barren, twisted soul.
Wretched, wilting, propagandized minds strive to comprehend why, in spite of technological wonderment, unimaginable wealth, welfare payments, supposedly endless opportunities to achieve goals, we, as a society, are in such an immoral, Spiritually and financially destitute, violent, hate filled mental mess?


PROPAGANDA : 1: A committee of cardinals in charge of foreign missions;
2: Association, organized scheme, for propagation of doctrine or practise; (Oxford Dictionary)

Does this imply politicians, economists, media, are controlled by a mob of vatican trained Cardinal bigots?
(Relevant viable titbit of information to share with readers. (ed.))

As one stares, voidly, into fantasized dimensions, a world confused, perverted by childhood fairy tales, lollypop songs, ‘happy ever after’ scenarios, fed to us through t.v. soapies, cheap, tear jerker novels, educational indoctrinations, religious brainwashing, chemically poisoned foods, one ponders who is running this planet and what is the goal. (Surely seems detrimental to most residents here!)
Are these means of mass hypnosis, the books, music, etc., the weapons used by our masters of war, to deceive us, subdue us, by producing artificial scenarios, disguising, camouflaging our world into a backdrop, a pretend reality of confusing, ugly images, preventing us from questioning if we are even on the right channel?
Why are we killing ourselves, our neighbours, friends, children, our planet, with interminable wars, toxic waste, poisonous atmospheres, drugs, matricide, patricide, infanticide, suicide, mass slaughter, now having turned our planet into a denuded garbage tip, a desert waste?
Why are we polluting our soil, from which cometh our food, with mind destroying, individuality crushing chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides?
Why are we allowing the ‘POWERS THAT BE,’ to employ their scorched earth policies , destroying our world, leaving us a smouldering wreck?
Why are we allowing governments, councils, to poison our water supplies, at great expense to we taxpayers, with industrial wastes, such as fluoride and other body perverting, genetically putative chemicals?
Who has given permission for profit hungry corporate land developers to chop down such a gigantic number of our oxygen generating trees, destroying our bush, decimating or annihilating so many species of our animal and botanical heritage?
We ask these questions which we find on the lips, in the mind, of many citizens, as, it seems, few people have the courage to voice them, lest they be apprehended by those who control us, through fear.
Why are we allowing multinational drug marketeers to addict our children, to mind destroying, anti-psychotic medications?
Yes, the chemical concoctions you are, at the instigation of your medical advisers, the psychiatrists, (especially), psychologists, even your trusted G.P., pouring into your child, are highly toxic, poisonous, addictive, mind destroying.
Beyer, Roche, Faber, and other corporations producing many of these Psychotropic medications, are turning your children into clients for life, through these drugs which you, so trustingly, are administering for them.

Many suggest it is medications themselves which are the prime cause of all mental ill health.

“Whitaker argues that the adverse effects of PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATIONS, are the PRIMARY Cause of the epidemic.”
‘Anatomy of an Epidemic.’ 2010

“Severe, disabling Mental Ill-Health has dramatically increased in the United States; Social Security Disability Insurance, increased nearly 250% between 1987 and 2007, from 1 in 184 Americans to 1in 76. For children the rise is even more startling, a thirty-five fold increase in the same two decades.”
“Anti-depressant usage has increased nearly 400% in the last two decades, making antidepressants the most frequently used class of medications by Americans aged 18-44.” Marcia Angell ; New York Review of Books. 2011

There are many studies, books, by eminent psychologists, doctors, socially conscious researchers, who are now openly questioning clinical fixation on anti-psychotic drugs as the most propitious means to treat people with supposed neuroses, rather than drug free alternate methods available.
Why aren’t politicians, doctors, psychiatrists, the media, the public, listening?


What part of our human psyche is refusing to recognize we alone are accountable for what we allow corporations, governments, to do to our world, our future, our personal life? You alone are responsible for what you allow supposed specialists to inflict on yourself!
The time is long past that we, the citizens, recognize how we are being manipulated into madness, intellectually sterilized by those whose goal is total domination, global dictatorial control, the NEW WORLD ORDER!
How foolish are we?
Is it that we, as a society, are too afraid, too stupid, to stand up against insane, greed driven men and women, who are destroying our environment, our life?
Are we terrified of corporate controllers, malicious war merchants, fraudulent financiers, ashamed of our refusal to accept responsibility for what is happening, willfully whimpering our meaningless protests as we choke to death on their lies?
We have allowed ourselves to be conditioned, by those who have illegally taken control of our education systems, religious systems, the media, who forbade us to question political, economic, social, environmental or spiritual matters.
That was a subtle, insidious means to subjugate the citizens, to prevent any from questioning what was happening , from raising concerns about how we, as a society, were being betrayed by those at the top of political, religious and economic hierarchies.
Any who did raise such issues were branded, by the media, as either traitors, communists, (capitalists in Communist nations,) radicals or insane.
This was done to silence the masses, as none who are in control of our global systems want public interest, investigation, into what is being implemented upon the environment, us, by BIG MOTHER and her underlings!
We are criminally taught, by our elders, that it is TABOO to discuss religion, politics, economics, truth, whilst Radio Red, our socialist mouthpiece, the A.B.C., AUNTY, does all she is instructed, by governments and multinational plunderers, to keep the whimpering, drugged masses ignorant, subordinate.
Feminist announcerettes waffle inanely about traffic traumas, hospital horrors, floods, fires, food shortages, crop failures, cold snaps, road deaths, alcohol sales, new wars, old wars, start your own wars, whilst airing political platitudes, mutterings of oncoming economic collapses, a world in total chaos, in soft, motherly tones.
AUNTY keeps the masses happy, with fanciful comments about how our glorious, caring, clever and compassionate leaders have improved our way of life, restored our freedom, as she pumps out mumbled statistics about crop sales increases, international brokerage success with sales of our minerals, our farms, our factories, our intellectual know-how.
She gabbles on about how the average family is indubitably wealthier, eating better quality foods, drinking better quality water, having more spare time, as she keeps delicately seducing her addicted victims, with a continuous, calculating, mind numbing gabble.
AUNTY, the mouthpiece of the PARTY, ceaselessly mumbles on, as she insidiously implants Government lies, propaganda, into drug deadened thought processes of her captive audience.

Cacophony fades into right hand speakers as she continues her scintillating descriptions of cake cook  offs, see through nappies, feminist victories in everything, in her subtle, salubrious, monosyllabic tones. Lulling her audience with calming tone, mind crushing, life deadening intellectual repasts, peppered with stories about weather, cricket, two bush rats who invaded some woman’s kitchen, terrifying both she and him, and on and on and on.

“That’s quite an interesting, emotionally stimulating reporting, don’t you think?”
Asked R25, as he vacuumed the walls of the trough in which he lived.
“Sounds much like the story we heard yesterday, or the day before, or even one coming tomorrow. It’s all generated and distributed by NEWSINC., the Fascist branch of Murdoch Mind Control.”
“You don’t say?”
“No, I don’t say, for if I do I will be sent away for another dose of “RE-BRAINING’, and that can be a painful process which I would prefer to avoid.”
“But how would they know what you were thinking?” R25 asks.
“Because either you will tell them, as you think you may get a ration supplement or an hour extra in the Game Room, or, that microphone in your mobile phone will have recorded what was said, which I why I never said it.”

“Surely you don’t believe I would betray you to the THOUGHT POLICE?”
“I know you handed your dad in for warning you how the political and economic systems stinks, that it is time we rebelled against this insane, soul crushing hierarchy, BIG MOTHER, before she destroys us all.” replied R25
“Yes, well, you can trust me.” responds ZK89
“Right! I’m sure your dad smiled all the way to his execution.”

Outside: the world is gradually, ever more acceleratingly, falling to little, biddy pieces; useless waste, scraps, whilst you have been convinced, through cryptic education, lying media indoctrination, to think it’s all ‘O.K.’

Inside: shielded behind morning medications, masses of suppressed citizens, victims of the greatest medical/political/religious swindle of all time, yawn at accounts of:

Latest race results, football scores, traffic reports; laughing at smutty innuendos, oft mispronounced words, poisonous inducements to consume more;


Occasional fleeting glimpses, recognitions of vague, long gone touches of reality, from memory banks now faded, polluted, in a drug induced coma, with snippets of how we somehow thought things once were.


“The most deadly criticism one could make of modern civilization is that apart from its man-made crises and catastrophes, it is not humanly interesting…in the end, such a civilization can produce only a mass man; incapable of spontaneous, self-directed activities: at best patient, docile, disciplined to monotonous to an almost pathetic degree….Ultimately such a society produces only two groups of men: the conditioners and the conditioned, the active and passive barbarians.”

Blasting, fake trumpets draw attention to AUNTY’S admonishments, though the public are not computing, finding it too difficult to decipher the announcerette’s high speed speech, 120 words to the minute!
It is impossible for them to see it is the same news, day after day, with only changes to mumbled, unrecognizable names, locations, to confuse wasted, brain-dead listeners.
Repetition, recycled news, read by semi-literate, grammatically error prone women; softly wooing, soothing, suppressing BIG MOTHER’S victims through airwaves she now dominates; convincing mindless, drug proofed audiences there is no need to panic, all is under control, BIG MOTHER is watching, she is looking after us!

It is a frightening experience, to wake up, look about, realize that nothing changes, nothing but our own confused perceptions of self identification, realization, whimsical fantasy.
‘Who am I?’
Is this really happening or is it some fourth dimensional, third rate movie into which we have been cast, with an all but indescribable script?
Somewhere, deep within, we are longing for reality, changelessness, as we stare into a dirty, chipped, peeling glass, age striped mirror, burping images of how or who we thought we once were or are.
Sixty eight years proves it is fine, as the neuro-psychologist’s assessments, read aloud to the waiting throng, raise a Bronx cheer.
One squirms beneath tumbling walls of grief, searches for an escape, a place to weep, a ‘Kleenex ©’, but that is not permitted; etiquette, you know!
Sixty eight years locked in an empty cell for two, (or more, or you;) opaque walls, colored in degrees of tragic incontinence, incompetence, greed, malicious, self destructive indoctrination.
Sixty eight years fighting to overcome cursed flesh in which we are trapped, for what?
Sixty eight years striving to find a norm one is supposed to emulate, failing to comprehend;

Just more demanding, mind boggling propaganda campaigns, imposed on us, suggesting there is a ‘norm’, a common standard all citizens are required to attain, achieve, lest your blatant failures, your conditioned inadequacies, your puerile, petty thoughts be exposed on the ‘idiot box’, for all to jeer.
‘It is an interesting psychic phenomena!’

The proletariat are continuously encouraged to be ‘individual’, whilst, if one chooses to express individuality, within human perspectives, avoiding behaviour detrimental to any other citizen’s safety, sanity, one is instantly condemned for being ‘different’!

“Move to the left, do not break line, keep boarding pass clearly displayed, do not forget your number!” instruct invisible, tinny speakers.

On one hand is a list of invitees to a forthcoming funeral; a coming catastrophic pyre, molten fire.
On the other, an invitation to a Mental Ill-Health forum, being staged by depraved, deranged Shrinks, to be held in the park, in the dark, and the beat goes on.
There is too much grief!
What is scary is the shortness of the list, to either event, for there will be few who survive.
It is the loneliness, that wretched emptiness at the bottom of the pit, where we stumble around, blindly groping, hoping to make contact, find recognizable objects of personal vindication, by which we may recognize self. Who are we?

“What you talkin’ ‘bout bro.?”

Remember, we are searching to find why we, as a society, are now, more than any time, fore or past times, in need of psychiatric guidance, counseling, medications, ego boosting, psychological reprogramming?

Why do we need proof of our mental stability, of our thought processes?
Why are we incapable of accepting responsibility for our own state of mind?
Can any justified their existence, prove their presence?
These tombs in which each are trapped, $2.50 worth of cursed clay, receive and perpetuate too much pain.

We are guilty; guilty of witless ignorance, horrific refusal to accept responsibility for mindless destruction, destitution, chaos, our own psychological well being, as we inflict diabolical torture on our planet, each other, ourselves, whilst ‘BIG MOTHER’ accuses us of wallowing in masochistic, morbid self pity.


Why are we wallowing in self induced poverty, willing to grovel under the feet of the power hungry beasts to whom we subject ourselves?
Why are we passing the buck, avoiding to take control of our life, our environment, our global economic systems?
Why are we not demanding politicians, religious leaders, our economic slave masters, forfeit their self-proclaimed right of domination, that we, the citizens, can take back control of our world.

It really is your choice, to be happy or not!

You are the only one who can make momentous decisions that, no matter how the wheels may appear to be falling off your cart, no matter what odds of survival may seem, we, as supposedly intelligent beings, have options to decide how we let external factors effect us;
Why do we allow people, mud made creatures, ordinary citizens like yourselves, to invent and control fraudulent religious cults, illegal, immoral banking systems, demented, power crazed political systems, subjecting us to emotional, psychological, financial and Spiritual poverty?
Don’t you have the integrity, intestinal fortitude, to fight for your own survival?
Why do we allow selfish, power crazed people impose education systems, designed to brainwash us with negative, masochistic, self defecating rubbish, continue their imposition upon ourselves?
It is interesting to note, historically, that the Roman Catholic Cult, as she spread her ravenous clutches, since 325A.D. on, where ever she went, immediately established schools, to teach the natives, through which to implant her teachings, her programs, her religious lies, as she indoctrinated, subjugated their mentally un-polluted children into her insidious web of deception and control.
What a cunning way to pervert a nation, from the inside out!
She is doing the same today, through T.V., Movies, Cartoons, Novels, Fairy Tales, religious power, insidiously brainwashing her subjects into subservience.

Still, today, we allow those marketing news, propaganda, to mesmerize us, fill our mind with fear, dread, paranoid schizophrenia; causing us to wallow in guilt, inadequacy, ‘til we find we are trapped in her web of self condemnation, emotional, physical and Spiritual slavery.

Why are we living in an artificial, soul destroying environment, which we continuously bitch about, yet allow, seemingly want, come to pass?
Have we, through media manipulation, religious indoctrination, political propaganda, planned, drug induced confusion, psychotropic poisoning, condemned ourselves with slavery to satan and his local representatives?
Have we not welcomed servitude, mediocrity, as we subject ourselves, our heart and soul, in brainless, spineless submission, to an horrific world of angst, pain, sorrow, failure?
Have all mankind been conned into believing we deserve nothing more than Spiritual, emotional and financial destitution?
Have we yielded our freedom, adopting slavery, attributed to us, implanted in us, through an education system designed to manifest mediocrity, cowardly obedience?
Is this what has been instilled into us, through paternal, maternal, social conditioning, as our petty rewards for subservience?
Why do the general public allow such manipulation of our mind?
Why do you accept subservience as a privilege, rather than a willful attack on your freedom to live?

Remember how we were indoctrinated, as a society, through the novels;
‘1984’(Secker&Warburg 1949) and ‘ANIMAL FARM’ (Secker&Warburg 1945) into accepting the ‘New World Order’, which is now manifest in our social structures, internationally, and we really have none to blame but ourselves for allowing it to happen, do we?
Was the writing, printing and publication of both these books a part of a subtle plan, by world power brokers, as a means to undermine humanity, in the path to global governance?

Were these two books an insidious means to implant the plan for world domination, deeply into the minds of that (1947-48) generation, through our educational systems?


Check out how many times ‘1984’ and ‘ANIMAL FARM’ have been published; you may be surprised! Few other novels have achieved such global recognition, acceptance, international publication, over such a long period, since their first printing, in 1945 and 1948.
Why were these books used, continuously, extensively, since publication, throughout education systems, as part of the English curriculum, unless there were some far deeper reasons behind their prolonged success!
Were these novels of George Orwell, (Eric Blair) the seeding ground used by those planning the world take over, with which to cunningly describe, welcome young readers, into the concept of the New World Order, as they were brainwashed subconsciously, through the education system, to total subjection?
It is suggested readers get a copy of each of these two novels, take them home, study them, and determine, for yourself, whether of not suggestions made through this writing may possibly be correct; only you will be able to make that decision.

“Orwell’s work has taken a prominent place in the school literature curriculum in England,[110] with Animal Farm a regular examination topic at the end of secondary education (GCSE), and Nineteen Eighty-Four a topic for subsequent examinations below university level (A Levels).

Alan Brown noted that this brings to the forefront questions about the political content of teaching practices. Study aids, in particular with potted biographies, might be seen to help propagate the Orwell myth so that as an embodiment of human values he is presented as a “trustworthy guide”, while examination questions sometimes suggest a “right ways of answering” in line with the myth.” Wikipedia

Sadly, blindly, the public are manipulated, herded, like goats up a chute, to their slaughter, unwittingly believing our corrupt economic and political hierarchies really have the lightest interest, care, for their subjects. (Note the connotation: ABBOT-oir!)

In his essay Politics and the English Language (1946), Orwell wrote about the importance of precise and clear language, arguing that vague writing can be used as a powerful tool of political manipulation because it shapes the way we think.

We, you, have been hoodwinked into believing those controlling the global systems are somehow concerned with your peace, prosperity, welfare of the masses, in their plan of establishing total dictatorial control over you.


The goal has always been complete servitude of the masses, by the mega rich, to their satanically ordained methods, religions, controls, dictatorial devices, to crush all resistance against freedom of thought, to implement global domination.

Welcome to the THOUGHT POLICE!

We are witnessing, if we chose to see, subtle, psychologically camouflaged restoration of the original Gestapo, an organization renowned for their brutality, inflicting merciless, mindless authority, global dominance, on whoever refuses to bow to their commands; men, women, children.
They are beasts, machines of destruction, obedient to their mistress; hunting to find and destroy those who refuse subservience to BIG MOTHER, are prepared to stand against her, as she inflicts her demonic ways on the populace’.
Thus we are observing her POLICE STATE manifesting around us.

Remember your Social Security Number, always remember your number; it’s your name, it is your life, it is YOU!

The masses allow themselves to be brainwashed; they are drugged victims of those who own the Psychiatric Facade Corp., Mind Control Drug Corps., Nutritional Starvation Corp., the media, mega banks, global financiers; BIG MOTHER has taken control of your world, your life.

Whether it be through use of alcohol, nicotine, psychosomatic drugging, it is all part of a controlled, manipulated and maintained assault on your freedom, your individuality, your rights, as human beings.

Let us return to our topic, how our political and religious systems are using mass medication, with Psychotropic drugs, to subjugate, neuter the mental abilities of the communities, to protect themselves, ourselves, our children, from this plan.


“Even within mainstream psychiatry, few continue to argue that the increase in mental illness is due to previous under-diagnosis of mental disorders. The most common explanations for the mental illness epidemic include recent OVER-Diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, diagnostic expansionism, and psychiatry’s pathologizing of normal behaviour.”

The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,) was first published by the American Psychiatric Association in 1950 and listed 106 disorders.
The Mental-Ill-Health’s bible of supposed disorders is now up to DSM4 contained 365 disorders and 69% of psychiatrists involved in preparing this manual, the task force members, report having ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

However, DSM-5 has been criticized, even by some mainstream psychiatrists, such as Allen France, the former chair of the DSM-4 task force, of creating more mental patients by making it easier to qualify for a mental illness, especially for depression.” (Last Plea To DSM-5: Save Grief From the Drug Companies.’ Frances)

Could we detect a conflict of interest of those psychiatrists who originally compiled DSM-1to DSM-5?

Why is it that we are not happy?

Does the scenario described engender images of happiness?

Why are we so foolish to ignore the reality that the Rockerfellas, Rostchilds, The House of Windsor, and, finally, their boss, the pope, are polluting our mind, our world?
It is they who compose the hype and tripe within which you are constantly trapped, through T.V. indoctrination, educational dishonesty, emotively twisted media, into a morbid, moribund mental state, yet the masses consider this gross assault on our, their rights, to be irrelevant, WHY?
It is being done, constantly, right under your snuffling, drug blocked, snotty nose, and there are few people, apparently, who care how the human race is being ripped off.
Is this artificial, big screen reality with which the communities are presented really comprehended by the public?
Are they, you, foolish, indolent victims of a plan to inculcate mindless subservience, by greed driven, demonically fathered children of the Beast, who are running these programs?
Are you aware how you are being manipulated into servitude, slavery, and yet appear happy to submit to this bastardy?
Have you answers to this pertinent question?
The public is, through subtle, and blatant, calculated brain washing, constantly berated, told we are failing to show compassion, love, understanding; that, really, we have no personal value; we need ‘Wise and Prudent’ overseers, to make our decisions and choices for us.
This subtle personal attack is part of an ongoing plan to belittle, invalidate, subjugate the masses, lulling us into worshipping the devil, through those, his children, who have claimed ownership of our world!
But, be warned, any who fail to submit to indoctrination. of New World Order slavery will be condemned, accused, found guilty of treason, for refusing to grovel at the feet of the pope and his greed driven power brokers implementing this program.

Welcome to the world of F.E.M.A!

Concentration Camps are ready, all over the planet, in every nation.

Duplications of the Nazi camps of 1933-45, where those who refuse to submit to BIG MOTHER, her New World Order, will be interred, reprogrammed, or, if considered beyond redemption, exterminated!
If we are found to be thinking differently, if one should display awareness of the complexity, the dangers and size of the global swindle being perpetrated upon us, by power crazed monarchies, religious swindlers, quickly one will find oneself on the outside looking in.
BIG MOTHER is now implementing her plans for psychological assessments.
This is been, for many years, one of her most subtle, insidious ways to neutral and isolate any she declares worthy of condemnation.
She has already implemented, manifested new laws, as she does, to justify and legalize her process of conquest, that all who object, speak against her, will be declared CRAZY; then the warders will come to get you, that you may be re-assessed, rehabilitated, cured of your obvious abnormalities.
One will discover that we have a bit of a problem, that we need re-programming, and her doctors will happily prescribe anti-psychotic drugs, then surrender us into the barbaric hands, treatments provided, by those who mess with the mind.


We refer here to psychiatrists, psychologists, priests, soothsayers, those disguised as caring, learned, wise and hypocritically indoctrinated men and women, posing as saviors, who will help those in need, to comprehend and graciously, gratefully accept BIG MOTHER’S plan to help us get back in line, or kill you!

“THE SOCIETY THAT THINKS TOGETHER SURVIVES!” (So they say, as long as you think their way!)

When will the community understand these pretend doctors, (psychiatrists), are nothing more than escapees of egocentric, FINANCIER controlled universities, from whence ooze all our technological insanity, our weapons of mass destruction, diseases, our coming self-annihilation.
Remember, it was partaking of the Tree of Knowledge, in the midst of the Garden of Eden, from whence cometh worship of knowledge, rather than the Tree of LIFE, Faith, which hath led the human race this merry chase.
It is the children of Satan, offspring of the beast, who chose worldly wisdom rather than Faith in the Word of God, isn’t it?
We point out that it was not Adam who was deceived, but Eve.

Worldly knowledge has been the bedding ground from which are loosed all manner of evil upon this, our battered, dying environment.

What are we so scared of?
We ask why we, the human race, are not happy?
Why we are willingly, willfully galloping headlong into self

Our goal, in this writing, as we consider these thoughts, is to comprehend why there is such an high percentage of our community seeking psychiatric analysis, emotional and mental guidance, medication, help?

Are the public not realizing how they are continuing to submit their freedom of thought, their intellectual independence, into cunning, money hungry hands of those manufacturing and marketing Psychosomatic Medication, psychotic psychiatrists, substituting slavery for independence?
Why are you adopting psychosomatic drug dependance, with political and religious leaders’ blessings, along with alcoholic beverages, nicotine products, foods devoid of nutritional value, etc., etc., rather than Life?

Why has the human race supplanted freewill with highly addictive, poisonous PILLS?

Is it because the common people are already drugged into ignorance, poisoned with nicotine, alcohol, the most blatant mind destroying drugs?
It is the governments, chasing their tax dollars, the excises levied on alcohol sales, cigarettes and other nicotine products, which kept their coffers ticking over.
Then, with the establishment of the psychiatric industry, the marketing of sanity, through psychosomatic medications, BIG MOTHER discovered a far more effective, financially rewarding means to supplement their income.
Even better, they now had a far more effective means to subjugate the masses, through mass psychosomatic medications, to more rapidly manifest their plans for global domination.
Psychosomatic medication was quickly identified as the panacea of crowd control, the ace in the hole for governments, as marketeers of psychotropic drugs, through the Dept. Of Health.

With the growth of this manufactured Mental Ill-Health industry, those planning that world take over could eventually replace alcoholic beverages, ICE, Heroin, Pseudo-Ephedrine, along with nicotine, with a far more cost effective, legally marketable drugs as the prime means to mass medicate the community.

This program has been propagated by the pretend doctors, the totally unqualified quacks who prescribe them indiscriminately, on behalf of their suppliers, the multinational drug cartels, and we question if they are trustworthy?
Do we not have evidence of psychiatrists forcing young children, because they behave like normal children, to be psychologically assessed, before they are allowed to go to kindergarten, that they can be turned into drug addicts, by those we believed were reliable practitioners?
Even more criminal is how our governments support, grovel obediently at the feet of evil, greed driven, mind destroying drug corporations, by introducing laws which give police legislative powers to remove children from their parental care, if their parents refuse to inflict poisonous, dangerous medications on their children.

Psychotropic medication provides madness!


As we consider our history, it is difficult to realize there is nothing we have achieved, no way in which we, the human race, may claim to have contributed anything positive, edifying, inspirational, uplifting or beneficial, to the welfare of the community, our world, as long as we have been here.
All we have produced is war, planetary poverty, environmental destruction, sorrow, grief and tragedy.
All man’s goals, hopes, dreams, have been trampled underfoot in our rush for wealth, power, especially by those who illegally control us, who profess to care for us; GOLD,GOLD,GOLD!
It is cunning, greedy banksters, mega rich people, who so ‘selflessly’ claim to help us, who are behind all global grief, whilst they lead us into total subservience.
It is they who are leading the masses, YOU, as you are imbecilic ally, unwittingly meandering through mind fields; mine fields, your fields, leaving nothing more than cataclysmic, blood covered wreckage, cadavers of what once was peace, for us to fight over.

What characteristic is it, in certain people, that causes them to exert external controls on their fellow citizens?
What causes them to demand recognition, power, control?
Is it need for acceptance, validation, love?
Is it to escape their stubborn, genetically and educationally inbred
Is it because they are children of the devil?
Is it recognition of their infinitesimal insignificance, when observed in the magnitude of our galaxy, the immensity of unknown eternity; nor the incomprehensible inverted depths of an atom, which causes them such insecurity?

Are we here solely to fight in a war, a battle to overcome perceived, judgmental self-condemnation, paranoia imposed by media manipulated indoctrination, an insanity which is bred into us?
Is that the sin, guilt, with which we are encumbered; the soul destroying knowledge of our ancestors rebellion against our Creator?


Are those to whom we are conditioned to compare ourselves, by their media controlled indoctrination, any more capable of mastering madness than you, or were they only given a better set of options, support mechanisms?
In fact, how do any, rich or poor, validate their very existence?
Or are these socially worshipped super stars, sports stars, movie stars, distant stars, anything more than life size, sweaty, plastic models, used by BIG MOTHER, to ensure inadequacies, self condemnation, chronic rejection of personal invalidity is implanted in us too?
Are they the incomparably perfect models with whom we are forced to compare ourselves?
Have we failed to recognize we have been duped, locked into a cosmic game of chance?
Are we players in a economically/socially judged, regulated maze?
Clones, which are not who we really are, but who have been deprived our perceived right to discover, comprehend, recognize who we actually are?
What are you afraid of?
Why do you cringe, like a whipped cur, at the feet of those who suppress you?
What is the root cause of all your emotional, mental, Spiritual traumas, in your human experiences?
Contrary to most teachings, philosophies, we suggest the most fundamental cause of our global unhappiness is the subconscious need for us to meet and know GOD.

Throughout history, in every nation, every society, from the most primitive to this present chaotic madness, we find records of those seeking to find the Source of Life, a Creator.
Today, as we observe the self inflicted insanity, self destructive nature of those we identify as the human race, we need confess that we are bordering on the brink of an horrific catastrophe.

We have all but killed the ground from which our food is sourced; we have irreversibly poisoned our water supplies, the oceans, the very air we breathe.
We have destroyed many species of life, animal and floral, for what?
We are allowing lunatics, (we elected) to run our governments, spend trillions of dollars making new weapons of mass destruction, waste ludicrous amounts of our tax money sending spaceships to the moon, for what personal, or social benefit?


Will we ever stop gazing at the stars and start looking at ourselves, each other, recognizing that what we are missing is the reality of who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

In our history books, supposed records of our predecessors, we find those who profess to be knowledgeable, learned, wise and mature, have been fighting about this issue from the time Adam got kicked out of the Garden of Eden.
Our multitudinous compilation of human causes, excuses, reasoning’s, are calculated, cunning, demonic means to destroy truth, do avoid confrontation with the foundation on which all man made psychoses, traumas, wars, self-destruction, the human penchant to failure, are laid.


Is THIS the MONSTER at the end of the garden?

Is the human race now discovering that their gods of gold and silver, stone and wood are incapable of coming through with the goods?

Are you discovering your artificial gods are  incapable of providing freedom from poverty, diseases, insanity, hunger, greed,  violence, perversity, for all citizens, while we are slaughtering our children to wars, drugs, hatred,  death?

If they are so incapable of rectifying the horrific mess they, as your gods, have allowed to manifest on our earth, why, for what reason, to what aim do you worship them?
Is this why the human race is so unhappy?

Yes, we are, all of us, unhappy.

All we find in our histories is abject failure of the human race, ourselves, to change the system, to rectify the program, to establish peace, joy, health, prosperity on the earth.
Is this because we are too apathetic, too drugged, to get off our collective butt, take the steps necessary to ‘change the system’, have a revolution for true progress, to change the way we think.
So why are we so lazy, too indolent, apathetic?
Is it the mass medications of the society, through water, food, nicotine, alcohol, uppers, downers, artificial colourings, preservatives, flavouring etc.?

That, along with nutrition-less, hybrid, stale, lifeless foods with which we stuff our fat faces, contributes to the inability of the community to understand, comprehend how they have been, and are still being, deceived, poisoned.

If we are, as the media tells us, so happy, why are we willfully flagellating each other, ourselves, to the point of total insanity, whilst taking no steps to change the situation causing the grief, our state of mind?

This meandering collection of thoughts questions:
“Why Are We NOT Happy?”

Is it because we have rejected GOD and are hopelessly lost?
That should make any intelligent human being particularly unhappy!
We know, individually, intrinsically, deep down, something is missing; some thing is drastically wrong.
There is no true joy, love, peace, on this planet, as we search for the promised nirvana we were, as children, psyched up to believe was just around the next bend.
Where is it?
Have we been conned into a fairytale; deceived, cunningly coerced into the same lie satan told Eve, right back at the start, that this is heaven and don’t expect anything better. ‘Just pay your money at the door as you step out.’
All the promises he, satan, offered Eve, and her hybridized, mongrel mob of descendants, of power, money, fame, lust, drugs, etc., are nothing more than pseudo, paltry replacements of the promises made us by God.
Mere cheap, brassy copies, which leave us with only evidence of how wretched we really are.
We, as a society, a global community, are getting daily more depressed, traumatized, disappointed; do we even realize just how tragic we are?

We look at our Cosmic Balance Sheet, to find all we, as humans, are accumulating is debt, with rich servings of shame, fear, doubt, Spiritual and human ineptitude, mediocrity, failure.
We have destroyed so many species, fauna and flora, as we fill our oceans with wrecked ships, enormous oil spillages, chemical run off from agricultural poisoning, weed control, plastic waste.
We know there are horrific numbers of animals, birds, whales, fish stocks which are already decimated, if not extinct, yet our politicians and scientists idiotically introduce species, like the cane toad, from other nations, which are killing our native birds, marsupials, insects, frogs, etc..
Is that particularly smart?

As we add our contribution to our environment, we realization, if our politicians, scientists, farmers are smart enough to add two and two, that we have no credits left, we are playing with a loaded, poisonous, self destructive deck.
With a net result of no progress, no change, yet we do nothing;

If we want to be happy, it is only ourselves who can make suitable changes through our personal courage, our commitment, to rectify the present situation, isn’t it?
From what are we running?

Is it GOD?

Are you looking for some simple scenario, where you don’t have to accept any responsibilities for the way you have allowed our social structures, our moral codes, our Spiritual emptiness, to slip into an horrific cesspit of depravity, violence, greed, environmental vandalism, refusing to accept that one day, not too far down the road, you are going face the Judge?
You have no defense, nor any court of appeal,
Yes, the human race, including you, your family, your friends, are to be called before the Judge of this world, the Creator, to explain to HIM why you did not look after the world HE allowed you to live in’
HE will ask you to give account of how you cared for, looked after, this once beautiful planet.
Yes, it was once beautiful, before this hybrid, mongrel species, called mankind, was let loose on this now trashed, ugly, falling apart world we call home.
The oft altered records of the human race’s short tint on earth, in earth, ground cursed by God, reveals how we have denied our concept of HUMANE-ITY; how we have mindlessly, mercilessly butchered many species of animals, birds, fish, plants, flora and fauna, into extinction.
We have excelled at slaughter, of our fellow beings, in war, with disease, with motorcars, planes, guns, knives, to find now that Judgement is upon us, the end of time, in this dimension, the end of this world, is upon us.
What is the brutal, cruel pounding, sounding behind our ears?
Hot, panting breath, singeing hairs from backs of balding, radiation warmed heads; steaming, sweaty, rancid breaths, salivating, announcing departure times for indolent itinerants, departing dwarfs, oncoming judgement, of reprisal, of consequences, of guilt.
It is within this social structure we are trapped.
Western society, as we know it, is on an horrific, hell bound ride, accelerating into an insurmountable wall: A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION!

Our community has been deceived, by those controlling our education, religions and media, into servitude
We have been lied to, brainwashed, by those controlling us, with their vast array of drugs, administered to us daily, through poisoning of our medical system, our foods, our water, filling our minds with fear.
We were, and are, mindlessly trusting those who are so willfully poisoning us.
Growth in what is called the Mental Ill-Health Industry is accelerating at a pace which no global economy is capable of sustaining; it is hugely contributing to the global bankruptcy now manifesting.
We suggest this social sickness, MANIPULATED MADNESS, buried in an avalanche of dubious diagnosis and psychotropic drug marketing, is a far more dangerous malaise then Communists, Socialists or any other assorted religious lunatics now available.
This is the age in which insanity conquers all, as those driving this planet irreversibly toward a Cosmic Wall, beasts fitted for destruction, prepare to annihilate this planet, with the nuclear holocaust we have manufactured.

We allowed Drug Corporations. Roche, Beyer, Faber, etc. to drown our society in mind destroying/thought controlling drugs.
We, through trusting stupidity, allowed the historically proven masters of mass murder, those providing our ever expanding supply of psychosomatic, psychotropic drugs, free reign.
We allow those selling alcohol, nicotine, uppers, downers, inners, outers, access to our community through placement of their poisons, in our supermarkets, making them freely available to teenagers, children.
Is this not proof of how doctors, psychiatrists, priests, et al., supposedly wise and moral leaders of the community are encouraging big business to turn our world into a lunatic asylum of neurotic, alcoholic, psychotic, manic hypochondriacs.


There appears little, or, one suggests, no clinically based evidence demonstrating that psychiatric treatment, especially those with medication attached, have consequently contributed to restoration of mental health of any client.
In fact there is NO forensic evidence to validate accusations that behavioral glitches, what are socially considered, qualified as ‘Abnormal’ conduct, are in fact ‘Psychoses’, but are generally nothing more than conditioned responses to various previous experiences, situations.
Psychosis is in itself a misnomer, as what is being described is not mental ill-health, but medical insanity; on the part of the psychiatrists.

Mental ill health is not a psychosis, in fact, if we consider the key meaning of PSYCHO, (mind/soul) we find there is a direct connection with one’s state of mind and one’s Spiritual Health.

This, as a topic, is basically ignored by most psychiatrists, psychologists, and workers in this field we describe as Mental Ill-Health.
We provide the Wikipedia description of Psychosis, and encourage readers to consider connotations conjured up, as we allow the meaning of the Soul, and the Mind to merge.
PSYCHOSIS: Psychosis (from the Greek ψυχή psyche, “mind/soul”, and -ωσις -osis, “abnormal condition or derangement”) refers to an abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a “loss of contact with reality”. People suffering from psychosis are described as psychotic.
Psychosis (as a sign of a psychiatric disorder) is a diagnosis of exclusion. That is, a new-onset episode of psychosis is not considered a symptom of a psychiatric disorder until other relevant and known causes of psychosis are properly excluded.[2]
Medical and biological laboratory tests should exclude central nervous system diseases and injuries, diseases and injuries of other organs, psychoactive substances, toxins, and prescribed medications as causes of symptoms of psychosis before any psychiatric illness can be diagnosed.[2] In medical training, psychosis as a sign of illness is often compared to fever since both can have multiple causes that are not readily apparent.[2]
The term “psychosis” is very broad and can mean anything from relatively normal aberrant experiences through to complex and catatonic expressions of schizophrenia and bipolar type 1 disorder.[3][4][5] In properly diagnosed psychiatric disorders (where other causes have been excluded by extensive medical and biological laboratory tests), psychosis is a descriptive term for the hallucinations, delusions, sometimes violence, and impaired insight that may occur.[6][7] Psychosis is generally given to noticeable deficits in normal behaviour (negative signs) and more commonly to diverse types of hallucinations or delusional beliefs (e.g. grandiosity, delusions of persecution).
An excess in dopaminergic signalling is hypothesized to be linked to the positive symptoms of psychosis, especially those of schizophrenia. However, this hypothesis has not been definitively supported. The dopaminergic mechanism is thought to involve the aberrant salience of environmental stimuli.[8]
Many anti psychotic drugs accordingly target the dopamine system; however, meta-analyses of placebo-controlled trials of these drugs show either no significant difference in effects between drug and placebo, or a very small effect size, suggesting that the patho-physiology of psychosis is much more complex than an overactive dopamine system.[9][10]
People experiencing psychosis may exhibit some personality changes and thought disorder. Depending on its severity, this may be accompanied by unusual or bizarre behaviour, as well as difficulty with social interaction and impairment in carrying out daily life activities.
One suggests the entire concept of what is called Psychosis, Psychiatry, Psychosomatic can be seen, by the confusion expressed above, is a malicious, destructive control mechanism through which Freud, and his fast thinking mates, quickly determined, could become a means to make incalculable wealth, ESPECIALLY to provide a means to exert incalculable control over the masses.
This gave birth to a self perpetuating, demonic industry, through which the minds of the masses could be enslaved, captured, crushed, with mind altering drugs.

This use of psychotropic drugging was one of the most successful weapons used by the THIRD REICH, the Nazi party, to subjugate German citizens, in their war for world domination, under the vatican swastika.
We see the Swastika, the papal cross, stamped all over psychotic medications, in the way they are being used, today, to indoctrinate, subordinate children, as young as two years old, just as it was in Nazi Germany.
Mind control medication is still used extensively in both Communist and Western nations, is an integral program, used by the vatican, through their vast networks, under the guise of care, in mentally handicapping a staggering portion of the general community.
Could it be suggested we are observing a resumption of this NAZI plan of world domination, particularly considering the pr-proven use of mass brainwashing, through psychosomatic medication, to destroy free will, to indoctrinate the masses in subjugation to the FOURTH REICH?

Is the explosion in use of psychotropic medication, especially against our children, a continuation of satanic programs, legalized by Psychiatric servants of the drug companies, to prevent our community from understanding what is being done to themselves?
We notice a marked increase in use of the Swastika, as their banner, by various, right wing fundamentalist political groups.
Could this also be a sign?
Could the crooked cross be evidence of the impending implementation of the NEW WORD ORDER?

Could we be the final generation, the ones who will witness the human race go completely insane?
If we consider the wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes in unusual places, crazy weather patterns, we may be prone to suggest that we are witnessing a world that is rapidly falling to pieces, without hope of any SUPER MAN to swoop down from Metropolis, to save us from a catastrophic cataclysm.
What we are witnessing is the establishment of a totalitarian political system, the long promised centralization of all power, in the hands of the mega-rich, who, in term, will serve their master, Lucifer.
All wars, all evidences we have of our histories, reveal how we have been at war, from the time we got kicked out of the Garden of Eden to this day, and we are today right on the edge of plummeting over the Nuclear edge, into a burning, bubbling pit of hell, as we allow ourselves to be herded into the New Age.
The human race was hybridized from our ancestors mingling their seed with that of the Beast and we are now at the end of our brief sojourn here, as we allow the demonically inspired beasts who control our politics, hierarchies, religious leaders, those appointed to lead their children, serpent seed, into their end time scenario.
As all power is given into the hands of those guiding the world into the FOURTH REICH, the vatican, we wish you all good fortune.
Is the Crooked Cross the true sign of Satan’s religion, is it the final sign ?
We provide an explanation of the SWASTIKA

“The swastika (卐) (Sanskrit: स्वस्तिक) is a symbol that generally takes the form of an equilateral cross, with its four arms bent at 90 degrees. The earliest archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization as well as the Mediterranean Classical Antiquity and paleolithic Europe. Swastikas have been used in various other ancient civilizations around the world including Turkey, India, Iran, Armenia, Nepal, China, Japan, Korea and Europe. It represents the principle originating the universe, or life (Brahman), with the four swirling arms representing the four directions of the manifest universe (the four faces of Brahma).[1] It remains widely used in Indian religions and Far Eastern religions.
The word “swastika” comes from the Sanskrit svastika – “su” (meaning “good” or “auspicious”) combined with “asti” (meaning “being”)[citation needed], along with the diminutive suffix “ka.” The swastika literally means “well-being.” It is a common practice for Hindus to draw Swastika symbols on the doors and entrances to their houses during festivals, which is believed to symbolize an invitation to goddess Lakshmi.[2] The name “sauwastika” is sometimes given to the left-facing arms symbol, which is a mirror image of swastika (卍).[3]
The symbol has a long history in Europe reaching back to antiquity. In modern times, following a brief surge of popularity as a good luck symbol in Western culture, a swastika was adopted as a symbol of the Nazi Party of Germany in 1920, who used the swastika as a symbol of the Aryan race. A right-facing 45° rotated swastika was incorporated into the flag of the Nazi Party, which was made the state flag of Germany during the Nazi era, after Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933.
Hence in many Western countries the swastika is stigmatized as being associated with Nazism and related concepts like anti-Antisemitism, hatred, violence, death, and murder.[4] Notably, the swastika has been outlawed in Germany and other countries if used as a symbol of Nazism in certain instances. Many modern white nationalist and Neo-Nazi groups such as the Russian National Unity use stylized swastikas or similar symbols.” (Wikipedia.)
The swastika was a common symbol in ancient Egyptian religions, Babylonian mystical cults, as inscribed on various Egyptian pyramids, artworks, religious images.
It is a symbol found in various Roman Catholic cathedral carvings, on their robes, and suggests a far deeper connotation to their religious views, their origins, which are not Christian, with the occult.

Various scientists working on the evolution of psychosomatic medications, were German, and were actively involved, with the Nazi party, prior to Hitler’s defeat.
Many of these scientists were welcomed into America, (without any prosecution,?), after the war, to continue their Corporate financed program, developing psychosomatic medication, to inculcate emerging MENTAL ILL-HEALTH SYSTEMS, with which to drug and subjugate communities, world wide, by addicting the masses to psychotropic drugs.
Some could suggest this current war against the human mind, freedom of thought, is a continuation of an age old plan to destroy free will.
Could it be an ongoing plan to establish a papal controlled 4th Reich?

‘Surely not!’ you say, but, tragically, someone, with rather questionable motives, is planning and implementing this horrific attack on our sanity.

In many schools now, even kindergartens, children as young as two years old are being psychiatric ally assessed, before they will be accepted as students.
These young children are given a questionnaire, completed by a parent, which seeks to document the child’s behavioual patterns.
The questionnaire is ludicrous, worded in such a way that, if the school believes the child is ‘Abnormal’, displaying what most parents would consider normal behaviour, the child must be assessed by a school psychiatric team.
After the assessment, the shrink tell mum and dad that the child must be medicated, which means, basically, turned into a drug addict, for life, through prescription of highly addictive, poisonous, mind destroying psychotropic medications.
This same process could be operating at a school near you!
Just as a matter of interest, how does one assess a two year old child’s mental levels?
Has the whole world gone mad?

Yes; because we, the citizens, forfeited our intrinsic right to think for ourselves, to maintain our God given right to freedom of thought, apathetically believing the devil’s lie, as did Eve, that everything is alright, there is no need to panic, as we watch our world heading to economic, social and global annihilation.
Are we being brainwashed to thinking everything is all right?

Those who control and manipulate this mess, our political employees, we have allowed, through our own laziness, apathy, indolence, to hoodwink us with their education systems, media bombardments, multinational drug marketeering, the medical profession, to deceive us into hell.
We, foolishly trusting, as did Eve, the professionals, doctors, psychiatrists, people of supposed integrity, who, without any effort, enslaved us into religious, drug induced madness, are now recognizing the web you trapped yourself in.
We fell for an incredibly cunning plan, with a very short straw, as we allowed governments, by use of Psychotropic Drugs, as well as alcohol, nicotine, food additives, poisoned water supplies, to destroy our freedom of thought, to subjugate the masses, enslave us to the will of the master of this game, Lucifer.
You and I yielded our rights to maintain control of our mind, our right to


Who convinced the community, our warders, (politicians) that it was a good idea to mass medicate the public, through use of a toxic waste, fluoride, being pumped into our water supplies, although it is a proven poison?
You are encouraged to do a bit of research, to actually find out the effects of fluoridation on our mind, let alone the growing, untarnished minds of children who are exposed to it.
Why did we allow, and continue to allow it to happen?
Who convinced you, without any documented evidence, that we should allow ourselves to be so poisoned?
Who are the crazy ones in this world?
Is it the average citizens who allow politicians, power brokers, demons in business suits, to delude us?
We recognize that it is the power lusting, greed motivated bankers, Rostchilds, Rockerfellers, etc., along with their boss, the pope, all servants of satan, who have illegally taken control of our world, who are driving our world into total chaos, under their dictatorial plans.
We, our parents, grandparents, were too naive, too trusting, too lazy, to observe how we were being hoodwinked into slavery, into economic subjugation, religious indoctrination, political betrayal.

Now we pay the price for our indolence, as we rush into the global “New World Order.”
Remember, ladies in business suits, deadlier than the male!


We are unhappy because we allow self proclaimed experts to devise and enforce parameters around us, which, for some reason, we accept, without vindication, and yield to.
There is not any standard to which humans must conform, as we are all individual, therefore society is not able to judge each other, to set parameters by which members must conform, or they are to be considered, INSANE.
Remember, we are looking to understand why we, as a community, are not happy, aren’t we?

SANITY: Being sane; mental health; tendency to avoid extreme views; (Oxford Dict.)
Sadly, for those who control, manipulate what is called the MENTAL ILL-HEALTH system, (especially those owning Drug Manufacturing cartels and Psychiatric Cartels), this meaning above, of sanity, in no way suggests the supposed horrendous traumas, dread, terror our society subconsciously relates to citizens experiencing what we call Mental Ill-Health.
Why do we do that?


Citizens have been coerced into believing, through fantasized, dramatized media indoctrination, horrific fairy tales, mind warping horror stories, etc., that citizens going through trials of mental difficulties, are automatically to be portrayed as gargantuan mass murderers, raving pyromaniacs, deranged, blood sucking vampires, not ordinary human beings going through some personal/social difficulties.
Sat.18 18:29

We react thus, having been duped, by the media, into believing this lie.
Psychiatrists, doctors, media, appear intent to attach belittling, potentially slanderous description of the character of people experiencing difficulties with their mental abilities, some aspects of coping, with this crazed social mayhem called life.
One suggests there is ONLY One Human being Who ever did not experience such mental trials, though He too did, at times, experience difficulty facing some of the trials before Him.
As for the rest of us, we all regularly continue to have such trials, emotional ups and downs, on a regular basis. So what?
This unfortunate personal judgment of those needing support, displays little understanding of difficulties many people experience, in handling challenges life may present.
This, in no way, suggest these people are displaying mental ill-health, nor that they are MAD!
Firstly we need understand this was a planned attack, a means to give those who practice the ‘slight of hand’ fantasy called psychiatry, some form of credibility, amongst their peers, as they serve their mistress, the drug corporates.

Through fear, these pretend doctors convinced the A.M.A. to give them rights to prescribe highly addictive, poisonous drugs, by which means drug manufacturers are able to medicate, addict, members of our community to their mind altering, soul destroying, anti-psychotic medications, thus causing their victims mental battles.


Psychiatrists are first bound to serve not the welfare and health of their clients, but multinational corporations who manufacture these dangerous, highly addictive psychotropic medications;
2rd: their bank accounts;
3rd.: their own ego, to boost their self-aggrandizement.

These pretend practitioners, ‘Shrinks’, really have no idea what damage they are doing to innocent victims and, as with all commercial entities, the PROFIT column of their ledgers are the only witness to their personal concern for those who are referred to them.
Also, we need here include the other major contributors to Mental Ill-Health, the fast food industry, starting with Coco-cola, Cad bury chocolates, Mc.Donalds, K.F.C. Monsanto, etc., who are at the top end of commercial poisoners, and should be legally responsible for their systematic poisoning of our community.
Executives of all those controlling, marketing, toxic waste, known as ‘fast food’, the soft drink industry, along with those selling alcohol, nicotine products, or psychotropic drug manufacturers, have no interest in preserving anything but their ‘bottom line’, especially not the mental or physical health of their victims.
Why do you allow these corporations to do such?
Why don’t you demand our governments implement legislation which will stop this mass poisoning, destruction of our community, to continue?


How do we, the community, determine what the social mental condition, health, of any person should be?
On what precedents, behavioural patterns, are we establishing our parameters?
If we consider corporations that are, ‘legally’ permitted, by governments, which means citizen approval, to continue poisoning our foods, our water, (fluoridation of water supplies,) hybridization of seeds, chemicals being sprayed on our land, polluting the air we breeze, we quickly determine those controlling greed driven corporation, polluters, are, in fact, psychopaths, mass murderers, raving, lunatics.
Let’s include manufacturers of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Nuclear Bombs, Machine guns, Napalm, etc., yet we, the community, do nothing to arrest this lunacy.
Thus we recognize that people alienated from society through the stigma of Mental Ill-health, are not such a threat to the communities, but it is the greed driven multinational drug corporations, those hybridizing our plants, poisoning our air and water supplies, who are our greatest threat.
Yes, there are people who have messed up minds who are, at times, violent, destructive, who display irrational behaviors, and are socially incapable of controlling their emotions, anger, lust, various anti-social characteristics, and yes, they possibly are, at present, only controllable with drugs, but that is a tiny percentage of those who are identified as being insane.
How much of their difficulties are directly related to poor nutritional intake, violent negative social conditioning, through t.v., video games, snuff movies and other external influences, rather than conscious choices?
The horrific increase in murder, rape, torture, every form of violence, can be directly related to the environmental input received from parental violence, violence portrayed on t.v., movies, in school, and, we suggest, is not a natural attribute of the majority of children.
The average football game, ice hockey, many contact sports, expose our children to more immediate, life threatening violence, which they are taught is socially acceptable, so violence is a conditioned reaction to pressure, it is NOT normal.
The majority of people are not naturally addicted to violence.
Many Mental Ill health consumers are, apparently, outside parameters set by self imposed ‘experts’, who have invented a set of social boundaries which suggest only people with Mental Ill-health are violent. What a lie.
People who have difficulties coping with average life, who seek help, are put into cells, identified by psychiatrists, medics, with cute tags, ‘Psychoses’, whilst they may, in all probability, generally behaving normally.
Citizens, unwittingly trapped, are labelled with these Psychoses, branded, for life, when, in fact, there is nothing mentally unstable, damaged, abnormal, about them, us.
Don’t those who manufacture atomic bombs, high power, automatic weapons, napalm, intercontinental weapons of mass destruction; viruses, poisons with which we are being slowly murdered, through hybrid, lifeless food we eat, water we drink, provably display more need of psychiatric help than the average citizen who is having a mild, temporary break down?



Psychosis: “Severe mental derangement involving the whole personality; mental disease.” Oxford Dictionary

Psycho: “soul, mind;”

The dictionary definition of ‘psycho’ opens up amazing connotations, encouraging readers to postulate on the relationship betwixt SOUL and MIND.
We refer to the description of psychoses on page 11, that the reader may clearly comprehend meaning of psychosis.
How little research is done relating each individual’s Spiritual condition to their perceived mental difficulties?
How many psychiatrists, psychologists, truly understand, or even attempt to consider reality, that the condition of a person’s Spiritual health is directly related to his or her Mental Health.
Are psychiatrists avoiding the possibility that, in many, if not all cases, social difficulties, battles coping with this crazy, panic stricken infrastruture in which we are trapped, are because we have no true, comprehensible foundation, no understanding of our origin and our ultimate demise?
Where did we come from, are we children of GOD or sons and daughters of Satan?
Are you looking forward to an eternity in glory or maybe just a few million years in hell, before your cessation?

Did, as some clowns suggest, our race somehow hybridize from monkeys?
Is intrinsic paranoia re our heritage the cause of our fears, insecurities?
Is the possibility of our being predestinated to destruction ravenously gnawing at our confidence, feeding our apathetic attitudes with terror?
Is that what is undermining our peace, love, joy, happiness?
Are these subconscious traumas what are being described as Psychoses?

Quite a few questions, and so far we have not had any representatives of the Mental Ill-health industry provide a viable, comprehensive, intelligent equation to address any of the previous questions, have we?

Let us here consider Psychoses; where do they come from, when did we first realize we had them lurking amongst us, and how are they to be dealt with?

Does anyone know what a psychosis truly is?
Has any doctor, psychiatrist, psychological expert ever caught a psychosis?
Are they habit forming or, even more dangerously, contagious?
Could they, (the psychoses,) be devised by pharmaceutical industries, major Drug Corporations, to sell more of drugs they are continuously inventing, manufacturing?
Surely the community, who, through many tax dollars, are subsidizing the Mental Ill-Health Industry, deserve to know what is really going on, aren’t they?
Or is that displaying Paranoid Schizophrenia?

Is that why our society is being drugged, with many poisonous, mind altering drugs, to prevent us from realizing how we are being manipulated to support a chronically UN-necessary industry, to manufacture incomprehensible profits for Multinational corporations, for their, and their shareholders profits alone?
Could these running the Mental Ill-Health industry prove the existence of these Psychoses?
What do Psychoses look like, what are the identifying characteristics peculiar to each psychosis, as opposed to other psychoses; how do psychiatrists, (particularly), isolate and categorize these phenomena?
Can we trap them with anti-psychotic drugs?
Are they easily captured in electronic psychotraps?
Can we remove them by performing major brain surgery?

Are these psychoses tools, weapons, used by those running the global economic systems, banksters, monarchies, by which they suppress the masses?
Are we being brainwashed, poisoned, infected like rats, drowning in our own pancreatic wastes, at the whim of multi-Billionaires?
Is the manipulation of Mental Ill-Health, by mass medication, the way utilized by those running our world, to make themselves a lot of money, and keep the masses under control?
Why are such a percentage of our community falling victim to this rampant problem, be it called psychosis, stress, bad hair day, and how do we need deal with it before it becomes endemic, infectious, uncontrollable?

Why are so many people seeking help with their mind?

Could it be that these mental difficulties many people are experiencing, are founded on a deteriorating Spiritual condition, throughout our community?
If so, we don’t need pills, we need meet and establish a relationship with our Creator.

Was this the motivation behind satan’s long term plan to infiltrate, pervert all pseudo Christian religions?

Is this why he is providing a plethora of man made cults, religions, through his media manifested campaign, through his ‘Cheap Copy’ resurgence of denominations, guru’s, Eastern religious cults, witchcraft, soothsayers, tea cup readers, etc.?
Why are members of our society needing, depending on fraudulent shysters, astrologers, psychics, witch doctors, to make decisions in their personal life?
Is this somehow connected with human desire to have an object to worship?
Is this inability to make decisions resultant from Psychotropic medications?

We find all societies, historically, have records revealing worship of some form of supernatural being, a god, to help them cope with life’s woes.
In every culture, every civilization, archeologists unearth proof of idol worship; ancestor worship, worship of animals, dragons, fantastic entities, some sort of gods; yet we find this has not fulfilled or satisfied any desire of man for peace, tranquility.
If so, why are we as a society, so in need of psychiatric help?

Are you being frustrated through your unwillingness to confront, resolve Spiritual questions, which could be insidiously undermining your human victories?
Could it be that religious longings, ‘finding your God’, is at the base of mankind’s insecurities?
If you find one, is HE the right One?
Why is the human race so addicted to control?
It is a unique human characteristic, this internal desire to shift responsibility, to have some superior ‘being’ to whom we can pray, worship, blame, for our social ills?
We find, in times of trauma, catastrophes, many people start calling for God, (whoever their god may be), to intervene, to resolve the drama; but we also find that, immediately the situation is rectified, their God is quickly returned to the “EMERGENCY ONLY” cabinet, left to collect dust until the next drama comes along.

What is behind this sub-conscious need for a God, someone Who can be prayed to, when we are in traumatic situations?
Is it our refusal, as a society, to accept our need for God, which is the causal element for all our socio/economic/emotional griefs?
Are we unable to confess our inadequacies, human in-capabilities, our dependance on external forces, to survive on a day to day basis?
Where do we get the will to live, tenacity to contend with each day?
Is our subconscious faith, hope, that, somewhere, is a God, on Whom we can rest our social structure?
Is this chronic need, missing in our modern, high tech, intellectually superior society, what undermines our ability to attain peace, love, joy?
Is it a personal relationship with our Creator, with truth, reality, which is missing?

People want to be happy! (Don’t they?)

Why don’t we, the communities, who profess to want peace, love, joy, happiness, change our political/religious and economic systems, demand politicians stop making weapons of mass destruction, stop poisoning our world, kick out the megalomaniacs who have taken control of our wealth, (banksters,) our nations, (politicians) our land, (corporate miners) and get on with being happy?
Or have the masses been duped into mindless, apathetic subservience, through mass inoculations, poisoning, with mind altering drugs, to be no longer able to make personal decisions?
Are these the root of our grief?
Are these chemicals, used by those controlling political systems, multinational drug marketing corporations, ‘religious’ systems, pharmaceutical poisons, psychosomatic drugs, used to dope the naive, trusting citizens, our greatest enemies?

We find media reference to ‘Drug Induced Psychoses’, the benefits of Psychotropic drugs, though we irregularly hear of their dangers.
Should we not demand medical and media clarification, identification of the values of all drugs, their dangers, especially psychotropic drugs?
What evidence proves use of alcohol, nicotine, barbiturates, and many other pharmaceutical drugs, as not greater causes of abnormal mental behaviours, than those currently being targeted by politicians and media; e.g. marijuana?
People say they need drugs because there is ‘Too much pressure!’, too much difficulty, in coping with day to day dramas, in this breakneck social whirl, but, is it any more tedious, challenging for the community today than it was in times past?
Was it not far more difficult for the average citizen to survive in times of war, where citizens in England, Europe, Australia, faced drama, trauma, economic deprivations, fear of invasion, let alone dire shortages of food, etc.?
We have never had it so good, so what is behind the mental collapse of our societies?
Could it not be a controlled, mind destroying chemical attack, by those who are establishing the New World Order, to keep the masses under control?

Why should we need any drugs to survive our daily battles?
What qualifies this age as being any more ‘under pressure’ than other generations?
Was it not far more difficult to survive the meticulously planned economic collapse, called the depression, of the 1920’s, where men were denied their right to work, were forced to walk great distances, looking for work, not being allowed to put in their dole form in the same town twice, with half our male population on the road.
Besides causing great social and psychological trauma, breaking up homes, destroying self respect, under mining the very fundamentals of security, those cunning dogs controlling this supposed ‘economic’ collapse, were insidiously undermining the very fabric of our society.

How would these lilly livered specimens called ‘the youth of today,’ cope with such difficult scenarios?
No money for cigarettes, alcohol, Ice; no cash to play video games, no T.V.?

If we consider soaring crime rates, youth suicide rates, we ascertain that, it seems, the drugs, (both those provided by doctors, psychiatrists and chemists,) or those called illicit, are not rectifying the situation, only adding to it.
Who first developed and marketed ICE?
Surely wasn’t the poor people!

Why does not this situation, a social catastrophe, motivate community concern?
Why is there no rampant public demand, for immediate rectification of what is going on in our society?
Why are the public not demanding our ‘religious’ leaders, politicians, (our employees), the medical profession, serve us rather than their economic masters and mistresses?
More relevantly, why don’t we, you and I, take steps to resolve this mess?
Or is our society confessing things are beyond any sincere attempts to control the mess, so we just give up?
Is this part of, the result from our clinically prescribed, Drug Induced apathy?

We are running out of time, and no one seems to care, why?
According to the Bible, God’s Word, which has never been proven wrong, the generation who sees Israel restored to her God given nation, for the first time in two thousand years, (Mat.24:34) will witness the end of this world.
Israel became a nation in 1948.
A Biblical generation is 40 years, , so time is, by that calculation, short.


Why are global communities, you and I, not demanding answers (there are many good ones), to explain what is causing our economic/sociological woes, the collapsing economic disaster?
Are our mindless masses now duped into such depths of alcohol, nicotine, psychosomatic drug comas, to be incapable of reasoning?
Can’t you see that every war, every economic catastrophe, especially the eminent social collapses now facing the world, are planned, controlled and manipulated acts of treason, by the church, (esp. Roman Catholic, the mother of harlots,) Banksters, monarchies, (especially English) and their partners, the media barons?
Are we incapable of accepting responsibility for the situation we have allowed manifest; are we not willing to take any necessary steps to change it?
Is there any interest, on the part of the community, to observe what is taking place?
Is there sufficient time for us to take control of our lives, accept responsibility for our future, our long term environment, and get on with things, to overcome adversity, to develop character, recognize and accept truth?
One would believe not.

Many previous generations had challenging situations to overcome, but they just got on with the job, put their shoulder to the wheel, did what was necessary to maintain their self respect, integrity, to overcome adversity.
This was achieved in spite of the many hardships and opposition, as they weathered their way through, without Social Security feather bedding, and ‘grew up’, to challenge the real world.
There was no thing called Social Security until around the 1950’s, where the community was introduced to the concept of the ‘Nanny State’.
Big Mother soothed her foolish, deluded suckers into accepting her financial handouts, as she pressured members of the community, into accepting Government support, food handouts, access to long term housing, at 25% of their net income; also free medical care, a wide range of social services, to support members of the community who could not, or who chose not, to work.
As a result many in our community became dependent on the government, (the tax payers) to pay their way for them.


This was a cunning way for Big Mother, her Banksters, Multinational corporations, religious hierarchies, other assorted thieves, to subjugate and rip off those less fortunate.
Welcome to Cain’s “Cheap Loan” shop.

Is this bludger mentality a hangover from the convict mentality on which, it appears, this nation was founded, and from which it appears cursed?
It was a cunning, well thought out program, designed to keep the masses poor, subservient.


This is the question we need address, to comprehend why our society is becoming more and more dependent on Psychosomatic medication, Psychiatric assessment, alcohol, nicotine, uppers, downers, all sorts of perceived help.
Are we no longer capable of standing up for ourselves, maintaining our independence, our pride, our freedom?
Why, how were we conned into forfeiting our independence, our self respect, adopting beliefs that we should expect the government, somebody, anybody else, to support and feed us?
Are we too intrinsically lazy, too short on intestinal fortitude, to accept responsibility for our process in this game of life?

How far back, historically, was Big Mother cunningly, surreptitiously infiltrated, undermined, accomplishing her goal, the destruction of our community?
This she achieved by undermining our integrity, as she subjugated her slaves, her victims, into her economic, drug induced cells?

Possibly now the reader may observe an insidious, manipulated and planned economic attack, on those at various levels of the economic ladder, to manufacture a sub-conscious dependent on “Big Mother”.
Economic collapses hurt the entire community, but the mega rich.
Farmers, shop keepers, small, independent industries, are forced into debt controlled bankruptcy, as Banksters raise interest rates, to facilitate their plans, centralize control of the entire workforce, in their sweaty, powdered, socialist hands.

‘SOCIALISM!’ is the cunning, surreptitious technique, used by the mega rich, to confiscate, centralize, steal all property, factories, farms, community assets, from the drug addicted masses, whilst convincing us, through their media controlled broadcasts, into being grateful for being so blatantly ripped off.
Mass medication is an immoral, economic, socio/political weapon implemented as a means to produce subservience, of the poor, to those who control the purse strings, that they, the Mega -Rich may maintain a standard of living to which they have become accustomed.
Psychotropic drug addiction explains why such a large section of our community now believe they can expect the government to pay their bills, rather than having to work for a living; and doctors keep handing out medications, like clowns, throwing lollies to children, to keep the masses under control.

What is the cause of our oncoming social collapse?

This may seem an unusual question, and it is one that has a phenomenal range of answers, dependent on political, economic or social slants each individual may favour, be they Socialist, Communist, Capitalist, Nihilist.
But the economic system in which we are trapped, DEBIT BANKING, is based on greed, is only to satisfy lust for greed, power amongst the mega-rich, and is utterly corrupt.
It facilitates corruption at every level of government, free enterprise, especially in the chronically poisonous banking system, under which we have allowed ourselves be enslaved.
Our local and international banking system hides and assures global governance, as is it the Banksters who are the cause of all social chaos and sorrow.

We need keep in mind the goal of the question, to understand why we are not happy, why our community is become incredibly dependent on psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, gurus, all sorts of ‘qualified’, or quack advisers, to get us through our days?
How have we lost our independence, our confidence, trust in our own abilities to make decisions?
Why did we, the citizens, refuse to accept responsibility for our own life, as we committed our future into the hands, the greedy, willful, dictatorial, self seeking hands, of those who control religious, banking, medical and political systems?

We are to determine why we, the human race, is NOT HAPPY!


We here divert our thoughts for a short interlude, as we consider our global economic systems, how it functions, the fundamental causes of the coming, manipulated and controlled global bankruptcy.
We here explain how and why the Banksters are engineering, implementing the oncoming introduction of the New World Banking system, New World Order, now so rapidly manifesting into total social collapse.

Our economic systems, globally, use what is called a Debit banking system.
This is a ridiculous system, a system designed to implode, which declares, erroneously, that money must be made, created, as a Debt, to the community, which we, the community, then have to pay the banks for access to our own money.
We, the guilable, trusting citizens, have been duped, deceived into believing this economic lie, and have been slaves to the world Banksters, ever since.
This economic facade is a false premise, that money must be created as a debt to the community. It is fraudulent, a blatant lie, is not true.
Money is only a simple means of transaction, but does not have any intrinsic value of its own.
Somehow world bankers, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, et al., have, through their control of the media, the governments, education systems, illegally claimed ownership of our Money.
This they now loan us, the governments, big business, etc., and charge us interest, usury, for giving us, the citizens who own the intrinsic wealth, the farms, factories, industries, access to our own wealth.
There is a positive, constructive alternate economic system, which is known as Credit Banking, (Social Credit,) so why don’t we, the citizens demand our governments convert to this positive, cost free alternative?
The concept of Social Credit, as devised by a sane Scot engineer, C.H. Douglas, is particularly simple; even a politician could understand it, if they tried hard, and we here will explain, most simply, the fundamental principle of Credit Banking.
Money, in this current evil economic system we have had foisted upon us, by greedy, demonic people, is based on the creation of money as a debt, which is loaned to the community, governments, etc., by the banks, out of nothing.
There is no such thing as a standard of value behind any created credit, no gold standard, etc.; all credit is simply a number printed on a balance sheet, but must be repaid to the banks, who have illegally claimed ownership of the communities wealth, in cash!
As the creation of credit is only available to the Banksters, we are forced to depend on them for money.
(This is the most blatant case of grand larceny ever committed.)
This shows that only the capital, the money representing the loan, is manufactured, solely as an entry in a bank ledger, (it is not physically manufactured, so technically does NOT exist,) then those who have received the loan, Government, council, citizens, must replay the loan, including the calculated interest cost, in cash!
The loan contract states that the cost of the interest, in full, must be repaid before there will be any reduction in the capital originally borrowed.
This is absolute theft, which is supported by governments and economists, though it is blatantly criminal and immoral.
We look at the falsity of our economic system and ask the reader to consider where money comes from, who owns it, how come banksters have illegally claimed ownership of it, and the right to dictate how money is to be shared, LOANED to the community, and charged interest for our access to our money?
This is the greatest fraud, act of larceny, ever perpetrated upon the community, and the victims, you and I, just stupidly grin and bare it.

If A represents all money which exists in the world, and
B represents the interest which has to be paid to the banksters for access to our money, A, we need ask;
How can A+B = A?

The concept of Credit Banking was developed after Mr. Douglas considered how, what was called the Great Depression of the early 1920’s, eventuated.
He observed how the industrial revolution was in full swing, there was work everywhere, everyone had money, and the global economy was booming.
Then, without rhyme or reason, the Banksters withdrew big businesses’, governments’, the citizens, access to their money, which they had trustingly placed in the banks, and were told, by the Banksters, that we were, as a society, going to have an economic collapse.
Major Douglas presented his incredibly simple system, to the community, to demonstrate how world economic woes could be easily, simply rectified.
Sadly, the Banksters, via their political servants, Bankster controlled media, completely crushed any hope of the community changing this horrific wealth creating system, so they, the Rockerfellers, et al, could continue to evilly manipulate the world banking system to their personal advantage.
Though British Columbia, Alberta, New Zealand, South Australia, Western Australia and other places did implement Social Credit with great results, it was crushed by the Banksters, who recognized it as a threat to their control and power.
Sounds like one of Australia’s greatest traitors, Paul Cheating, who, in partnership with another horrific traitor, Bob Squawke, forced our nation into the “Recession We Had To Have.”

No one every really satisfactorily explained why we had to have a Recession, and, where did all the money which was circulating at that time, suddenly disappear to, where did it go?
The national debt, this entire fiscal facade, is based on false economics and is designed to subjugate the community, you and I, to economic slavery; slavery to Banksters, to the Monarchy, to an handful of demonically inspired and supported families, whose sole goal, (they don’t have souls,) is global control, to serve their master, Lucifer, whom they worship, as their God.
‘Ding, Ding! Stay in line, have your number handy!’

This brief diversion into economic matters is to help us understand our conditioned social needs, to establish why this world is unhappy, is on such a rapidly deteriorating path to Mental Madness, Economic self destruction, Environmental devastation, when there really is no reason for this coming catastrophe.


Because we now realize the future which we are bequeathing our children, our family and friends, is one of debt laden, drug addicted slavery, to Big Mother, the Banksters, the psychiatric industry and Big Pharm.
Sadly there is now no “WAY OUT!”
Who would be happy knowing that is their future?

Our populace show not the slightest concern of the coming cataclysm, as they blissfully meander down their irreversible path of mayhem, chosen rather than sanity, to lead them, as a society, to Hell!
We suggest the populace is intent on avoiding, at all possible cost, any logical, alternate steps, we could take, to avoid the coming global explosion.
Are you, too, incapable of recognizing how our community is being duped?


That caused a few sniggers, guffaws, as well as many angry retorts, but, what we are looking to establish are reasons which explain why we are allowing ourselves to fall into this horrific purgatory of psychosomatic trauma, of economic slavery, leading to a terminal dose of fatal apathy.
Why, are we, the community, watching the collapse of mental stability, mental independence, without concern, as we observe this drug induced, completely irrational need for so many of our citizens to be seeking psychiatric support?


We, as a society, have really never had it so good; we speak here of the Western societies, but it seems far more, supposedly, primitive societies are not having such depths of mental unwellness as we observe in ours.
It is time we need consider if there is a connection betwixt our life styles and those people, societies, which are not following our questionable social concepts?
If Western societies are discovering an explosion of “Mental Un-Welless” amongst our communities, it is essential we quickly discover a means to rectify the pattern, or we will discover our social system, our future, as a society, is facing destruction, is now incapacitated, is facing eminent, total collapse.
Already an high percentage of our upcoming youth are totally dependent on psychotropic medications.
Youth of this age now recognize they are in a world in which there is no hope of happiness, no hope of long term employment, no chance of buying an home, of fulfilling the subconscious fantasies their parents have implanted in their growing mind.
Today’s youth are rapidly, rabidly recognizing that there is NO “Happy Ending”; the fairy tale they subconsciously were conditioned to long for is gone, the future they can expect is bleak, violent, hopeless, short.
The high youth suicide rates, globally, are because they are now coming to terms with the reality that there is no future for them.
That’s why so many of them are addicted to Ice, Uppers, Downers, Alcohol, Speed, as well as psychosomatic medications the doctors provide.

We need establish what our goals are, what will make us happy?

It is curious, this frantic leap into madness, into the depths of what is called insanity, which has taken place since the 1950’s, where we witnessed a concentrated attack, especially through the media, movies, drugs, music, on the Spiritual, moral, emotional and financial code of our community.
That this was a manipulated, controlled process is obvious, it is a technique utilized by world power brokers, to destroy our social system, our self respect, our very humanity, as we watch our communities slinking into ever expanding, UN-payable debt, immorality, violence, loss of hope.

This is the Brave New World, which manifests in social inability to accept responsibility for our behavioural patterns!

How does the community come to terms with the fact that we allowed multinational moguls, those who control banks, mining giants, drug manufacturers, those decimating our forests, our oceans, our farming lands, converting all into a barren, lifeless waste, to have wasted our world?

Is this senseless destruction we are wreaking upon our environment what is making us happy?

Are we discovering, down in our innermost psyche, a wanton lust to destroy ourselves, our community, our children, our world, like pyromaniacs let loose in a tinder dry Forrest?
Is this what makes the mindless masses happy?
Is this satanic lust for destruction the disease which is insidiously, fermentingly, turning the mind of a large part of our citizens to manifest madness, insanity?
Is our community now made up solely of beasts fitted for destruction, devil possessed hybrid beasts, half man, half beast, made to be destroyed in the coming nuclear war? 2Pet.2:12


We profess we are superior to all other species on the planet; we claim, boastfully, of our remarkable achievements, yet what have we honestly got to boast of?
In spite of media/political platitudes, of how we have conquered illnesses, poverty, equality, when we look at the reality, we find all we have produced are feeble, faulty expressions of our petty failures.
We rejoice in our childish attempts to rectify global catastrophes we have manufactured, through our greed, our evil desires of self will, as we are now, like rats on a fiery, foundering hulk, desperately striving to extinguish the inferno we have ignited.


It is blatantly obvious that what we have surrounded ourselves with, as we mindlessly medicate ourselves, our guns, bombs, weapons of total destruction, greed, lust, violence, are not doing the job, or we would, as a global society, be happy, wouldn’t we?
If our communities were ecstatically happy, why would be there such an acceleration in the need of some many citizens to seek medical and psychiatric assistance?
We may need recognize that the bravado, the sickly, emanciated, ghoulish smiles painted on faces of politicians, religious leaders, gurus, sports heroes, megarich corporate owners, psychiatrists, are not truly portraying the feelings now bubbling, like fermenting bile, bubbling pancreatic waste, beneath their plastic exteriors.
All we are seeing are images of terror, manifesting outwardly, in displays of hatred, angst, jealous rage, lust, their desperate search for help, especially, foolishly, through psychiatric and mind destroying psychotropic drugs, BIG MOTHER’S support mechanisms?


This brief interlude is provided by your voracious, psychotropic pill manufacturer:

TAKE TWO, (it’s better that way.)

Still we ask, what is it that makes you happy?

Why are we experiencing this gigantic explosion in the Mental Ill-Health system, if, according to government propaganda, media hype, corporate advertising, we are bordering on ecstatic paraxlisms of rapturous joy?

WE ARE HAPPY!? (Aren’t we?)

It brings to mind a song recorded by the Rolling Stones, many years ago, titled “Mother’s Little Helper!”, which revealed how dependent we were, as a society, back in the 1960’s, on anti-depressant medications.

When will we be sufficiently honest with ourselves, to recognize and admit the vast array of social distractions, Alcohol, Nicotine, Sex, Wealth, Assets, Religion, Power, Sport, Fame, the baubles and trinkets of this world, are little more than diversions, pseudo escapes, placebos, as Band-aids,(©) with which we plaster our body, more frighteningly, our mind, as we subconsciously search for the answer we all seek.

The community has been hyped into believing that we have a right to be happy, we want to exercise that right, but, how are we to share rapturous ecstasy, when we obviously don’t know what we need to achieve that goal?
Happiness is just a state of mind, so all we need do is change the way we think, isn’t it, to take control of our own mind, to accept responsibility for our decisions, recoup our right to think and choose, according to our moral, social, intellectual choices.
What evidence is there to prove psychotropic medications actually repair perceived ‘problems’, we may think, or be told, we are experiencing?
In fact, our thought processing is a natural part of our life, and is, ultimately our personal property.
Our thought processes are cumulative results of our personal experiences, which we confront, that we may mature, as we learn how to enjoy an happy, rewarding life. To experience success, Spiritually, economically, emotionally and socially, in whatever manner we determine, to exercise how we choose to live.

Mankind has managed, through technological processing, amongst other things, to make survival challenging, fraught with trials, disappointments, traumatic experiences, occasionally punctuated with brief moments of happiness.

Life, one believes, was not meant to be such a particularly complex, (it seems potentially difficulty?) maze, and is it the realization of our intrinsically disappointing battles against the generally negative elements of our environment which is beginning to gnaw at our heart, our soul, suggesting things are not right?

Why is the human race sinking, floundering, like fish dying on a dried, stony skillet of stones?
What human awareness-es are causing us to recognize something is desperately wrong, in our desires for peace, joy, love?
Why are older citizens looking back, referring to the “good, old days,” when we should be ecstatically enjoying the present environment in which we live?
Why are our children, youth, full of angst, enslaved to violence, self harming, filled with hate?
What is causing the vast increase in the numbers of people tattooing themselves with demonic, ugly, mind and body scarring monuments, consecrated to violence, self destruction and social inadequacy.
Are these evidences of a happy state of mind?

What motivates young, middle aged, old men, even, more revoltingly, women, young girls, to scar their bodies with images direct from the gates of hell?
Are these signs of an happy, contented, positively motivated community, or could any alien visitor be caused to ponder why people are intent on painting themselves with incomprehensible recognition marks?
Do not those tattoos display the mental condition, the inner forces, desires, driving those who chose to have their body scarred thus?
What has encouraged the Western society to adopt ancient, pagan, heathen insignia, piercings, traditions, demon worship?
Are these signs of a happy, well adjusted community?
If such trappings are proving to be beneficial amongst our citizens, why are we finding that Australia now has the highest rate of child/youth suicide amongst the Western world?

Possibly that behaviour is not proving to be quite as healthy, uplifting, edifying, liberating as many sociologists, psychiatrists, religious leaders, new age practitioners, gurus and voodooists would have us think.

Could it be that there is not, from the innermost depths of our psyche, any release from the hunger for normality, from the Spiritual security, human satisfaction, such behavioural patterns suggest?
Do we just take another pill, make another appointment to see the ‘Shrink”, attend another recovery group, take two more pills, (the manufacturers will encourage you to do that, not matter what damage they do to your state of mind;) and pretend that life is fine, and we are all O.K.?
Why do we need such help, if we are in a sane, caring world?

What is wrong with our society, what is missing from our life, our mental stability, which is causing us need such help?
Have we finally realized there is, within our psyche, in our ego, a desperate need to satisfy our longing for acceptance, recognition, to be part of our herd, and that is that desperate lonliness, isolation which we need rectify, address, if we are to recognize who we are.
Are we not all wishing to learn and accept our own personal worth, to realize our own personal values, to learn to change the way we think, about ourselves!
Is it not part of our human psyche, to have an ongoing conviction of our future, of our individual security and eternal destination?

This is why we bother!

For this purpose alone we strive to achieve, to be recognized, to learn and truly understand that we, you, are all we have, and, unless we learn to respect, appreciate, value and love ourselves, we will continue, for the length of our short sojourn here, to be trapped in self inflicted, self deprecating, self condemnatory thought processes.
We are, subconsciously, one suggests, looking to find our Creator, and all other lusts are nothing more than placeboes provided by the father of darkness, satan, to prevent us finding out who we are.

What is another name for a bird bath?
A Political think tank!

Yes, sometimes the jokes are a bit weak, but we blame the medication and move on.
Remember, if you can’t handle the comedy, just take another pill, it all goes away soon.
Humour gradually is dying out, as all good jokes were patented, captured, locked into Corporate Joke Books.
Quick wit is a lost art, replaced by smutty, grubby, boring. Generally futile attempts to encourage laughter.
Laughter, like political integrity, religious honestly, is as rare as 1930 pennies.
Happy faces are rare, as we are buried in an artificial, suffocating, drug induced world, prepared for the masses by those who only allow us to be happy on their terms, for which we must be prepared to pay an exorbitant, non refundable price.
Do we really want to be happy?

If so, what steps can we, you and I, take, to change our mental conditioning, to take back control of our mind, our time, our peace, the love we are all so desperately seeking?
Maybe it is time for each of us to challenge those who have taken control of ours life, to change the way we think, as that is where the battle really is, isn’t it?


It’s time to change the way that we think
Get out of the blues and in to the pink
Choose to have a happy day
Get off your butt, let’s go out and play
Life is nothing but the way we chose to be
It’s time to drop the chains, learn you are free
Not live in fear, a past we left behind
To live in peace just change your state of mind
Don’t be a failure who never will succeed
Now’s the time to show the world you believe
You can make the choice to step out and be free
Don’t let them get you down laugh and walk away
There’s a life of freedom we can live in now
There’s no tomorrow it may never show
Now’s the time to change the way that we think
Don’t let them wear you down get into the pink.

In fact, if we stop, consider how we are thinking about the past, which is gone, never to be repeated, can have no effect on our present, or our future, unless we choose to wear it ‘round our neck, like an ancient mariner’s Albatross, we can approach each and every second, with confidance.,
Knowing we have the right to determine whether we use it, meritoriously, constructively, carefully, as a tool to contribute to our having a great day, or, foolishly, as a means to apply a whip of torment, ridicule, masochistic scars, to ourselves.
It is your choice!

There are many citizens who have experienced catastrophic, incomprehensibly traumatic, supposedly mind destroying events during their life.
Surely we can all produce situations of like magnitude, yet, inspite of such dramas we find that we not only survive, recover, achieve victory, we quickly recognize how we have learnt, grown, conquered fear, negative thought patterns about it, and come out stronger, more resiliant, wise and happier for the experience.

This is one of the fundamental realities we need learn, that all situations, no matter how challenging, threatening, scary, traumatic they may appear to be, really need be recognized as such, that it is up to each individual to determine whether they will allow the event, no matter what it is, to defeat our own state of mind, to admit defeat, or make it another step up the podium of Life.
Running to the medicine cabinet, swallowing ten of your ‘mother’s little helper’s’, kicking the cat, (though that is a great stress relief,) or yielding to spineless terror, is really, in the long run, not going to rectify the situation, nor help anyone get through the event.
It surely will not help you maintain control of your state of mind, will it?
All experiences we have, pre-natal on, are for our advantage, to help us become more balanced, capable, mature, wise.
Sadly, in this spineless, mindless final age, we find that, from the 1950’s on, parents lost their inalienable rights to correct, discipline their children, which has produced a pack of mindless, uncontrolable beasts.
It’s because we have lost our way, as we allowed media, mind manipulaters, drug manufacturers, especially psychotic psychiatrists, to denigrate, all but annihilate, our ability to accept responsibilities for our thoughts, our actions.

Now our much laudered claims of superiority over the other beasts of this jungle in which we are currently trapped, are nothing more than rectal fluffs; memories of times long gone, when our society understood our need to train our children, not to subjugate our personal responsibilites to the demonic dictates of those whose aim is total subversion of sanity.
We chose to vanquish parental committment, personal involvement, choosing instead to place our children under the control, influences, prejudicies of New Age day care drones.
Allowing whimpering, illiterate, close minded yuppies to train our toddlers.
Filling inquisitve minds with preconditioned, creativity numbing t.v. programs, Muffets or Suffles, brainwashing your children into immoral, rebellious clones of American propoganda.
T.V. conditioned clones, trained, to destroy families, to mentally cripple young children, from prenatal up, into children of the Machine, the Programmers, as parents avoid responsibility of raising their children with peace, love, joy, creativity abilities.
Why aren’t mothers staying home, nurturing, teaching, instilling security, regularity, as they did for thousands of years before their supposed Liberation.
Why don’t women seemingly consider they responsibilities, as mothers, nurturers, teachers, who provide security, assurance, love to their children, rather than handing their children in to hands of others?

Most commonly we hear that women have to return to work because of their family debts, paying for the new house, new car, (4wheel drive of course), new 200 cm T.V., new kitchen, new dresses, overseas trips, etc..
What is difficult to comprehend is the need for families to be outlaying such vast amounts of money on STUFF, which has caused them to get into such debts, rather than considering their responsibilities toward their child, children, and their responsibilities to the child’s welfare.
Isn’t it far more important to be caring for, protecting these fresh minds, instead of submitting them into the hands, the poisonious programs of the New World Order?
Generally, it is loudly shouted from the benches, that families, young couples, cannot afford to for both parents not to work, as the cost of their new car, house, furniture, overseas holidays, latest fashions, drugs, bind them into a financial burden one income will not support.
Obviously it is beyond their mental capabilities to realize their high cost of living is directly relevant to their out-goings, and, if they subjugate their greed, media inspired compulsion to outspend their income, they could actually have the mother stay at home, to nuture, care for they children, rather than throwing them, like fresh meat, to the wolves of the New Word Order training programs.
Again, we ask, what makes us happy?

What are our goals?
What are the influences we allow dictate our life, our priorities, which brainwash the masses into seeking gold, gold, gold, rather than sanity?
What have we forfeited control of our life, our independence, to?
What forces, especially Spiritual, economic, emotional, political, are putting our communities under such pressure, to ‘keep up with the Nurds’, or reproduce a Soapie fantasy world, that they forfeit their individuality, their personal responsibilities and their children, to the Beast?
Are many citizens allowing artificial, media directed, greed driven lusts to pervert their lives into traumatic, mind crushing battles for imagined social identification and acceptance?
Are these the forces at the root of the apparent collapse of individual mental stability?
If so; why?
Or is their confusion based on their Spiritual instability?

Remember, we are looking to establish the reasoning for such a large percentage of our populace being in need of psychiatric help, the cause of social failure which is appently destroying our Mental Health.

Let us consider a positive, constructive way to restore social Mental Health.
Let’s get rid of politicians, banksters, religious idiots, power crazed/capitalist socialist lunatics and recognize that what is missing is;

1st. GOD
2nd. recognizing GOD
3rd recognizing who we are.

If we consider the soaring crime rates, suicide rates, we can ascertain that the drugs invented and provided by those controlling the Mental Ill-Health system, are NOT rectifying the situation, only adding to it.
Could it be true that it is actually the medications which are the cause of our social explosion of Mental Ill-Health?
was originally titled ‘THE PROGRAM ISN’T WORKING.’

This title change was because, as we expose the lies foisted on the community by Banksters, Drug Manufacterers, Psychiatrists, Religious leaders. Politicians, we find that the entire global economic, political, social and religious Program is not working, it is stuffed.
Our goal is to encourage readers, the community, to stop trusting those who are continously deceiving us; those supposedly honest, upstanding citizens, who continuously deceive us into believing they are interested in our welfare, not just our bank accounts.
What is crazy is that the masses keep beliving them!
We are continously allowing them to deceive us into believing their lies, through their media mouthpiece, that all is well, there is no need to panic.
All we need do is remember to take the Japanese government advice, to their citizens, after the Fukochima Nuclear Reactor catastrophe;

“SMILE: nuclear fallout won’t affect or harm you.”

We are taking our final steps into the New World Order, absolute tyranny, as satan takes complete, incontrivertible domination of this dying world. Though only for a short time; Hallelujah!

So, after all this, can we truly recognized the crucial question;

Is this an ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS situation to which we have submitted ourselves, why have we done out, and really;



• Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.
• Never use a long word where a short one will do.
• If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.
• Never use the passive where you can use the active.
• Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.
• Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.[115]


 © John R. Nolan 27/5/09  

Thanks for the responses to the article on the keeping of the Sabboath.
    There have been some positive and accurate thoughts expressed on Scripture, re denominational systems, which are anti Christ at their most fundamental level, and are fulfilling Rev.3:14-22, having replaced the original teachings with religious doctrines and dogma.

Denominationalism is the manifestation of the anti-Christ, as all denominations, in both Christian and Jewish religions, have added to, taken from and or personally interpreted Scripture, contrary to 2 Pet.1:20 “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation.”
    Most Christians accept that prophecy, in this, the last age, is the preaching of the Word, as there are no more true prophets to the Gentiles. The only two prophets to the Gentiles were Paul and the brother who fulfills Mal.4:5-6. The two prophets yet to come, Moses and Elijah, Rev.11:3-13 are sent to Israel, in Jerusalem. Rev.11:3-12

The Gentile dispensation is over at that time and the bride has left the earth, in what is colloquially called “the rapture”.1Thes.4:15-16

Yes, some denominations teach this reference in Rev.11 applies to a “Spiritual Jerusalem,” but, without these teachers having any Biblical vindication, we can discard their comments as doctrines of devils.

Biblical vindication is the only true evidence that God is speaking, and the only gift which cannot be forged, perversely duplicated, is the discerning of the thoughts and intents of the heart, Heb.4:12 which has only been indisputably manifested in one ministry, since the time of Paul, that of William Marrion Branham.

There truly manifested this gift and that is the Voice to which Christians will listen.
    Sadly all denominations, including the 7th Dayists have put Christ outside their church and replaced Him with the doctrines and dogma of man. Rev.3:20.

That’s why we find Him on the outside, knocking on the door, seeking to be allowed back in, to take His rightful place of Headship.
    Are the readers familiar with Mal.4:5-6, Rev.10:1-7, Lk.17:30, and, if so, could you, or any other reader explain how these Scriptures are to be fulfilled, and when?

When are the Seals to be opened, who will do it?

Yes, we know it must be God, Christ, as He alone is worthy, but how and when does He do it? Without that taking place there can be no completion of the Gentile dispensation.

Amos3:7 “the Lord does nothing except He revealeth His secrets to His servants, the prophets.”

That does not qualify pastors, archbishops, popes, the tea lady nor any other self aggrandizing minister. God’s revelations have to be spoken through a prophet or God has told a lie.
    Also, would any reader show, in Scripture, where our Lord, Jesus the Christ, gave the 4th commandment in the New Testament, which is our, the Gentile church’s book? Or, for that matter, where bro. Paul instructed us to obey the Sabbath law?
   God advised us, the Gentiles, that before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord, the tribulation, He would return, open the Seven Seals, reveal all the mysteries of Scripture and call out His bride, for the catching away of 1Thes.4:15-16.

His bride does not go through the tribulation, and this, as all Scripture, must be fulfilled, or God is a liar, and that is impossible, as, “it is impossible for God to lie” Heb.6:18.

We could rave for any length of time endeavoring to prove the Sabbath, which is now, for the Gentile Bride, His rest, is already in place and has nothing to do with attending a building on Saturday or Sunday.

But, as we are instructed in Scripture, it is pointless getting involved in spurious debates over days, Sabbaths, feasts, meats, etc., so we present these thoughts which may clarify this matter, with hope there will be no further contention on this issue. Col.2:16-17

Christians are in His presence 24hours a day, 7days a week, and that is our rest, not being a member of some religiously oriented group. The Church is the body of Christ, Christ is the Word, Christ is God, and we, His bride, His children are in Him, are the manifestation, the witnesses of His Word being Word children, and are, Spiritually, no longer in the world.
   The Seven Seals were opened, as it is understood, by God, through a vindicated ministry, in 1963, but it appears 99% of those claiming to be Christians have refused to walk forward with the Light of this age, and have died in unbelief. “Strait is the gate and Narrow is the way, and few there be that find it.” Mt.7:14
  God’s revelation of Himself is a progressive event. He revealed Himself in His fullness in the body of Jesus the Christ, His Son.

That sounds rather selective, arrogant, superior, and it is, but our God is more a God of separation than of unity, which the Uniting church and all denominations are suggesting. 2Cor.6:17

 The mysteries of the Gentile dispensation were not revealed in that time as the Gentile dispensation had to be completed, so He can redeem and call out His Gentile bride.

Each church age, from the time of bro. Paul on had an ever increasing knowledge, understanding, revelation of the God with Whom we are deal. Paul told us we had to continue moving forward, not to stop, that there is an ongoing revelation which he, Paul, was not able to disclose at that time. Heb.5:9-14; 6:9-12

Each of the seven church ages saw a further revelation of Christ, until in this, the last age, God returns to earth, opens the Seals, reveals the mystery of the Godhead, calls out His Church for the rapture and brings judgement on the rest.
   It is appreciated the fervor of those seeking truth, but we find the Pharisees and Sadducees were absolutely sincere in fulfilling Scripture for their day, even though they were, according to Jesus, “of their father, the devil.”
  We are in a different age now; the judgement has already begun, as you are able to see about you. The world is falling apart, God is about to, if He hasn’t already, close the Door to the Gentiles and the Word will go back to Israel.
   Mal.4:5-6 was fulfilled, this writer believes. through the Ministry of, (not the man,) William Marrion Branham, 1908-1965, when Jesus Christ, God, not the flesh body, but the Spirit Who indwelt Him returned to earth to reveal the mysteries and call out His bride from the denominational chaos and apostasy.

Readers are encouraged to ‘come out of her my people,’ Rev.18:4, the great Whore who sits on seven hills, the Vatican, and her denominational daughters; daughters of Babylon, the pagan based cult of Rome.

I AM is now the revelation of the Bride of Christ and we encourage all who may read this document, to search the Scriptures, for it is far later than you think and God is now here, calling His children, His bride out of Laodicea back into His revealed Word for this day, as we are witness to the end of time, then end of this world, in this dimension.

© John R. Nolan 27/11/07

Should Christians have an intimate knowledge of the Bible?

If not, how will people professing Christianity know the God in Whom they claim to believe, what He is doing today, and understand the complete revelation of God as He is revealed to this, the final age in Scripture, when Christ returns, to call out His bride and bring judgement on the earth?

Yes, religion, denominations, the daughters of the great whore who sits on seven hills, the mother of all denominations, all have done their best to cloud, to misrepresent God, through their personal interpretations.

Through their religious pursuits, these self appointed leaders, pastors, archbishops, general overseers, have placed themselves as the conduits of Spiritual revelation, between man and God, totally contrary to Bible teachings.

To further demonstrate the perversity of these religious, denominational spirits, they now even ordain women into their ministries, which is contrary to Scripture. 1Tim.2:11-14

This intrusion betwixt man and God duplicates the role Satan took in the Garden of Eden, when Lucifer offered Eve a better explanation, interpretation of what God had commanded Adam.

Denominations demand their congregations listen to their ministers, their doctrines, dogma and denominational interpretations, instead of the pure Word of God, just as the Pharisees and Sadducees did with their flocks, blinding their congregations to the revelation of Jesus Christ, in their day.


‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, available on the net, will clarify this perversion of the Word, which act is now duplicated by all denominations.

Today, in the last moments of time, according to God’s Word, with the seven church ages complete, and Christ returning, in the clouds, Rev.1:7, to call out His bride from within the denominations, “Come out of her, My people, and be ye not partakers of her sins” Rev.18:4, we see the finish in sight.

He promised to return, to open the Seven Seals, which have hidden the mysteries of God, we find Christ has returned to earth, and spoken through a vindicated ministry, to fulfil His plan.

“In the days of the Voice of the seventh angel, when He shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished.” Rev.10:7

Do you know who this seventh angel is, and, if not, do you think it may be vital information to search out? Remember, God only speaks through prophets, Amos 3:7, so this man must have a Biblically vindicated ministry, as per Deut.18:18.

Gen.1:16 “And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, ‘of every tree in the garden thou mayest freely eat; 17; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it, for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”

Is the Bible to be taken literally?

Many people suggest Scripture must be taken literally or It cannot be considered inerrant.

We know It is Perfect, though It is written in parables, which were hidden beneath the seven seals.

How then would those demanding literal interpretation be able to conclusively prove It to be either erroneous or of personal interpretation, if It has ongoing secrets?

This is why God promised to return, in the last days, to reveal the mysteries.

Excuse this small detour to more clearly encourage the reader, to ensure we comprehend the natural progression, the ongoing movement of God’s revelation of Himself.

Obviously, from Scripture, it would be easy to deduce Eve ate fruit from a specific tree, and her dietary excess bought about the fall of mankind from perfection into sin.

Yes, if It is taken literally in this, and other instances, it would be logical for any reader to become confused and doubtful of Biblical accuracy.

If it were proven that eating fruit from a tree caused sin to manifest in a human being, we need rapidly establish which tree, that we all may stop eating its fruit, lest we be found continuing in sin.

This also suggests that any person who never eats this particular fruit would remain sin free.

In Rev.10:7, we read “but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants, the prophets.”

Note that we are awaiting a Voice which will speak, through a man, which necessitates a prophetic ministry.

Amos 3:7 “Surely the LORD will do nothing except first He revealeth His secrets to His servants, the prophets.”

Having thus established the criteria by which we may judge how we can interpret Scripture, which is through a prophet, in what context we need maintain literal interpretation, using God’s rules of analysis, we find this conundrum.

How could eating fruit in the Garden have caused the fall from Grace?

The first response from the reader may well be that Eve was disobedient, and her rebellion was the cause of the fall.

Sounds good, but it does not line up with Scripture.

Eve was deceived, conned, tricked into partaking of this specific fruit, she was not wilfully disobedient, though Adam sinned, wilfully, when he shared this fruit. 1Tim.2:14

What we need discover, as quickly as possible, is what type of tree Eve partook of, lest we too partake of it. Was it an apple, a pear, pomegranate, mango, what sort of tree could it have been?

The Bible says it was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

We find also, that standing next to this tree of knowledge of good and evil, in the garden, was a tree of Life.

It is interesting that God created all the trees, which He caused to grow out of the ground, and were good for food, Gen.2:9, but there is a distinction betwixt those trees,  the Tree of Life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil from the other trees.

It appears these last two trees did not grow out of the ground; were either of these literal trees? They were already there; we have no Scriptural reference to their creation.  Adam and Eve’s partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil made Adam “as one of us” Gen.3:22, then he and she were put out of the garden, lest they partake of the Tree of Life also, and live forever.

What species of tree was the one they partook of? Does this species still exist, and what type of fruit does it produce today?

Lucifer, sorry, the serpent, who is the Devil, in a form, Rev.20:2, categorically stated, contrary to God’s Word, that Eve would not die if she partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, but, it was a lie he told her, for she died, didn’t she?

It was the lie that Eve partook of, that she listened to the devil instead of God which instigated the ‘fall’, when the woman was deceived.

“And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree to be desired, to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also unto her husband with her and he did eat” Gen.3:6-19

If it were a good tree it could not bring forth evil fruit, could it? Mt.7:18, 12:33; Lk. 6:43 so, we may deduce that this was not an ordinary, natural species of tree. It was a tree that produced death; it was poisonous, like a serpent, maybe?

Obviously this tree was corrupt, as it bought forth evil fruits, just as it was named. How can a tree produce fruit which will cause peoples’ consciousness, self awareness, and character, to change?

Remember, we are talking about trees in a garden just created by God, in Whom there is no evil so how could any plant life be evil?

God created all the trees in the Garden and He said, in Gen.1:31 “it was very good”, which denies the existence of a faulty tree, a poisonous one.

Let us continue with our research of literal typing.

Jesus is referred to as the Lamb of God. Jn.1:29, 36; does this imply He has four feet and produces a woolly white coat which need be sheared every season?

How many talking sheep do we know of?

He is also described as a rock, 1Cor.10:4; does that make Him a boulder?

He is the bread of Life; does that make Him a loaf of wheat?  Jn.6:48

Jn. 6:53 “Then Jesus said unto them, ‘Verily, verily, I say unto you, except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink His blood, ye have no life in you”

If taken in the literal sense, this clearly states that all those who follow the words of Christ must be cannibals, or they are lifeless.

The Bible is written in a way to not so much deceive people, but to prevent all but God’s children comprehending what is written. Mt.13:13-17

God says “Many are called but few are chosen.” Mt.20:16

“Strait is the gate and narrow is the way and few there be that find It” Mt.7:14Mt.7:13-29 is succinct in separating those who profess to believe God from those who are called, chosen, elect of God.

More typing;

We find Lucifer, the mightiest angel, next only to God in power, Ezk.28:2-19, under the pseudonym of the king of Tyre.

Does this imply that the residents of Tyre had a literal dragon sitting on the throne?

Satan is described as a serpent, a dragon, the beast, as well as being the father of lies. Rev.20:2.

One knows of no animals that are capable of speaking, let alone lying.

We see the Lord Jesus coming, on a white horse, “His eyes were like a flame of fire, and out of His mouth goeth a sharp, two edged sword,” Rev.19:12-15 Is that to be taken literally?

The Bible contains many mysteries, but, God’s Word says that in the days of the voice of the seventh messenger, the mystery of God should be finished. Rev.10:7

God’s Word cannot fail; all has to be fulfilled, including, especially for us, those Scriptures referring to this day.

That denominational followers refuse to believe what God has said, preferring to believe their church’s doctrines and teachings, the delusions of their pastors, is horrific, though it also fulfills Scripture. Mt.13:15-16; Mk.8:18; Lk.24:16; Jn.12:40; Acts 26:18; 28:25-27; Rom.11:8-10; Eph.1:18.

Yes, the Bible means exactly what It says, and we need understand that God said He would return, before the judgement, to reveal the mysteries and to call out His children, for the catching away of 1Thes. 4:15-16.

He has blinded the Gentiles, just as He blinded the Israelites, through Types and Shadows, at the time of His first coming, to prevent them seeing Who Jesus was.

Israel was blinded for the sake of the Gentiles; otherwise the Word could never have come to call out His Gentile bride, fulfilling various O.T. prophecies.

Now the Gentiles, who have refused His Parousia, have rejected His revelation of Himself, here, according to Rev.10:1-7, have been blinded, as was Israel previously, so the Word can leave the Gentiles, close out the Gentile dispensation, and return to Israel again, to call out the 144,000, through the two prophets, Elijah and Moses, Rev.11:3-13 and bring on the  Tribulation:

Types and Shadows.

          John R Nolan 25/3/01


We consider the Bible, what It is and what It contains.

It is a History book, a Book of prophecy.


The Bible is the means God uses to reveal Himself, His plans to the world, and especially to His children.

 It’s important the readers understand our purpose is not to ask them, nor encourage them, to believe personal opinion, only to encourage the reader, if so motivated, to examine Scripture; as It is, in the eyes of this writer, the only Truth, when considering Spiritual matters dealing with Christianity.


These writings are statements of personal beliefs of God’s Word, understanding of revelation given by God, through His Biblically vindicated prophet, Bro. William Marrion Branham, to this, the Gentile age, fulfilling Mal.4:5-6, Mat.24:24,Lk.17:30, Rev.10:7, and will be of little value to denominationally indoctrinated, Biblically blinkered readers.

  The Bible is the revelation of Jesus Christ. Rev.1:1

It is comprehensible only to His children.

It is the Book by which the world of the un-Godly is judged.

 It is the Book by which the children of the wicked one, epitomized by the Pharisees and Sadducees, the religious leaders of that time, as so today, who will answer for their personal interpretations, their manipulations and ultimate rejection of God’s Word.

 It is the religious leaders, popes, archbishops, pastors, et al, of this day, who reject His Word, who crucify unto themselves again the Son of God afresh. Heb.6:6, and who are held accountable by God, for the way they have duplicated the Pharisitical errors of the previous coming.  It is they, when He came in flesh to fulfil His promises to return, before the tribulation, to open the Seven Seals, reveal all the mysteries of God, who will answer for misleading His sheep Ezk.34:1-10.

 The Bible is full of types. 

 In one of the parables there is comparison of the children of God with sheep; whilst those of the wicked one are typed as goats. There are the weeds and the chaff, wise virgins and foolish virgins. Note, both are virgins, clean living, religious, dedicated to the Lord, pure, unadulterated, though one group are foolish.

What does this mean?

Could it be that one group is misled, deceived, seduced by Lucifer, on the Word, and listen to personal interpretations instead of relying solely and souly on the Word, as Eve and the Jewish religious leaders did?

God uses nature to type His cycle of birth, death and resurrection.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, then back to the start, Spring. 

 In the Beginning God separated Light from darkness.

He separated Life from death.

 God is committed to separation, to rightly dividing things. He is not, as in the current denominational concepts, the God of union.

He’s here to separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff, as the judgment fire is about to consume this planet.  To burn every bit of sin and filth from its face, so we, His children, can return to the new earth to live eternally with and in Him.

 To know God, one needs die to church doctrines and creeds and become one with the Word. The Lord Jesus prayed that we could be one with Him, even as He is one with the Father Jn.10:30; Jn.17:11-23.

Nowhere in Scripture does God describe Himself as ‘the church’, a pope, a mother of harlots, no, He is His Word.  

 To know God, to be one with God, is to die to our fleshly selves and walk in Light as He is in the Light, He is the Light. Jn.8:12; 1Jn.1:5

 As we progress through this writer’s attempts to describe, share, rejoice in the glory of God, repetition of Scripture and concepts is utilized to encourage recognition of a recurring pattern in God’s processes.

 Your whole Spiritual walk is your personal responsibility.

 Christians are instructed to “Come out from among them and be ye separate, saith the Lord and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.”2 Cor. 6:14-17.

 Here God is instructing His people to separate themselves from false worship, from fellowship with people who are not Scripturally like minded in revelation and teaching; instructing them not to marry unbelievers, or fellowship with those who refuse the continuing revelation of Jesus Christ, today.

 Our fellowship has to be Word based and nothing else.

 In Genesis God created, spoke the world into existence. Gen.1:6, 12, 16, 25 yet, in Gen.2:1-9, that which has been already spoken has not yet taken form.

  He said “Let there be Light”; whether light immediately existed or whether it manifested over possibly millions of years is not explained.

 As with all other spoken Word creations, once spoken  they existed, because they were in His mind, but they had not, at that point in time, taken on the respective physical form in which they would manifest and could be identified.

 Adam was spoken into existence on the sixth day, Gen.1:26 but it wasn’t ‘til Gen.2:7 that God formed man out of the dust of the yet un-cursed earth.

How long a space of time separated the two events is not known.

Adam was created in God’s image. God is Spirit so, logically, Adam was originally a spirit body, in God’s image.

Later this spirit was put into a body made of un-cursed ground. This clarifies how Eve was in Adam, she being the feminish aspect of Adam’s nature, in Adam’s spirit existence.

 God breathed into Adam the breath of lives, plural, so all God’s children were in Adam, in his blood, his seed and set to manifest at their appointed time, on earth.

The seed is only in the male of any species, excluding the few that are hermaphroditic.

Also in Gen.2:5 we see that, although everything had been created, it was still in seed form.

 The Word of God is a seed, Lk.8:11 so; although everything was created in God’s mind, nothing had been expressed, taken form, nor could they, ‘til their appointed time Eccl.3:1.

 A word is a thought expressed.

 Expressed is an important word for us to understand, to utilize, in explaining the manifestation of God’s Word.

 Express: “Exact; definitely stated; done; made; sent for special purpose; represent by symbols; exude; reveal; put into words.”[1]

 Jesus, the Son of God is the express image of God; Heb.1:3. (The physical body, the Tabernacle made without hands, is not God.)

 Scripture declares that all things were made in and through Him, yet Jesus, the man, did not manifest in a physical form until just over two thousand years ago, did He?

All things were created in six days, in God’s mind, {one day is as one thousand years in our time, 2 Pet.3:8,} yet His creation did not manifest ‘til the time specifically appointed for each event.

 Jesus, as were we, Eph.1:4, was in God’s mind, before the foundation of the world, and all things were created through Him, but Jesus, the Man, did not manifest, in flesh, ‘til just over two thousand years ago. Each of His children did not appear until their appointed time, which, for both reader and writer, is this day.

 Again, when were we created?

 In Gen.2:9 God caused the trees etc. to grow, although He had created them Gen.1:11, they didn’t manifest ‘til some time later.

God mentions at this time, the Tree of Life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil were already in the garden, He doesn’t mention either of them growing; they were previously there.

 The Lord Jesus is the Way, the Truth the Light and the Life, Jn.4:16, 6:35, 48, Rev. 2:7 Good trees bring forth good fruit, Mt. 7:18 

 With Jesus being the Author of Life, (the Tree of Life?), who then is the tree of knowledge of good and evil from which Eve partook?

 Gen. 2:21-22 explains how Eve, in physical form, came into being. Eve is called, in the Bible, the mother of all living. Gen.3:20. This of course refers to the human specie, as each seed must bring forth according to its kind. Adam though is never referred to as the father of all living.

 God created man, not woman, in His own image, Gen.1:26, but 2:4 tells us there was no man to till the ground. In 2:7 God formed man out of the dust of the earth.

 God is Spirit; a man made in His image would therefore also be a spirit. Adam, later received his physical manifestation, was made out of the as yet un-cursed earth. This being so, would not that same principle apply to all that God created?

God said “I AM the Lord, I change not” Mal. 3:6

 As God can’t change, everything He does is perfect the first time He does it. He will therefore have to do everything the same way once He has established the precedent.

This makes the Bible such an easy Book to understand. It is consistent, not open to fluctuations of mood or opinion, all the Way through.

 The Bible says we are made out of the dust of the earth, “and man shall turn again into dust.” Job 34:15

 In Genesis God created the earth, and then, after the fall, God curses the ground Gen.3:17.

This clearly explains how those who are made out of the dust of the earth are now made out of dirt cursed by God.

 There are references to this through Old and New Testaments, and Paul sums it up nicely when he said, in Rom.7:17 “In my flesh there dwelleth no good thing.”

That’s also why the Lord Jesus had to be virgin born.           

 His body was created by God.

Otherwise, if Mary had any part in His creation, He too would have been born in sin and iniquity and come into the world speaking lies; Ps.58:3, making Him an unworthy sacrifice. 

 Forget that Roman Catholic rubbish about Mary being virgin born, born without sin. That’s purely satanic lies and propaganda.

 The Lord Jesus Christ was the spotless, sinless tabernacle in which God could dwell, and He had to be perfect, in His flesh, to be the worthy sacrifice.

 Some denominations suggest man can attain this sinless-ness, that we can be perfect in this flesh. Where is the Bible evidence to support that? We are sinless only if we are in Him.

That is a lie of the devil, and he is the father of lies, Jn.8:44 

 The Word alone will rectify confusion.

 This flesh is never perfected; the Bible says we have a new body already waiting for us on the other side. Phil.3:21 Our physical bodies are cursed with every infirmity; we are born in sin, shapen in iniquity and come into the world speaking lies.

 Our responsibility, as Christians, is to get our eyes off ourselves, and our weaknesses, where Satan tries to keep us looking, and get our eyes on Christ, the anointed One, the perfect Word, which is where Satan doesn’t want us to look

Remember, Lucifer appears “as an angel of light”. 2Cor.11:14.

 He is not the Angel of Light, Who is Christ, he is an impostor; an impersonator, a deceiver, appearing as an angel of Light, but he is, logically, not an angel of Light. He is striving to mislead God’s children from their true path with a false light. Much like a damp ember compared with a million watt helium globe.

 Transform: “Change in form, outward appearance, character, disposition.”

 Satan, and his disciples on the earth today, the denominational ministries, are transformed; they take on a false character, they claim to be bringers of truth, ministers of righteousness, 2Cor.11:15, but they are liars, servants of the devil, and don’t even know it.

 In the Garden of Eden, Lucifer, through the beast, deceived Eve. He offered her more light, better understanding, wisdom, when, in fact, he was leading her away from God’s Word into darkness.

 If Lucifer could deceive Eve, who walked and talked with the living God, how foolish are we to believe we couldn’t be deceived by some smooth talking minister or church system?

 That’s why we always need come back to the Word, for in It alone is Truth, Light and Life.

 Jesus said “I AM the Light of the world.” Jn.8:12.  Any other light is not the Light, but is a light, so watch what you’re following.

 In Gen.4 Eve said that she had gotten a man from the Lord. She was talking about Cain. That’s a trick statement though.

As God is the Author of all life, He surely allowed Cain to have life, but He points out, in 1Jn.3:12, Cain is of the wicked one.  God isn’t wicked, nor is Adam ever referred to as being wicked, so who is Cain’s father?

Cain had a type of life, as does Lucifer; it is a life allowed by God, but not of God.

Rev.12:7-9 tells us the Serpent, the Beast and the Devil are all one and the same critter.

Was he the one who deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden?

 Gen.3:1. All beasts were formed, including the serpent.  Acts 28:3-5 a viper is identified as a beast. Rev.20:2 identifies the serpent as being Satan, which makes him the Beast also.

 Gen 5:1-3 also points out that Cain was not made in Adam’s image, and we suggest he was the image of the Beast. 1Jn.3:12.

 The Bible is self-explanatory, we haven’t been able to understand It properly ‘til this age, because the Book was sealed by God. Dan.9:24; 12:4; Rev.5:1, 10:4 but in Rev.10:7, when the Seals are removed from the Book, the Mystery of God is finished.

We, the Christians of the last Gentile age, are now required, by God, to recognize our responsibilities; that we are to give account for every word we speak; we need ensure we are saying what He says, and not putting any personal or church interpretations to the fully revealed Word which is now our responsibility.

 We are to die to our thoughts, to replace them with His thoughts; we speak, at all levels, as He would have us speak, and our confession is that He is here, not coming, but we are in the process of going.


[1] All word meanings from Oxford dictionary

© John R Nolan 10/5/06

The conundrum surrounding the Word of God; Grace, Faith, Interpretation, and Revelation is the evidence of man’s inability to surrender to God’s Will instead of maintaining his own.

Each denomination, home group, every religious organization prove through their division, how misunderstood the Word of God is in their midst.

Their separation from each other over the Word is contrary to the most fundamental teaching of God. Each has their own interpretation, contrary to Bible teaching, 2 Pet.1:20, based on teachings of their founders’ revelation and, though they quote Scripture to support their doctrines.

Sadly they neglect many other Scripture which expose their error.

Satan quoted Scripture to deceive Eve, in the Garden, didn’t he? Though, he did personally interpret It, question It’s authority and authenticity.

The Pharisees quoted Scripture to support murdering their Messiah, didn’t they?

Let’s look at a number of Scriptures to determine whether denominations are subject to God, following His Word or of their father, the devil, as the Lord Jesus Christ told the Pharisees and Saducees, by personally interpreting Scripture?

“Neither be ye of doubtful mind” Lk.12:29.

“Be of the same mind one toward another” Rom.12:16

“Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Jesus Christ, that ye may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” Rom.15:5-6.

“Fulfill my joy, that ye be like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.” Phil.2:2. “joined together in the same mind” 1Cor.1:10.

Martin Luther, a man used by God to teach doctrine which exposed the roman catholic hypocrisy and perversion, was the messenger to call His, (God’s) people out of the pagan system of Rome, to get God’s chosen back into a personal relationship with God, through revelation of His Word.

Luther’s message from God was that the just shall live by Faith.

When Luther was taken off the scene, man organized, started the Lutheran religion, engraved Luther’s doctrine in stone and God moved on.

John Wesley, in like manner, was chosen by God, to call God’s children out of the Lutheran denomination into the ongoing process of God’s revelation of Himself, to His bride for that age.  Wesley’s message was sanctification, that God wants His children to resist the devil’s miniscule flash of bright temptation and to walk in God’s Light and to sanctify their lives.

The Wesleyan age saw the greatest evangelistic crusades ever held on the earth since Paul. The Word of God was taken to every corner of the globe, to the jungles of Africa, South America, through the tropical islands of Polynesia, to the Arctic and the deserts.

When Wesley was taken home to be with his Lord again organized his doctrine, established an immoveable barrier around what God had given them and refused to progress any further: There Wesley’s message died, the Methodist religion began and God moved on.

Why did Wesley’s doctrine differ from Luther’s?  Not because they were delivering different messages, preaching different gospels, but Wesley had a more complete understanding of God’s revelation of Himself.

Not another message, but the continuing unfolding of the same message.

Remember, we are looking at the need for Christians to have the same Faith, not to have personal interpretations, which is forbidden in Scripture 2 Pet.1:20.

Christians need carefully consider the way they are being led by their pastor, their denominational doctrine, because, we are to be of one mind when it comes to His Word “be of good comfort, be of one mind” 2 Cor.13:11.

“that ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel” Phil.1:27.

“that ye be like minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind” Phil.2:2.

God is not interested in the way man wants to justify his failures, excuses for disobedience nor personal interpretation of what Scripture says; He wants His children to hear His Word and submit themselves to what He is teaching.

How do we identify what God is teaching for this day if the doctrines adopted by the denominations are no longer relevant?

There are a number ways we can establish the authenticity of doctrine, the foremost being the application of the Word test.

If we consider the stance of the Roman catholic cult on the Word of God, we quickly determine they have supplanted God’s Bible with doctrines giving the pope supposed omnipotence, authority to stand in the self professed Holy place, the Vatican, to pontificate on Bible interpretation.

The r.c. hierarchy claim what the pope says is truth, which must be obeyed by all Roman catholic followers, whether it is Scriptural, subject to the Bible or not.

This is contrary to Scripture, as is the worship of Mary, dead saints, which is necromancy, and, more obscene, the worship of the pope “instead of the Son of God” as is inscribed over the papal throne.

Christians should have zero tolerance when confronted with such blasphemy;  we need recognize that individual reaction, your attitude to God’s Word, what you confess from your mouth is what you shall be judged by, not works, not penances, not the rubbish pedalled by the papal prostitute.

Like-mindedness is a reasonably simple concept; it involves those who profess to believe a particular concept, whether it be Spiritual, mechanical, emotional, and must have common understanding and thoughts on that subject.

It is not suggested each individual should lose their individuality nor be subservient to another’s thoughts; none of us have a right, or the ability to deny or alter the truth of gravitational force in this specific dimension.

Sure, outside of the earth’s gravitational field the force of gravity varies, but the law, the principle that is gravity is an indisputable reality.

Those who profess Christianity are also controlled by a specific set of boundaries, established by the Scriptures.

As we have seen, if your or any other person’s ideas are not within those boundaries, as God says the Scripture is of no personal interpretation, then we need understand how Scripture defends, explains and fulfils Itself.

The Lamsa bible, a direct translation from the Aramaic gives an interesting translation of 2 Pet.1:20; “Knowing this first that not every prophetic writing is made clear in its own book.”

It takes the Whole Book to understand the Whole Book.

We are considering Zero tolerance; how Scripture instructs Christians to be of one Faith.

Scripture is our basis for all consideration, or we are into personal concepts, ideologies, cults or sects.

The Bible declares there is “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism” Eph. 4:5 which declares anything contrary to that is not correct; “but to be Spiritually minded is life.” Rom.8:6

There are many spirits, not all of them are necessarily good; Mat.10:1; Mk.1:27; Lk.17:21; Acts 19:16; but there is only One Spirit which is good, and that is God, Jn.4:24, 15:26.

In this, the last Biblical age, as judgement strikes the earth, it is imperative those who believe they are of God examine whether they are worshipping the right one.

Mt.15:9; Mk.7:7; Acts 17:23; Jn.4:22; Rev.13:8-12; 14:11 suggest there will be a large number of people found worshipping incorrectly, though they are desperately sincere in their worship.

Tolerance: “endure, permit (practise, actions, person’s doing); forebear to judge harshly or rigorously (person, religious sect, opinion.)”

In building or measurement calculations there is commonly an error allowance referred to as a tolerance.

Zero tolerance implies there is no room for error; there are no excuses for inaccuracies, and, in this age, now the Seven Seals on the Bible have been removed, there is no tolerance for error on God’s Word.

In previous ages, including God’s dealings with His people, Israel, there was a certain allowance for error in Spiritual matters; otherwise every person who broke the least of God’s laws would have been instantly killed.

Likewise, through the seven church ages appointed to the Gentiles, God allowed for, tolerated and compensated for our ignorance, because we didn’t know any better. Now, with the Seals removed from the Book, we are moving into the Bride age, going back to the beginning, the church ages are complete and we are now dealing directly with God.

We are not in another age, we are moving into eternity.

Just as parents of a child will not mercilessly beat a baby who wets its pants, spills food, etc., as they are in a growing process and cannot be condemned for mistakes, for the Gentile times, we too were in a growing, learning process, and God tolerated our mistakes.

Now God has returned to earth, spoken through His end time prophet to the Gentiles, opened the Seals and revealed the mysteries contained within His Book, there is no excuse.

You loudly proclaim “When did God do that? We don’t know about that.”

Are you familiar with the Scriptures pertaining to this day?

Rev. 2:1–3:22 describes seven church ages. Each of these ages has a specific messenger (singular) to whom is given a message from God.  This message describes the condition of the church in each age and the steps required to lead God’s children, Christians, back to the Word of God.

We need identify each messenger and, fortunately, God sent a prophet- messenger to the last church age, through whom He explained the whole thing for us, amen.

How do we identify, vindicate the messenger to each age?

It is a simple Biblical process to identify the messenger for each age, which is according to their Biblical vindication. This is an area where the unwise, the foolish virgins, can be easily confused, deceived and blinded.

There are a set of Bible rules by which we identify not the man so much, but the ministry which operated through him. Deut.18:15-22, Jer.28:9.

{There are no women used in these roles.}

We need recognize there are only three ministries we Gentiles should be concerned with; that of the Lord Jesus Himself, the ministry of Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, and the Ministry which fulfils Mal.4:5-6; Lk.17:30; Rev.10:1-7; the end time Ministry of God to the Gentiles.

Paul, the first messenger to the Gentile church was a prophet, the gift of prophecy operated through his ministry, more importantly though, his ministry was 100% vindicated by God.

Gifts and calling are without repentance, but because a gift operates through an individual, it does not vindicate them, the person, nor prove they are of God.

The Word alone vindicates a ministry.

Mat.7:13-22 describes many coming to Jesus, declaring how they had cast out devils, talked in tongues, healed the sick, raised the dead and done many mighty works, all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, yet Jesus tells them they are workers of iniquity, children of the devil and were not in His program at all.

Signs and wonders are not Biblical vindication; Lucifer and his children can duplicate every gift except one, discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart, which is the Messianic sign. Heb.4:12

Only one Ministry has that, the Lord Jesus Himself.

In this age this Ministry of the Lord Jesus has again been operating on the earth, through the prophet of Mal.4:5-6.

The church world put Christ to death the second time, Heb.6:6, when the denominations rejected this Ministry in preference for their creeds, doctrines and dogma.

In the Christian Faith there is now zero tolerance for anything outside God’s Word.

God is here, now, calling His bride out of the denominations, the church systems, back to His Word, for the catching away of 1Thes.4:15-16.

What do you believe? What do you understand about the end time?

Possibly it is time for you to adopt a more serious attitude, to search out what is going on today, for “strait is the gate, narrow is the Way and few there be who find it” Mat.7:14

That sounds like Zero Tolerance.

 © John R. Nolan 21/8/08

What is the Bible?

It is God’s record of history, as applicable to mankind, with record of how He created the worlds, the earth; how He populated it with animals, fish, etc.

  Archaeological research through out the Middle East completely vindicates the authenticity of the Bible, as an accurate account of phenomenal events throughout that area, and It has not been disproven in any historical accounts. 

 It established laws of continuity, each sees to bring forth according to its kind, according to His program, establishing specific genetic laws for reproduction, and warning strongly against hybridization.

 In this Book also is described, by prophecy, how Eve would make an incorrect choice, having been deceived by the Beast, who is Satan, , and, through cross breeding with the Beast, who we suggest is the missing link betwixt man and beast, to plunge the world into genetic confusion and chaos of sin.

 Many scholars have described the physical history of the Bible, and it is only personal choice, revelation, that will cause one to believe and accept It, as the Word of God, the Author and finisher of our Faith, or refute It.

 It is the only Book which has survived horrific attacks, attempts to annihilate It from our access, but has managed to survive every onslaught, especially by the Roman hierarchy, who have done all possible to prevent the average citizen from being able to read God’s Word.

 Comprehensive works by Ivan Panin, a Russian mathematician, have produced amazing mathematical evidences to suggest that composition of such a Book are still beyond the abilities of the human race, due to the precise mathematical formulas of which Scripture is built.

 Satan, who has done all he can to prevent God’s Word being accessible for us, failed to stop God keeping His Book free of the interpretations and doctrines of man, to produce such a magnificent, living piece of literature.

 The Bible is God in print. It is the means He has chosen to reveal Himself, over the last 6,000 years, to His children.

 “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”, Jn.1:1, “and the Word became flesh.” Jn.1:14

God is His Word, and His expression in a form which is comprehensible to man.

 The Book starts with God describing how He created the world, out of nothing, for His own good pleasure. There is no reference to what existed before the Creation, so we have no grounds for comment on that topic.

We learn Satan, Lucifer, is a being made, manufactured, not spawned, by God, to fulfil a specific role. Is.14:6-22

 That there is no description of God making Lucifer and the angels, etc., we can only deduce, is that this information is of no relevance to the human species.

 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Gen.1:1.

 This is a strong, positive, irrefutable pronouncement, as there are no other witnesses to contradict what is said.

We here find a conundrum; as God is eternal, without beginning or end, outside of the dimension we call time; how can He be speaking of the ‘beginning’?

 This refers to the commencement of God’s dealing with His plan to obtain identity, recognition, as, up to this point He has only the cherubim, the angels, through whom to receive recognition and worship.

As these angels were created beings, designed for this job, they were incapable of worship outside the parameters set by God. They worshipped God because there was no one else to worship.

 In a sense they did not have free will, as there was no other option for them but to worship their Creator.

Logically, a percentage of them had, or were given some form of free will, as, when Lucifer, an angel of light, offered an alternate choice on ruler ship, one third of the angels chose to follow him instead of Him, though, in the overall context, these angels, and Lucifer, were only operating within their Creator’s permissive will.

 We may accept that Lucifer, being the next in power and authority to God, was equally capable of performing most of God’s amazing feats, though, we find, Lucifer does not have the gift of discernment, reading the thoughts and intents of the heart, which is identified as the Messianic sign. Heb.4:12

In all other areas Lucifer appears capable of duplicating miracles but only within boundaries God permits. Job.1:6-12, 2:1-6; and, more relevantly, was given permission, was able to pervert, through hybridization, that which God has originally created.

 This allows him to deceive those who are not of God by using, under God’s permissive will, the powers of God, which fulfils Mat.7:1-13-23; 24:24; see Jn.6:29.

 We find God sends strong delusion upon the people, the children of Cain, so they have no choice but to believe Satan’s lie, 2Thes.2:3-12.

 Now, one imagines that if one were writing their masterpiece, the penultimate documentary of their superiority over all others, one’s justification to receive worship; as well as an accurate expose of how everything came to pass, culminating in one’s own elevation to the position of sole glorification and honour, one would not inscribe one’s own defeat and demise at the hands of One Who is supposedly replaced by oneself, would they?

 Why do we know God wrote the Bible?

 Because He, God, says so and He cannot lie, Heb.6:18, whereas, Lucifer is a liar, the father of lies, as well as a murderer, from the Beginning. Jn.8:44   Sound familiar?

 The beginning is announcing the commencement of a space of time in which God deals with His children, His creation, and demonstrates comprehensively that He is superior to Lucifer, a fallen angel who has illegally claimed the title of God and the attached worship. Is.14:13; 2Thes.2:4

 Unfortunately for Lucifer, and those who serve him, his genetic lineage through Cain, he is now exposed as the fraudster, the murderer, the liar he is, and any sincere, honest, unbiased researcher will, with little effort, be able to clarify this issue for themselves.

 Who wrote the Book? The One Who is appointed King of kings and LORD of lords in Rev.21 and 22.

 Enjoy the search.  

 In the reality of it all, Who is in position to argue the toss?

 As GOD challenged Job. 38:1; “Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind and said;

2 Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?

3 Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee and answer thou Me.

4 Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare, if thou hast understanding.

5 Who hath laid the measures of it, or if thou knowest, or who hath stretched the line upon it? Whereupon are its foundations fastened? Or who laid its cornerstones?”





 Now that is a rather strait forward challenge to Job, but also each of us who profess Christianity are challenged each day to believe God, to listen to, hearken and heed, do the works that the wicked one would have us.

   Who wrote the Book?

 We do not have any record of any man claiming to have written It, do we? If so, would they please step forward and provide the necessary evidence to validate their claim.

In Scripture God shows us that all we are required, of God, is that we believe Him.

 How do we ensure that we are not being deceived, that what we are accepting is trustworthy, though, here we need also recall that Christians are saved by Faith, which is believing in a set of circumstances, claims which cannot be evidentially proven, otherwise it is not Faith, is it?

 Who wrote the Book?

 We are not asked to think, nor reason; work things out, as though God isn’t capable of fulfilling His Word, and yet that is all He does, brings to pass, to physically manifest, His Word in Its appointed time.

 Logically we would determine that if the author of a book, projecting a specific theory, we could question its authenticity until the author demonstrates how the theory is proven.

We exist on a planet, in a galaxy, one of many, and are seeing many specific claims made by the Author of a specific Book, manifest, bring to pass that which is described intimately in His Book.

 Unless someone else can negate the proofs provided by the Author of the Bible, we could suggest the discussion of authorship is outside our scope of abilities, seeing we are created beings that have no control over even our ability to take the next breath.

 God is so simple, yet the things we see do not exist outside of the mind of God, the amazing truth is that we are nothing more than God expressed in physical forms.

Not that we, individually, are God, we are, His children, God expressing Himself to the last age of this battle.

 Hopefully this brief collection of thoughts will help the reader comprehend what the Bible is, Who wrote It and the relevance of It to us in these, the last few moments of this gasping, struggling planet which has the death rattle shaking in its Truth starved throat.

 Who wrote the Book?

 Maybe the onus is on you to prove God didn’t.





© John R. Nolan 3/7/10

That’s pretty simple a question to answer, one would imagine, and most Christians would declare it to be the Devil.

Now you think you should go to the top of the class, and may feel rather smug for having correctly answered the question, but, did you really get it right? Is that all there is to such a complex, consequential question, or is there more to it?

Who is the anti-Christ?

First it may be wise for us to establish who Christ is, as there appears to be much confusion amongst the denominations confessing Christ about who He really is. In the Garden if Eden Who was it that came and talked with Adam, in the cool of the evening? Wasn’t it God, and isn’t He Christ?

We need recall that Christos, which has been shortened into Christ, is a word which describes the characteristics of God’s attributes, His characteristics, and is not really His name.

CHRISTOS, (xpiaros): anointed; [Vines Expositionary dictionary.]

Yes, He is the Son of God, that’s true, and He is also the Word made manifest, isn’t He? Jn.1:14

Not only is He the Word made manifest, He is the Word which was declared in each age, gradually being more completely revealed, as we understand from the many Scriptures dealing with the ongoing, progressive coming of Christ.

In the time of Moses He was the Burning Bush, in Abraham’s day He was Melchisidec. In the days of His first ministry in flesh, He was the Lord Jesus Christ, and we need understand who He is today, or we may find ourselves, as prophesied in Scripture, worshipping the devil believing we are worshipping God. Jn.4:22; Rev.13:8

We find in Vine’s translation of the word, Christos, that it has multiple meanings and applications; that it means messiah, describes not only the anointing which was on the High priest, and the clergy, in the Old Testament, and is applied to the prophets, those anointed of God.

It also applies also to the Holy Spirit which indwells believers, causing them to conform to His likeness in this day.

Thus we establish that Jesus, the virgin born man, was the anointed One, the One in whom dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily, Col.2:9; which made Him God in flesh, for the period of time in which the Spirit of His Father indwelt Him.

God, Spirit, indwelt Jesus, the man, at His baptism, Mat.3:16 and departed from Him in the garden of Gethsemane, prior to His trial and crucifixion, Mk.15:34, or He, Jesus the man, could not have died on the cross, as God is eternal, He cannot die.

Now we have a more clear comprehension of who Jesus, the Christ is, we may begin to more intelligently research the Scriptures to establish just who the anti-Christ is.

Having determined that Christ is the Word, we could then logically deduce that any person who stands against the Word is in fact a member of, an expresser of an anti-Christ spirit.

Yes, we need remember we are dealing with spirits, demons, who are capable of indwelling human vessels, just as Christ can be manifested through His children.

You may not like this, but we see from Scripture that it has historically been the most religious people who have in fact been the most ardent voices of Satan, and this is no less true today.

We have over 120,000 denominations professing Christianity, all claim to have the Truth, all believe they are the only ones correct in their interpretations, and yet, according to the Bible, there is only One Church, One Lord and Saviour, Eph.4:4-6; One Way, One Truth and One Light, Life, so we can be assured that of all these, only one can be correct.

Which one?

This is a matter each of those claiming Christ as their Saviour need carefully examine, research, to ensure they are not unwittingly worshipping Satan, religion, their denomination, instead of God. 2Cor.11:13-15; 2Pet.2:1-2;

Who is the anti-Christ?

In this time of Biblical prophecies fulfilment, we can easily determine that any person, denomination, cult which adds to takes from Rev.22:18-19, personally interprets the Word of God, 2Pet:1-20, is in fact a manifestation of the anti-Christ, no matter how religious, spiritual they may pretend to be.

Remember, it was the most religious men in the world, the Jews, who denied Christ and nailed the Son of God on the cross. We are warned this will repeat in the last days, so we had best be sure we do know whether we are following the dogma and doctrines of man, which are anti-Christ, or walking in the Light as He is in the Light.